New Products

High-resolution Camera

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This company enhanced the performance of its GSM Platform by introducing the latest vision technology in the form of the new Magellan camera. The high-resolution imaging device is said to capture most of the largest components in a single field of view (FOV) to accelerate throughput. It also features front, side and on-axis lighting to accommodate a wide component range. The 60 mm FOV reportedly provides substantial throughput improvements for applications that typically require multiple FOVs for large BGA, CCGA and QFP devices. Additionally, the camera offers a pixel resolution of 1,024 x 1,024″ to facilitate small part feature recognition. Universal Instruments Corp., Binghamton, N.Y.

Diaphragm Valve

Model DV509 diaphragm valve reportedly has been engineered to dispense medium-low viscosity fluids while keeping the wetted parts separated from the operating air supply. This is useful in dispensing cyanoacrylates, reagents, UV adhesives and volatile substances. The valve is said to be opened by an air pressure pulse supplied by a valve controller from the company. Assisted by a heavy-duty spring, the diaphragm is returned to its closed state for immediate shutoff. I&J Fisnar Inc., Fair Lawn, N.J.

Optical Driver Amplifier

MDA-1220-08S reportedly is the industry's first surface-mount modulator driver amplifier to provide RF shielding in a hermetically sealed small form-factor package. The amplifier reportedly can be used in OC-192/STM-64 communication system applications with or without forward-error corrections (FEC) protocols. The amplifier also offers wide bandwidth operation of 30 kHz to 15 GHz. Its standard performance characteristics include 20 dB typical gain, an output voltage up to 7.5 V peak-to-peak into a 50 Ω optical modulator load and 15 ps rise time. Agilent Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.

Conical Target

A new conical target reportedly maximizes achievable magnification as an option for all its transmission X-ray systems. The target's conical shape reportedly is designed to place the focal spot (located at the very tip of the X-ray source target) in between the single components on a populated board without damaging either. As a result, the oblique-angle viewing capabilities of the tube are said to be increased without any corresponding loss of magnification or image quality, even while inspecting stacked package chips or densely populated boards. The target is beneficial for the inspection of covered solder interconnections found in BGA, microBGA and flip chip components. FeinFocus USA Inc. Stamford, Conn.

Reflow Ovens

The Paragon Series of convection reflow ovens reportedly are configured for semiconductor packaging applications by featuring a 14-inch-wide conveyor and a 1″ product clearance option. To support lead-free and high-lead solder applications, the series has a maximum temperature rating of 400°C, and is said to maintain its thermal uniformity at high throughput. Additionally, the oven system features the company's patented flux management system to remove solder flux before the gas is recirculated into the oven's cooling section. BTU International, Billerica, Mass.

Flip Chip Bonder

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Model 850 flip chip bonder reportedly is equipped with a recently improved viewing system. The viewing system is said to be designed for attaching flip chips and CSPs, and devices such as BGAs up to 1 1/2 sq in that are ..used in entry-level volume production and process development environments requiring placement accuracies of ±12 µm. The bonder also may be ordered equipped with the company's Model 430 hot gas module with a heated stage and proportional temperature controller for reworking flip chips that have been bonded using any commercially available underfill material. Semiconductor Equipment Corp., Moorpark, Calif.

Depaneling System

DATUM depaneling system is said to incorporate both circular saw and router technology into a single automation platform. The system addresses the increasing demands of densely populated, multilayered boards with traces near the edge of the score line. The system reportedly eliminates bending loads and edge stresses associated with standard manual or semiautomatic systems, while exceeding traditional depaneling throughput rates. The system also offers rout speeds up to 3″ per second or saw speeds to 8″ per second. Cencorp, a subsidiary of PMJ Automec Oyj, Longmont, Colo.

Dispense Valve for Jetting Underfill

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Bringing the innovation of jet dispensing to the underfill process, DispenseJet DJ-2100 Series valve for underfill is designed for dispensing in tighter areas where standard needle dispensing is not possible, such as dense circuit boards or stacked die packages. Additionally, jetting produces small fillets, making it possible manufacture boards and packages with smaller dimensions in standard electronics manufacturing environments. The DispenseJet is a noncontact, drop-on-demand valve capable of shooting precise volumes of fluid with dot volume repeatability of ±3 percent on lines and patterns. Asymtek, Carlsbad, Calif.

