New Products

Dielectric Adhesive

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A dielectric adhesive formulated with a high thermal conductivity filler and collapsible spacers that deliver uniform bond lines, QMI 9503 is said to be developed for stacked packages and can attach integrated circuits and components to advanced substrates used in PBGAs, CSPs and array packages based on flexible tape and organic laminates. The adhesive reportedly is effective for high-speed ASIC and power devices in which heat dissipation is critical to package performance. Hydrophobic and stable at high temperatures, the material is non-abrasive on polyimide passivation. Additionally, it is said to produce void-free bond lines with interfacial adhesion strength to various organic and metal surfaces including solder mask, BT, FR, polyimide and Au. With a thermal conductivity of 0.8 W/mK, the product's collapsible spacers control bond line thickness to 1.2 mil. Henkel Loctite, Düsseldorf, Germany. For free data, circle 159 or visit

Automatic Laser Dicer

DFL6360 is a fully automatic laser dicer that can process up to 300 mm work pieces. The laser dicer reportedly uses a newly developed laser engine and also is based on the same stable hardware and software operation platform as the DFD6360 300 mm dicing saw. The dicer is said to be able to remove low-dielectric constant material (low-k), which are being used in high-speed devices. Disco Corp., Ota-ku, Tokyo. For free data, circle 150 or visit

Big-board Reflow Ovens

XLA oven series is said to be designed for large PCB applications that allows customers to reflow up to a 44″ wide PCB. The wider heated cavity reportedly allows the user to run a dual lane rail guide with the capability of reflowing a 20″ board in each of the two lanes. The oven also offers the M.O.L.E. profiling software as a standard for precise process and profiling control. Additionally, the oven uses large mass heating elements in the heating module to help in controlling the convection heating, especially on the far edges of the large PCB. Applied Thermal Solutions, Shrewsbury, Mass. For free data, circle 151 or visit

AOI Interface

EasyPro is a user interface for its circuit board inspection systems that reportedly simplifies programming and control. The interface is said to be present in just a few clear displays, which include inspection, programming and service modes. A further new feature “guides” users in the interactive mode, assisting them with interactive wizards at all points where help might be required. The necessary entries also are subdivided into clear, separate interactive boxes, reduced to a minimum and requested in the right order. Viscom USA, Norcross, Ga. For free data, circle 152 or visit

Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve

PT100 pinch tube dispensing valve is for use with any single- or dual-component material. Applications include use with filled or otherwise difficult-to-process materials ranging from 1 centipoise to paste consistency. Adjustable flow control reportedly permits dispensing rate variation to offer total control over the application process. The valve also is compatible with all Luer-Lok needle tips and can be used in automated or handheld processes. PVA, Halfmoon, N.Y. For free data, circle 153 or visit

Microelectronics Packaging Solution

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This company is said to offer a complete high-performance microelectronics packaging solution. Designing and manufacturing ceramic and glasswall packages for devices from DC through 50+ GHz, the company also performs complete assembly to microwave quality, marks the product, trims and forms leads as required, and tests devices before shipment. Additionally, the service customizes both the ..package and assembly to optimize the electrical, thermal and mechanical environment for the device. Applications include RF, microwave, mixed signal and high-speed digital packaging such as networking, wireless infrastructure, VSAT terminals, fiber optic communications, military and aerospace markets. StratEdge, San Diego, Calif. For free data, circle 158 or visit

Smart Camera

Quadrus EZ is a smart camera that makes it easier for manufacturers to use 2-D symbols to track components and PCBs through the manufacturing process. By combining the functionality of a vision system with the ease and price point of a laser barcode scanner, the camera reportedly provides a true out-of-the-box solution for decoding symbols on the electronics manufacturing line. Using patented, leading-edge technology, the field of view locator allows the user to align the readers to the symbol in a matter of seconds without the use of video monitors or even a PC. Microscan, Renton, Wash. For free data, circle 155 or visit

Semiautomatic Printer

A semiautomatic stencil/screen printing system, SemiTouch ST2020 is said to be engineered to achieve the highest levels of precision and consistency in paste deposition. With a print area of 16 x 20″, the printer reportedly offers double squeegee assembly and multiple print modes. Other standard features include servo programmable squeegee speed and positions, interchangeable squeegee heads, run time diagnostics, programmable snap-off delay, last board recall, and more. Additionally, the printer has a registration repeatability of ±0.005″ and a stencil separation gap range of 0.5″, as well as a screen frame from 8 x 10″ to 29 x 29″ and a squeegee pressure of 1 to 65 psi. Milara Inc., Medfield, Mass. For free data, circle 156 or visit

