Cleanrooms can be quite different from one application to the next, but one aspect they all share is the need for adequate hand protection. Within the realm of hand protection, however, products can vary widely-sterility, weight, length, resistance to contaminants, and the materials from which they are made can affect how you choose one hand-protection product over another for your critical environment.

Compiled by Angela Godwin

Polyethylene gloves

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Ultraglove™, manufactured by KNF Clean Room Products, is fabricated using pure, additive-free polyethylene film and manufactured in a cleanroom environment according to the stringent Ultraclean™ cleanliness level, as are all the other products offered by KNF Clean Room Products. A final test of the glove is performed to determine ash content and any presence of additives such as slip, antiblock, AHTs and BHTs. The Ultraglove is widely used in the polysilicon and wafer production industry due to its low cation and anion content. Ultraglove can protect your most delicate semiproduction processes. The Ultraglove provides the best chemical-resistant gloves for the laboratory and chemical production industries. A Sterilized Ultraglove is ideal for the medical, biomedical, medical device and veterinary medicine fields. Please contact KNF Clean Room Products for additional Ultraglove information and samples.

KNF Clean Room Products
Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

Nitrile gloves and clean dispenser

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The Technipak is the only plastic (PVC) dispenser box with 5-mil thick, powder-free nitrile gloves for Class 100 (ISO Class 5) controlled environments. The clean PVC dispenser reduces the particulate found on paper boxes and can be wiped clean in wet applications. The gloves are puncture-resistant and are 100 percent nitrile, reducing the potential for allergic reactions to natural rubber latex proteins. Sizes range from XS to XXL. Packaged 100 gloves per pack, 10 packs per case.

Yorba Linda, Calif.

Ultraclean, sterile gloves

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Value-Tek has introduced another product innovation with its new sterile glove program. The gloves are ultraclean with very low particulate and extractable matter; resulting in Class 100 (ISO Class 5) compatible specification. User-friendly packaging with polypouch and chevron style seal allows for ease of donning while minimizing the risk of compromising sterility. Both latex and nitrile gloves are offered with these industry-leading specifications. Product is provided with certificates of sterility and lot traceability. Competitive pricing provides for the winning combination of cost and quality.

Phoenix, Ariz.

Glove dispenser and updated catalog

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Now available from S-Curve Technologies is their new full-color product catalog depicting their full line of cleanroom dispensers for gloves and other cleanroom supplies. New glove dispensers are featured in the brochure with special focus on the new GD-400, a 4-chamber glove dispenser with easy front access. This dispenser can be wall-mounted or freestanding. It comes with a heavy-duty wall-mount bracket and support bar for a secure fit. Made of 1⁄4-inch clean, clear acrylic, this dispenser is durable enough to provide many years of use in any cleanroom. Multiple styles of other glove dispensers are available.

S-Curve Technologies, Inc.
Big Bear Lake, Calif.

Hand-specific lightweight lab gloves

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MAPA AdvanTech offers Optinit 472 gloves. These 8-mil (0.20-mm), 12-inch (30.5-cm), 100 percent nitrile gloves provide the dexterity of a disposable with the comfort of a hand-specific glove. MAPA designed the Optinit to provide moderate chemical protection without compromising comfort. Try the new Optinit in your lab or clean-process applications and rediscover hand-specific comfort.

MAPA AdvanTech
Broadview Heights, Ohio

Hand-specific latex and nitrile gloves

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In response to the growing demand of the med-tech market, CT International-manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical and industrial products-has developed a new line of sterile, hand-specific,12-inch latex and nitrile gloves. All sterile gloves are Class 100 (ISO Class 5) rated, with all new packaging featuring polywallet and HDPE outer packaging. CT International’s sterile gloves are manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2000-certified facility and are 100-percent tested for defects. They are designed for easy “double gloving” with tapered, beaded cuff, and folded for aseptic donning.

CT International
San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Variety of gloves for any application

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Blue Thunder Technologies offers gloves-including nitrile gloves, which are gaining popularity for people with latex allergies and sensitive skin-for virtually any application. Blue Thunder’s cleanroom gloves are laundered and double-bagged in cleanroom packages. The company’s medical exam gloves pass the strictest medical tests. Powder-free, lightly powdered, and inspection gloves are also available for virtually any application.

Blue Thunder Technologies
East Windsor, Conn.

Gloves for the critical environment

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Ansell Healthcare introduces two innovative, latex-free, polychloroprene gloves for the critical environment. First, sterile, ergonomically designed, hand-specific, accelerator-free DermaShield™ gloves offer excellent protection, flexibility, comfort and softness for extended wear times. Delivering superior puncture resistance and grip characteristics in both wet and dry conditions, they are suitable for a wide range of chemical applications in the CE where strength, durability and versatility are required. Low particulate levels needed for clean and sensitive applications are ensured by packaging in a controlled environment in polyethylene with IPA-resistant inks. Next, nonsterile, ambidextrous, Micro-Touch Affinity™ is Ansell’s newest exam-grade glove, providing improved hand protection safety in labs, pharmaceutical and other demanding work areas. With no detectable accelerators, these gloves are green in color and available in a 9.5-inch length. They are packaged in a convenient dispenser for easy access at the workstation.

Ansell Healthcare
Red Bank, N.J.