X-ray Imaging Software

RTCS X-ray image processing software reportedly includes features such as real-time recursive averaging, image flipping, text overlay, edge enhancement, contrast stretching, subtraction, colorization, histogram presentation, measurement and video loop acquisition. Image storage and retrieval for archival support is said to be accomplished easily, and images stored on the hard drive can be transferred to the compact flash card option. Glenbrook Technologies Inc., Randolph, N.J.

Hermally Conductive Adhesive

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TRA-DUCT 826D01 is a high-temperature conductive adhesive designed for die and heat sink attach in the automotive, aerospace, computer and optoelectronic assembly industries. Originally designed as a one-part, pre-mixed and frozen adhesive, it now is available in the company's BIPAX packaging system as well. ..This added versatility makes the adhesive an option for various applications. The adhesive will adhere to ceramics, glass, most metals, many plastics and many other electronics materials. The fully cured adhesive reportedly is thermally conductive while remaining an electric insulator. Tra-Con Inc., Bedford, Mass.

Aqueous Cleaning Solution

MX2101, an engineered aqueous cleaning solution for precision defluxing, is said to be effective for high-temperature, high-lead and no-lead reflowed residues as well as for uncured adhesives while maintaining compatibility with PCB coatings and with no negative effect on the solder bump. Commercially available in 1-, 5- and 55-gallon drums, the solution is for use in both batch centrifugal and spray equipment at concentrations ranging from 5 to 15 percent. In a typical application, the concentrate is said to be diluted with water at least 10 percent and heated to at least 140°F and sprayed at moderated pressure. Kyzen Corp., Nashville, Tenn.

Tombstoning Alloy

Sn63LT is said to be a unique pasty-range alloy designed to reduce the tombstoning of small discrete components. The alloy contains a blend of two different solder alloys, resulting in an extended paste liquidus time during the reflow process, which reportedly increases the time available to wet each end of the component. This allows both ends of the component extended time to stabilize thermally before being soldered. The alloy also has peak melting ranges within 10°C of each other, allowing it to be processed with the same temperature profile as standard Sn63/Pb37 solder paste. AIM, Montreal, Canada.

Automatic Laser Dicer

DFL6360 is a fully automatic laser dicer that can process up to 300-mm work pieces. The laser dicer reportedly uses a newly developed laser engine and also is based on the same stable hardware and software operation platform as the DFD6360 300-mm dicing saw. The dicer is said to be able to remove low-dielectric constant material (low-k), which are being used in high-speed devices. Disco Corp., Ota-ku, Tokyo.

AOI Interface

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EasyPro is a user interface for its circuit board inspection systems that reportedly optimizes and simplifies programming and control, making machine operation simpler than ever. The interface is said to be present in just a few clear ..displays, which include inspection, programming mode and service mode. Another feature “guides” users in the interactive mode, assisting them with interactive wizards at all points where help might be required. The necessary entries also are subdivided into clear, separate interactive boxes, reduced to a minimum and requested in the right order. Viscom USA, Norcross, Ga.

Big-board Reflow Ovens

XLA oven series is said to be designed for large PCB applications that allows customers to reflow up to a 44″ wide PCB. The wider heated cavity reportedly allows the user to run a dual lane rail guide with the capability of reflowing a 20″ board in each of the two lanes. The oven also offers the M.O.L.E. profiling software as a standard for precise process and profiling control. Additionally, the oven uses large mass heating elements in the heating module to help in controlling the convection heating, especially on the far edges of the large PCB. Applied Thermal Solutions, Shrewsbury, Mass.

Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve

PT100 pinch tube dispensing valve is for use with any single- or dual-component material. Applications include use with filled or otherwise difficult-to-process materials ranging from 1 centipoise to paste consistency. Adjustable flow control reportedly permits dispensing rate variation to offer total control over the application process. The valve also is compatible with all Luer-Lok needle tips and can be used in automated or handheld processes. PVA, Halfmoon, N.Y.

