Monitoring for excursions in automotive fabs

02/08/2020  The Process Watch series explores key concepts about process control—defect inspection, metrology and data analytics—for the semiconductor industry. This article is the fourth in a series on process control strategies for automotive semiconductor devices.

Scalable SONOS based embedded non-volatile memory technology

02/08/2020  SONOS (Si-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide-Si) based eNVM technology is well-suited for System-On-a Chip (SOC) products as they are very compatible with standard logic/mixed-signal CMOS process flow. This paper describes how the SONOS based eNVM technology has been successfully developed and scaled down to 28nm node.

The ASOPS system as a multiphysics measurement device for research and industry

02/08/2020  Insights into the rise of ASynchronous OPtical Sampling technology as a future measurement standard and how it can be used in the industry.

Recovery and recycling of process gases: What are the options?

02/08/2020  Any consideration of recycling must take a systems-level approach, thoroughly considering all predictable and potential costs, including risks of downtime, contamination and safety.

Overcoming challenges of futuristic transistor technology below 5nm node

02/08/2020  The potential transistor structures and materials like Carbon Nano-tube FET, Gate-All-Around FET, and compound semiconductors as solutions to overcome the problems of scaling the existing silicon FinFET transistor below 5nm node are reviewed.

Sensors in the new age of the car

02/08/2020  Sensors are inextricably linked to the future requirements of partially and fully autonomous vehicles.

New Thinking Required for Machine Learning

02/08/2020  Speakers at the VLSI Symposium argued the semiconductor community thus far has not been doing enough to enable machine intelligence.

AI Chips: Challenges and Opportunities

02/08/2020  To get to the next level in performance/Watt, innovations being researched at the AI chip level include low precision, analog and resistive computing.

OASIS vs GDS: Time to switch?

02/08/2020  The Open Artwork System Interchange Standard (OASIS®) format, which can reduce both file sizes and loading times. The OASIS format has been available for almost 15 years and is accepted by every major foundry. It is also supported by all industry standard EDA tools.

There’s still plenty of room at the bottom: Isotopically pure materials for when every atom counts

02/08/2020  When different isotopes of atoms have significantly different properties, the ability to create isotopically pure materials becomes essential.

Emerging memories for the zettabyte era

02/07/2020  The scaling of traditional memories such as SRAM, DRAM and Flash is no longer following the data growth rate, especially in terms of energy and speed.

Dynamic Fault Detection: Utilizing AI and IoT to revolutionize manufacturing

02/07/2020  A new approach, Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD) was developed to address the shortcomings of traditional FDC systems and save both production time and engineer time.

Perfecting yield with proactive optimization throughout the process and across the supply chain

02/07/2020  Proactive yield perfection (PYP) is a comprehensive systems-level approach to perfecting yield through detailed surveillance and sophisticated modeling that identifies actual or potential root causes of excursions.



Environment, Safety & Health

Date and time TBD

The semiconductor industry is an acknowledged global leader in promoting environmental sustainability in the design, manufacture, and use of its products, as well as the health and safety of its operations and impacts on workers in semiconductor facilities (fabs). We will examine trends and concerns related to emissions, chemical use, energy consumption and worker safety and health.

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Wafer Processing

Date and time TBD

As the industry moves to 10nm and 7nm nodes, advances in wafer processing – etch, deposition, planarization, implant, cleaning, annealing, epitaxy among others – will be required. Manufacturers are looking for new solutions for sustained strain engineering, FinFETs, FDSOI and multi-gate technologies, 3D NAND, and high mobility transistors.

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