Celebrating the 1998 Hall of Fame

Celebrating the 1998 Hall of Fame

by Lisa A. Karter

You might have seen their pictures hanging at CleanRooms West `97 in Santa Clara, CA, this past October. But inductees to the CleanRooms Hall of Fame are more than names on the wall, they are the individuals who helped shape an industry.

Next year, CleanRooms will again induct one person into the CleanRooms Hall of Fame. Established in 1990, the CleanRooms Hall of Fame is a group of 11 individuals who have made unique and lasting contributions to the science of contamination control.

Starting in January 1998, CleanRooms will devote an article each month to celebrating the achievements of our Hall of Fame members who were nominated to this distinguished group by our readers.

Dr. Hans Schicht 1996 Inductee

Dr. Schicht has been active in the contamination control industry for over 25 years. Executive secretary and past president of the Swiss Society for Contamination Control, Schicht chaired the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies during 1988-90.

Adrian R. (Sam) Allan Jr. [Deceased] 1994 Inductee

Founded Flanders Filters, Inc., one of the first companies to manufacture absolute HEPA filters. He was considered the driving force behind the development of separatorless HEPA/ULPA filters.

Dr. Eric S. Burnett 1993 Inductee

With over 30 years in the contamination control industry, Dr. Burnett championed the case for contamination control of human particulate.

Gabriel C., Danch [Deceased] 1992 Inductee

The first contamination control president of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology.

C. William Soltis 1991 Inductee

Holds nine patents in high efficiency air filtration. Soltis built some of the first cleanroom systems using laminar flow technology.

Alvin Lieberman 1991 Inductee

Widely recognized as the “Father of the Particle Counter.” Spearheaded important work on light scattering techniques.

Dr. &#197ke L. M&#246ller 1991 Inductee

An independent contamination control consultant since 1971, Dr. Moller headed the Swedish government`s Swedish Human Vaccine production. He has published over 100 technical papers in the field of contamination control.

Robert Peck 1991 Inductee

Highly involved in past revisions of Federal Standard 209, Peck has been active in the cleanrooms industry for over 25 years. He has worked tirelessly to teach cleanroom professionals how to effectively use established clean room standards.

R. Claude Marsh 1990 Inductee

Helped develop the laminar airflow system. Part of the original working group that developed Federal Standard 209.

J. Gordon King 1990 Inductee

Helped develop the laminar airflow principle. King developed plans for microbiological testing of cleanrooms for applications in medical and pharmaceutical facilities and extended their application to NASA.

Willis J. Whitfield 1990 Inductee

Father of the laminar flow cleanroom. He received the American Society of Mechanical Engineers` Holly Medal in 1969 for this invention.

Watch inside the pages of CleanRooms this Spring for the form to nominate the next Hall of Fame inductee.


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