Microvia Material

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A low-loss microvia material reportedly affording a cost/performance solution for high-frequency microvia modules and PCBs, MICROLAM 630 consists of standard BT resin in a continuous toughening matrix. .. .The material is said to provide good thickness uniformity for controlled impedance designs, CAF reliability, buried via filling capabilities and surface planarization for high-density applications. Its dielectric constant (2.6) and loss tangent (0.004) are stable throughout a broad range of frequencies and temperatures. Additionally, the dielectric constant reportedly allows thinner dielectric layers, offering improved microvia aspect ratios and laser drilling throughout, three times faster than glass prepregs. W.L. Gore and Associates Inc., Elkton, Md. For free data, circle 157 or visit

Placement Platform

This company is expanding its equipment platform with the introduction of its Siplace CS and Siplace CF placement machines designed for medium-volume production with high demands on flexibility and quick product changeovers. Both the C-Series machines are said to be an extension of the company's concept that has set the industry standard for technology leadership. The series reportedly consists of the flexible high-speed Siplace CS placement machine, achieving placement rates of 20,000 cph at an accuracy of 68 µm. The modular placement platform allows both models in the series to be equipped with the same feeders, changeover tables and other identical accessories. Siemens Dematic Electronics Assembly Systems Inc., Norcross, Ga., For free data, circle 162 or visit

Vibration Isolation Line

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A family of vibration isolation products, which includes a full line of standard workstations for personal, midrange and heavy load configurations, is available. The personal workstations feature a compact size and can .. .accommodate loads to 440 lbs. The midrange designs provide morespacious work surfaces and control loads to 1,300 lbs while the heavy load configurations accommodate loads to 2,800 lbs. For use in cleanrooms, the 9600 Series Stainless Steel model is said to meet the Class 1 cleanroom standard. Kinetic Systems Inc., Boston, Mass. For free data, circle 160 or visit


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New Products

Compiled by Laureen Bellville


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With the redesign of the STS steam-to-steam humidifier, the top cover can be removed without disconnecting vapor hose or dispersion piping, and the new large side cleanout plate enables direct access to the heat exchanger for inspection or cleaning. According to the manufacturer, the humidifier creates chemical-free humidification steam while using boiler steam as its energy source. The Vapor-Logic3 controller is available as an option.

Dri-Steem Humidifier Company, Eden Prairie, MN,

Biological safety cabinet

The SterilGARD III Advance, Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet features a slanted viewscreen that is sloped 10 degrees to reduce glare and create a natural head and elbow position when working. The sloped cabinet and a streamlined front intake grille also bring the work closer to the user. According to the company, the cabinet's design provides the largest unobstructed, usable work area available. The work surface is removable for easy access when cleaning the drain pan. The telescoping UniPressure pre-flow plenum facilitates filter changing and blower/motor replacement.

The Baker Company, Sanford, ME,

Peripheral laminar flow bench

The 4015 peripheral flow horizontal laminar flow clean bench has been redesigned to provide high-velocity return air intake slots along the side panels, front top, and front edge of the work surface. According to the company, this construction reduces the potential of a backflow of contaminated air returning into the work area. The recovered return air is then HEPA-filtered before returning to the work area.

Liberty Industries Inc., East Berlin, CT,

Bio/pharmaceutical cleanroom

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Made of double-wall 304/316 stainless or powder-coated steel, this modular cleanroom—intended for safe handling and packaging of hazardous pharmaceutical and biological materials—features ultra-smooth interior walls with radius corners. A drained floor promotes easy wash-down and sterilization with industry-standard disinfectants, including vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) units. According to the manufacturer, specially formulated anti-microbial gaskets cover all cracks and seams.

Terra Universal Inc., Anaheim, CA,

Safety light curtain

The 14-mm resolution version of the compact MicroSafe MC4700 series safety light curtain is available in protected heights from 150 mm to 1800 mm, and offers a sensing range to 5 m. According to the manufacturer, tight resolution combined with response time as fast as 6.5 ms enables the MC4700-14 to be mounted closer to the pinch points of hazardous equipment.

Scientific Technologies Inc., Fremont, CA,

Pure water system

Total Pure Water Solutions is a suite of products, technologies and services that provide custom design, installation, validation and maintenance of the company's water purification systems. The company offers project management, design and engineering, installation and qualification services. Systems include the Milli-Q, Super-Q, Elix and RiOs.

Millipore Corp., Billerica, MA,


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