Cleanroom gloves and finger cots

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Riverstone has recently introduced three new glove products to market. The Nitrilstat RSNS400LP series is designed for use in a Class 10 or Class 100 (ISO Class 4 or 5) environment. Manufactured in an Integrated Class 10 (ISO Class 5) environment, this glove is free from silicon oil, amides, protein and DOP. Besides its unique low chloride and LPC levels, the glove also provides excellent ESD properties, and it promises ease of wear and comfort as it was designed and developed after comprehensive joint-study with end users. The Nitrilstat RSNS400SF series is a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom glove, free from sulfur, silicon oil, amides, protein and DOP. Besides having a good cleanliness level and ESD properties, this glove also provides strong protection without compromising comfort and ease of wear. The glove is available in finger-textured or full-textured varieties. Last, Riverstone’s special nitrile finger cots differ from those in the general market because of their cleanroom quality. These cots are free from silicon oil, amides, protein and DOP. This product is available in both beaded and nonbeaded form.

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Riverstone Resources Sdn. Bhd.
Selangor, Malaysia

Synthetic and latex cleanroom gloves

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In response to user demand, Nitritex Ltd, manufacturer of the BioClean™ range of cleanroom gloves, is pleased to announce the introduction of three unique, new, sterile BioClean cleanroom gloves. These gloves have been specifically developed for use in sterile pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device environments where product and personal protection are of vital importance. In common with other sterile BioClean gloves, they are packed in unique nonlinting, user-friendly “EZ tear” plastic pouches and have very low levels of extractables and particulates. BioClean P-Zero™ Sterile Synthetic cleanroom gloves offer full 12-inch length protection. They have been developed to have a fit and feel close to that of latex, while offering an extremely high level of resistance to a wide range of chemicals and no latex allergy potential. The gloves provide excellent grip and are anatomically shaped to reduce hand fatigue. BioClean N-Plus™ Sterile 16-inch Nitrile cleanroom gloves have been developed to provide superior protection up to the elbow, combined with the added advantage of excellent puncture resistance and a high level of chemical resistance. BioClean 100™ Sterile 16-inch Latex cleanroom gloves offer the extra protection of an elbow-length glove combined with the fit and feel that only latex can provide.

Nitritex Ltd.
Suffolk, U.K.

Cleanroom vinyl gloves

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QRP has added Cleanroom Vinyl Gloves to its product line. A nonallergenic and cost-effective alternative to latex gloves, the QRP XC Cleanroom Vinyl glove is clean, strong and antistatic. QRP XC Cleanroom Vinyl Gloves are designed for use in electronics, pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturing. The Class 100 (ISO Class 5) gloves are naturally antistatic (1010 ohms), microtextured and made from 100 percent synthetic PVC copolymer. Featuring a beaded cuff, the 12-inch translucent white glove is available in sizes S-XL. QRP is a leading independent global supplier of gloves and fingercots for critical environments, including cleanrooms and ESD control. QRP customers specifying the XC Cleanroom Vinyl Gloves include several Fortune 100 companies. Founded in 1974, QRP utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all products meet or exceed applicable industry standards. Other products include nitrile, latex, and heat- and cold-resistant gloves.

QRP Gloves, Inc.
Tucson, Ariz.

Glove organizer, dispenser

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The recent emphasis on infection prevention means the use of personal protection items is on the rise. Finding adequate storage space for these products is a common problem. Recognizing the need for a better way to manage protection items, Bowman responded with a unique storage system. The Protection Organizer is designed to keep disposables organized and accessible. It conveniently stores personal protection items at your fingertips; mounts easily on the wall, saving valuable countertop and cabinet space; has a see-through design that makes monitoring supplies easy; and the industrial-strength plastics stand up to cleaning agents and provide years of maintenance-free use. Keeping disposable gloves organized, sanitary, and accessible not only helps meet today’s stringent health requirements, it also increases workplace efficiency and productivity. Bowman has a complete line of dispensers for disposable products, including glove dispensers in a variety of sizes. These dispensers make gloves available when and where they’re needed, and keep gloves clean and ready to use. The functional design is durable and attractive, and the dispensers are made of industrial-strength materials including: clear PETG, baked enamel, and stainless steel. This product stands up to cleaning agents and provides years of maintenance-free use, and it’s easy to install; two-way keyholes allow horizontal or vertical mounting.

Bowman Dispensers
Arlington, Wash.

Polyurethane-dipped hand protection

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The family of polyurethane-dipped gloves from Best Manufacturing and SHOWA Company includes the number-one selling BO500 and BO600 series. The BO series is perfect for any application requiring extreme tactile discrimination. Additionally, these high-performance gloves have an incredibly low particulate and shed factor for operations that can be compromised with inferior styles that leave behind particulates and dust. The BO500 series is available in a 13-gauge engineered nylon with polyurethane palm coating in two colors: white fibers with white coating, or black fibers with black coating. The BO600 series is available in a 13-gauge engineered nylon with polyurethane fingertip coating (white fibers with white coating). This is one of the world’s best selling polyurethane-dipped hand protection series and is available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Best Manufacturing
Menlo, Ga.

Drybox gloves and sleeves

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Renco’s Titeline™ NIT-800-xx series Nitrile drybox glove systems offer outstanding puncture and heat resistance, superior ESD properties, and resistance to chemicals, oils and many hydrocarbons. The Titeline system uses a new PVC ring and spring connector that allows flexibility in sizing and thickness for superior protection and tactile sense at the hand portion. Its bellows design improves airflow, ergonomic comfort and prevents “blow-back.” Renco’s 800 series has been the industry standard for accordion glove applications for over 40 years and now offers the same successful system in Nitrile to accommodate an even broader range of applications. The 32-inch-length glove system is available in hand sizes 8, 9, 10, and 11, either ambidextrous or hand-specific, in various thicknesses (.009 inch, .015 inch and .030 inch). Its 3/16-inch beaded cuff is available for port diameters of 8 inches and 10 inches. Renco also carries a full line of one-piece and straight-sleeved Nitrile drybox gloves and a high-temp cleanroom heat glove for advanced applications.

Renco Gloves
Manchester, Mass.


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