Smart Camera

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Quadrus EZ is a smart camera that makes it easier for manufacturers to use 2-D symbols to track components and PCBs through the manufacturing process. By combining the functionality of a vision system with the ease and price ..point of a laser barcode scanner, the camera reportedly provides a true out-of-the-box solution for decoding symbols on the electronics manufacturing line. Using patented, leading-edge technology, the field of view locator allows the user to positively align the readers to the symbol in a matter of seconds without the use of video monitors or even a PC. Microscan, Renton, Wash.

Microscope System Line

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The ProLite line of microscope inspection systems includes stereo-zoom microscopes that reportedly provide clear images, excellent focal depth and 3-D viewing, mounted on the company's stainless steel double glide arm with ball bearings that make travel smooth and precise for accurate positioning. The system is said to use premium quality optics in an economy ..package intended for those with shrinking budgets. Additionally, the microscopes include 3-D binocular and stereo-zoom trinocular systems and video-zoom, with a range of standard features and accessories such as extra-large eyepieces and coated prism optics. The O.C. White Co., Three Rivers, Mass.

Ultrasonic Module

The company's ultrasonic module shows technical innovations, which reportedly simplify ultrasonic bonding. With the module, the preparation happens automatically through the WinFlipChip Software. The system is said to be submitted to a sweep process by a single mouse click, and adapts to the conditions in question. Another useful feature is the representation of the actual power fed through by the generator as a function of time on the monitor. FineTech, Manlius, N.Y.

Placement Platform

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The Vantis platform is an accurate and reliable placement platform reportedly introduced to meet the needs of small- to mid-size consumer electronics, audio-visual equipment, PC and peripheral manufacturers. The system incorporates a single-beam positioning system and ..supports a limited number of heads, cameras and configurations. A choice of seven spindle high-speed or four spindle flexible heads reportedly accommodates a wide component range while Asian language application support, extensive networking capabilities and an intuitive graphics interface make the platform easy to use. Universal Instruments Corp., Binghamton, N.Y.

X-ray Inspection System

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FXS-160.40 (T.I.G.E.R.) X-ray system is said to offer oblique angle views for thorough component inspection. Designed to meet the needs of various markets, the system reportedly offers a geometric magnification up to 636X and a sample tray area of 24 x 24″. Originally designed for standard BGA components and interconnects, the system also is suited for finer pitched area-array devices, high-density interconnects, ..hybrids and encapsulated components. With a 2-D inspection system that offers a view into the third dimension via oblique viewing at virtually any desired angle, the high-precision image intensifier manipulator reportedly rotates 360º and tilts to 60º to view complex assemblies. FeinFocus USA Inc., Stamford, Conn.

Multichip Package

16M x 64 double data rate SDRAM multichip package reportedly provides optimum density and performance in one package. The 128 MB DDR SDRAM BPGA complements high-performance DDR-compatible processors and memory controllers, and is available at data rate of 200, 250 and 266 MHz. The package is said to reduce I/O connections by up to 17 percent, reduce part placement comparable to a discrete approach and provide reduced trace lengths for lower parasitic capacitance. White Electronic Designs Corp., Phoenix, Ariz.


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New Products

Compiled by Laureen Belleville

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

SweepZone Ag ultrasonic cleaning systems are manufactured with AgION anti-microbial-coated stainless steel from AK Coatings. The AgION compound is applied to the steel to suppress the growth and migration of bacteria and other microorganisms. The company explains that silver ions are slowly released from the anti-microbial compound to the surface of the treated steel, inhibiting the growth of destructive microbes. The coated stainless steel also resists fingerprinting.

L&R Manufacturing
Kearny, NJ

Clean bench

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Intended for laboratory work, testing, manufacturing, inspection, and pharmaceutical operations, the Series 301 horizontal flow clean benches feature a Formica tabletop, a duplex outlet for auxiliary equipment, a wrap-around structural design and durable construction. The HEPA-filtered air flows outward from the cabinet, washing out particles and preventing contamination from entering the clean work zone. To prevent gasket leaks, the Flex Duct filter system provides a negative pressure area between the interior cabinet and the HEPA filter/Flex Duct assembly.

Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

Disposable capsule filters

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Designed to eliminate the time and expense associated with assembling, cleaning, and validating stainless-steel housings, Opticap XL and XLT disposable capsule filters are for use in linearly scaleable clarification, prefiltration and final filtration applications. The standard (XL) and large-area (XLT) capsules are available in a range of media types, surface areas, pore sizes, inlet/outlet connections and capsule sizes. According to the company, adjustable, easy-to-turn upstream vents, and drain valves with O-ring seals and hose barb connections simplify process control.

Billerica, MA

Cleanroom robot

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The LR Mate 200iB cleanroom robot has six degrees of freedom and a cleanliness rating of ISO Class 4 in optimal conditions, and ISO Class 5 in all other conditions. The robot can be used for material handling in such industries as laboratory automation, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, optical/magnetic media, flat panel displays, clean injection molding, and others where particle emissions and grease leakage must be tightly controlled. The product uses the R-J3iB Mate mini-robot controller.

Fanuc Robotics America Inc.
Rochester Hills, MI

Dustless air filter

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Both the Barnebey Disposable Cartridge 12 (BDC-12) and the Barnebey Dacor Disposable 2 (BDD-2) panel are designed to eliminate the risk of airborne particles, such as dirt and carbon dust. The BDC-12 and BDD-2 filters employ premium virgin coconut shell-activated carbon sandwiched between special fiber media, ..which enables the air stream to enter and exit the carbon freely for maximum filtration while preventing the introduction of fine particles into the air stream. Two sizes are available: 24 x 24-inch nominal and 12 x 24-inch nominal, in 12-inch (cartridge) or 2-inch (panel filter) thickness.

Barnebey Sutcliffe
Columbus, OH

Safety monitoring relay

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Designed to provide enhanced safety monitoring capabilities, the SR18A is intended for two-hand control, E-stop and safety guarding applications where five safety outputs are required. It features dual-channel inputs with three configuration possibilities, five safety outputs, selectable automatic or manual reset function, and two auxiliary outputs for status monitoring. The SR19E functions as a safety monitoring expansion relay designed to provide an additional eight safety outputs when used with the SR18A.

Scientific Technologies Inc.
Fremont, CA

Industrial fan ionizer

The 4064-1200 Ionmaster II supplies a high flow rate (90 cfm) of neutralizing ions to large static-charged areas, thereby eliminating static charge on parts and compo-nents. Applications include electronic assembly, molded parts, assembly lines, roll film operations, and vinyl sheet processing. The product features a 9-foot power cord, and a polymer housing with a metal base. It does not produce particles or require adjustment or calibration. According to the manufacturer, the only required maintenance is yearly replacement of the ionizing cartridge.

Grand Island, NY

Small-footprint conveyor

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With a conveyor height of 2 7/8 inches and an overall conveyor width that is 1 1/2 inches wider than the transport tray, the ..Quickdraw conveyor yields a footprint 50 percent smaller than conventional systems, according to the manufacturer. The conveyor incorporates clean roller design with Zone Buffering and Intellizone technology. Sensor, logic and motor controls are all built into the conveyor rail. The control system is self-contained with plug-and-go operation so that no PLC is needed to set up or operate the conveyor.

MagStar Technologies
Hopkins, MN

Miniature ball valves

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Bi-directional flow valves with a one-piece seat/packing design, the MB8 Valves have a stainless-steel body and are pressure-rated at 2500 psig (172 bar) CWP. They are ..especially suitable for use on chemical plant sample lines that require a high flow, or on lubrication lines in power plants. The products have an operating range of -65° F to 300° F. Each valve features a two-way inline and three-way body configuration designed to minimize leaks while requiring less maintenance during temperature cycling.

Parker Hannifin Corp.
Jacksonville, AL

Softwall cleanroom

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The Series 577 softwall cleanroom features a rugged and lightweight steel ..frame, clear polished vinyl curtains, motorized ceiling HEPA filters, and lights. Available in ISO Class 8 to ISO Class 4, the modular rooms can be furnished with a prefab wiring kit for connection of the filters and lights to a single connection, and can be outfitted with optional acrylic panels.

Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN


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