Yes, Its The 90s…

Yes, It`s The `90s…

John Haystead


…and that means it`s also the age of the “information superhighway.” True, the speed limit is barely 55, and you can`t always get there from here, but on the other hand, it might be a good time to start finding your way around–while there`s still not too much traffic on the road.

That`s what we`ve decided to do at CleanRooms magazine anyway. We`re happy to announce this month that CleanRooms will be providing a contamination control information resource and repository on the World Wide Web of the Internet.

A significant number of readers have indicated that they now have access to the Internet and would make use of such a service if it were available. Interestingly, we on the editorial staff also see a number of opportunities to improve our published product through its use. While the goal of our monthly news magazine is to collect, compile and present the most significant events and technology developments in the industry, there is also a large volume of information and research material which is continually in demand.

One of the resources we plan to present, for example, is our annual editorial calendar along with monthly capsules previewing the next month`s topics. An editorial index of published articles, news items and new contamination-control product announcements are also planned as well as a continually updated calendar of industry events. Ultimately, we also hope to make the CleanRooms “Master Source Guide” available on-line as a quick reference tool for users and planners.

The Internet is a bi-directional highway, however, and our CleanRooms “home page” will also allow our readers to more easily reach us with suggestions and materials. Just exactly how the process will work is still in the planning stage, but you can be sure that we will be actively soliciting your participation with surveys, calls-for-papers, and an interactive bulletin board.

Please “dial-us-up” at ( and take a look. Remember, however, that the Internet itself is still only in its adolescent stage (many of the development and access tools are only now being made available) and we`re just taking our first steps. I think you can get an idea of the possibilities, however, and besides, our plan is to design our service around your needs and requirements. While you`re on the net with us, please take a minute or two to drop us your suggestions. We promise to let you know what you and your colleagues come up with. In the meantime, surfs up!


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