Let Us Show You Around

Let Us Show You Around

John Haystead

I go to a lot of trade shows. The nature of contamination-control technology and its widespread marketplace means that CleanRooms magazine has to cover a lot of ground. Between myself and the other members of the editorial staff, there is at least one show or conference a month we absolutely need to get to, and there are certainly a host of other venues we could probably benefit from if that was all we did. The list is growing.

Given this lifestyle, it wouldn`t seem likely that I, or my staff, would get particularly excited about just another show, but here`s the deal. CleanRooms East (and West) is our show. I don`t just mean it`s a CleanRooms magazine show, I mean it`s our industry`s show. Unlike the other conferences and expositions we go to, where contamination control is just one of many elements of concern to the exhibitors and attendees, at “CleanRooms,” it`s everything–and you know everyone there is involved (or wants to get involved) in some way with contamination control technology.

Of course, this may all sound like nothing more than self-serving promotional pule, and I suppose that`s unavoidable. But hey, it`s true. There`s nothing like being around your professional peers and associates to stimulate new ideas–especially if you would never have an opportunity to meet them otherwise. This business is just too wide-ranging for any one person or organization to get out to see everyone involved. Instead, we all have to get together in one place. And, while this will be only my second time around at these biannual get-togethers, I`m convinced that the CleanRooms shows do offer a unique business and educational opportunity.

I was honestly amazed at the mix of people I met at the last show. It seemed every conversation pointed me to something else I needed to learn more about. Sure, part of this was due to the fact that I was new to a lot of the industry, but I don`t expect that this situation will ever change–there are just too many interesting and important things going on in this business, all the time, to ever become a know-it-all. What`s intriguing about the CleanRooms attendee is that there`s an excellent chance you`ll find he or she to be a presenter in one session and later an avid audience member in another.

So, while the hours are long, the floor hard, and the food fast (or unbelievably slow), I`m still looking forward to getting to the show. I`m absolutely convinced that I will learn more about our industry`s technology, products and people in my few days at the show than I have in all the time that`s passed since the last one. So, if you`re a regular reader of CleanRooms magazine and you`re trying to decide whether it makes sense to get to Baltimore this month, trust me, it does. And, if you`re reading this at the show, stop by our booth and let me know what it is about your business that brought you here.

Oh yeah, the show is April 24-27 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Hope to see you there.


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