Aprons and coveralls

Compiled by Sue Forsyth

It remains that people are the main source of cleanroom contamination. And cleanroom applications demand apparel with ever-increasing protection against dry particles, static electricity and hazardous materials. Advances in fabric design result in more flexible, comfortable and protective apparel. Here's a sampling of products that'll keep you covered.

Coated lab coats and coveralls

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Coated Polypropylene Lab Coats and Coveralls are a value alternative to Tyvek and SMMS products. The product is 28 g/m2 of spunbond polypropylene with an outside layer of 12 g/m2 of polyethylene. This provides for a total basis weight of 40 g/m2; offering a durable fabric with a liquid barrier while keeping operator comfort a priority. These products are manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom environment and are suitable for use in Class 1,000 (M4.5) and above. Value-Tek Phoenix, AZ www.value-tek.com

Protective wear

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VR Protective Wear for use in contamination control and cleanroom environments is designed for handling chemicals and other hazardous materials. The protective wear includes aprons, sleeves, gowns, gloves, boots and shoecovers, and is made of a strong, lightweight and chemical-resistant 4-mil and 6-mil impervious polyolefin material. The gloves and boots are designed with elastic elbow and knee length cuff for use in applications where chemicals or other hazardous materials are present, and provides employees with spill and splash protection. The garments have been clinically tested to offer superior resistance against chemicals such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. For cleanroom applications, VR products are processed, folded and individually packaged. Engineered to provide affordable limited-use protection, VR has been developed to replace conventional protective garments made out of vinyl and other traditional materials intended to safeguard cleanroom and non-cleanroom employees from potential chemical or bio-hazard contamination. The company's products meet Class 100 cleanroom specifications. PolyConversions Inc. Rantoul, IL www.polyconversions.com

SDS coveralls

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Static Decay System (SDS) for paintroom/ cleanroom coveralls is a proprietary ESD system developed by the company with a unique new seam design. Coveralls with the SDS system are used throughout the paintroom facility. The coveralls conduct a charge from any point of the garment to your grounding system. American Protective Clothing Lorain, OH [email protected]

Cleanroom garment document

A white paper entitled The Dirty Dozen: 12 ways to cut the expense, time and stress of cleanroom garment programs addresses issues frequently encountered with cleanroom garment programs. This complementary information can be downloaded from the company's Web site. The company audits cleanroom garment systems and implements efficient, hassle-free gowning programs that are simple and straightforward to manage for wearers to comply with and for laundries to service. CleanFit Systems Portland, OR www.cleanfitsystems.com

Garment program

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In-stock garments use industry-recognized fabrics and provide installation in two weeks or less with the company's automatic ordering level, which helps avoid long lead times. A wide variety of sizes and industry-accepted styles are stocked. Prudential Cleanroom Services Irvine, CA www.pcs-clean.com

C3 fabric

The Nano C3 is a new C3 fabric upgraded with improved ESD and Nano-Seal technology. Manufactured domesstically, it uses the same proven filament polyester yarns that are in the current C3. The new fabric contains a new ESD yarn that yields improved surface resistivity results according to AATCC 76. The addition of the Nano-Seal technology changes the fabric at the molecular level to significantly reduce particulation. Aesthetics and breathability re not affected by the addition of the Nano-Seal technology. Burlington Barrier Products Greensboro, NC www.burlingtonbarrier.com

Vinyl coat aprons

Vinyl coat aprons come in a variety of thicknesses and designs to satisfy a broad range of splash and contamination control requirements. A generous range of sizes, lengths and closures assures a secure, comfortable fit for all workers. A choice of 6- or 8-mil thicknesses, along with plain or sealed edges, full-closure backs and elastic cuffs is available. The aprons are available cleaned and individually polybagged in a Class 100 (ISO 5) environment. Aprons are part of a complete apparel system, which includes solvent- and acid-resistant gloves, thin-gauge low-lint and cut-resistant knitted liners, vinyl sleeves and a range of thin-mil gloves in latex, vinyl, nitrile and polychloroprene. All products offer a variety of protective and cleanliness properties. Ansell Healthcare Red Bank, NJ www.ansellpro.com/ce

Launderable coveralls

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Polyester launderable coveralls are precision sewn with cleanroom specifications and materials. Its features include CR-ESD knit cuffs, a poly-coil zipper under a snap storm fly and a mandarin collar. The coveralls also have an external snap foud on the back for boot hold or storage as well as adjustable ankle cuffs with snaps. The coveralls, available in white and navy, have fabric options, which include Integrity 1800 and Burlington C-3. Cintas Cleanroom Resources Cincinnati, OH www.CintasCleanroom.com

Cleanroom/paintroom fabrics

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New fabrics for both cleanroom and paintroom applications offer both particle filtration and comfort. Perimeter CR 100 is the company's workhorse fabric for cleanrooms Class 100 and up. If more filtration is needed, the company also offers Perimeter CR 10, a calendered fabric with better than 95 percent filtration of 0.3-micron particles. For paintspray or powder-coating operations, the company offers Perimeter SB, which offers protection of the product from person contamination and offers protection of the person from paint and powder. Milliken & Co. Spartanburg, S.C. www.milliken.com

Reusable protective apparel

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The WKEP 3000 is woven from 100-percent filament polyester yarn with carbon fibers laced into a stripe throughout the material. The result is a durable fabric that repels fluids, prevents particulation and dissipates static electricity. The company's entire line of Ultima reusable apparel is available with the new WKEP 3000 material in white or navy. The WK Builder is a soft-to-the-touch micro-denier material used to make comfortable undergarment pant and top sets in navy or burgundy. All of the company's proprietary fabrics are economical alternatives that meet the toughest cleanroom standards. White Knight Engineered Products Inc. Charlotte, NC www.wkep.com


Offering comfort and protection, the company's coveralls are made of breathable polypropylene fabric, which is suitable for any workplace. The attached hood and zipper increase the level of comfort and reduce the risk of exposure to contaminated toxic fluids and particles. ConGuard Sarasota, FL www.conguard.com


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