New tech enables polyimide crosslink temp control

(October 4, 2010) — Nexam Chemical introduced Neximid PETA, which enables heat-activated ethynyl crosslinking of Polyimides at lower temperatures than previously possible.

Neximid PETA is based on a technology enabling ethynyl crosslinking of polyimide films, adhesives and coatings at temperatures as low as 70°C. Application areas include electronics, electrical and aerospace systems. Neximid PETA is a purely heat activated crosslinker which can be catalyzed, thus enabling the crosslinking temperature to be lowered and set at the desired level. Polyimide films crosslinked with Neximid PETA will get increased heat resistance, dimensional stability, as well as a lowered CTE value. Neximid PETA is the third product in the Neximid range of crosslinkers to Polyimides; the other two being Neximid PEPA (for higher crosslinking temperatures) and Neximid EPA (for medium crosslinking temperatures).

The product targets polyimide users that want to crosslink polyimides at much lower curing temperatures, but retaining the same crosslinking mechanisms and stable end structures as is achieved with PEPA. Customer orders dictated that the product use the same crosslinking mechanisms as with Neximid PEPA in PETI resins, PMR replacement resins and Ultra High Temperature Polyimide Resins. The crosslinker needed to allow lowered curing temperatures with the possibility to set the curing temperature at a desired level. The crosslinker should have the same stability as Neximid PEPA. This resulted in the development of the Neximid PETA molecule (shown here).

Figure. Neximid PETA molecule (Phenyl Ethynyl Trimellitic Anhydride)

The Neximid PETA crosslinker has a time-dependant heat activated curing temperature interval of 240-290°C depending on the mobility of the backbone it is co-reacted with. When Neximid PETA is catalyzed the crosslinking temperature can be decreased down to 70°C depending on the catalytic system used. Nexam also provides these catalysts (NexKat 330, 331 and 332) and co-catalysts (NexKat 310, 311, 312 and 314), while developing new catalytic systems.

Nexam develops, manufactures and markets unique crosslinking chemicals for the polymer industry. Nexam Chemical AB is a company incorporated in Sweden,

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