New Products — November

Digital Charged Plate Monitor

A digital charged plate monitor for measuring the performance of air ionization systems and monitoring charge accumulation will be available from Ion Systems and Monroe Electronics beginning in January.

The product, jointly developed by the companies, is programmable for start, stop, charging voltages and duration of test. After these parameters have been established in the charged plate monitor&#39s memory, they can be used at other test locations; a self-contained power system makes the unit portable. It can cycle through a series of tests independent of a user storing the resulting measurement data in the monitor&#39s memory. Data for more than 100 locations can be stored and subsequently downloaded to a personal computer for evaluation. The unit can store information for approximately 1000 tests.

The digital device measures discharge time using contact electrode technology, which provides high accuracy and stability while minimizing voltage drift, according to the manufacturers. It comes with a 6×6-in. plate installed and supports remote monitor plates of various sizes down to 1×1 in. Variable plate sizes can be detached from the body of the system, so the tool can be used in such tight areas as minienvironments.

The monitor will be known as Model 280 CPM from Ion Systems and Model 288 CPM from Monroe Electronics, which is based in Lyndonville, NY.

Ion Systems
Berkeley, CA

(510) 548-3640


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Cleanroom wipers manufactured in a Class 10 cleanroom include Series 400 Polytec wiper, Series 500 Polycel blue wiper, Series 600 Polycel wiper, Series 3300 Maxikleen wiper, Series 1000D PolyDon wiper, and Series 1000S PolyShield wiper. The products are manufactured using an EDI water system in an ISO9002-certified factory.

APSI Industrial Co.
Hong Kong
(852) 23447791

Liquid Sampling System

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Designed for sampling contaminants in hot process chemicals in wet benches, the modular CLS-900 corrosive liquid sampling system consists of Windows-based software and three hardware subsystems. Fluidic modules containing liquid particle counters are dedicated to individual chemical baths to eliminate cross contamination and can be integrated into the wet station, according to the manufacturer. The base control unit synchronizes system sampling with wet station process events and communicates system data over an Ethernet 10Base-T network.

Particle Measuring Systems Inc.

Boulder, CO
(303) 443-7100

Water System

The Purelab pRO 10 and 20 benchtop reverse osmosis (RO) laboratory water systems provide 10 or 20 liters per hour of Type III quality water. The systems feature an automatic flush procedure, pretreatment packs, and a control panel that registers product water quality, operational mode, and pretreatment pack status, according to the manufacturer.

United States Filter Corp.
Lowell, MA
(978) 614-7070

Modular Cleanroom

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Model 7300 pre-fabricated cleanroom is delivered ready for assembly. The unit comes with HEPA or ULPA filter modules, lighting, and wall and ceiling systems. According to the manufacturer, these cleanrooms offer Class 10 to Class 100,000 effectiveness. Ten sizes are available.

Liberty Industries, Inc.
East Berlin, CT
(860) 828-6361

Photoresist Filter

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Recommended for low pH antireflective coatings and for deep ultraviolet photoresists, the Falcon PE-Kleen photoresist filter is constructed of high-density polyethylene, enabling spontaneous wettability in solvent-based photoresists. This minimizes photochemical waste by providing quick start-up, minimized bubble generation and consistent performance. The use of a crescent-shaped Ultipleat filter configuration ensures low pressure drop.

Pall Corp.
Port Washington, NY
(516) 484-3600

Task Control Mechanism

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With the touch of a paddle, the Task Control mechanism provides seated ergonomic tilt adjustment for the backrest of chairs in the 1P, 1Q, 4L, 4M, 4P, 4Q, 4V, 4X, 4Y, ERA, EOC, MOC, TOC, CHC series, and eight chairs in the drafting series. A front paddle adjusts seat height and a back paddle adjusts backrest tilt. The backrest height is adjusted using a knob located on the back, right-hand side of the chair.

BioFit Engineered Products

Waterville, OH
(419) 823-1089

Specialty Compounds

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Specialty compounds are used for bearings, shaft supports, separators, rollers, and other components. Series 800 acetal compound does not release particles and can be washed down if necessary. Series 3400 LCP compound for semi-cleanroom environments such as light electronic assembly offers conductivity, wear resistance, and high temperature performance. Nearing completion of final tests for dry cleanroom applications, series 1300 polyphenylene sulfide is specified for bushings, T-bars, corners, and spool seals.

Winona, MN
(507) 454-6900

Sealed Louver

Vision+ sealed louvers fit all flourescent ceiling troffers to provide glare-free lighting in electronic and pharmaceutical cleanrooms. They yield maximum efficiency at the 0 to 60-degree angles of light output, negating glare. The product&#39s underside is a smooth, clear lens that does not disrupt ambient air flow and filtering in the cleanroom, according to the company. Light fixtures employing the louvers are triple-gasketed against intrusion of dust, moisture and particles.

Guth Lighting
St. Louis, MO
(314) 533-3200


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