Membrane air dryer

Membrane air dryer

Whatman, Inc. has available the new Balston Membrane Air Dryer, which provides pure, dry compressed air. An economical alternative to pressure swing and refrigerant dryer technologies, the company claims the Balston Membrane Air Dryer can be used for low dewpoint instrument air, pneumatic equipment, pressurizing electronic cabinets, analytical instrumentation, prevention of freeze-ups, dry air for hazardous areas, pneumatic autosamplers, and general laboratory air supply. It will dry compressed air to dewpoints as low as -100 degrees F at flow rates of up to 100 SCFM. The air dryer returns a small portion of the dry product air to sweep out moisture, which preferentially passes through the membranes. The degree of drying is controlled by varying the compressed air throughput. The moisture-laden sweep gas is vented to the atmosphere, eliminating potential liquid-handling and freezing problems. With no moving parts, the Balston Membrane Air Dryer requires no electrical connections, is compact and lightweight, and can be easily mounted in an existing pipeline. Coalescing prefiltration is employed immediately upstream of the membranes to protect them from pipe scale, other particulate, and liquids.

Whatman, Inc., Haverhill, MA

(800) 343-4048


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