On the Net

On the Net

George D. Miller

Editorial Director

I watched a few minutes of the movie “The Net” on television last night, but only a few minutes because the movie wasn`t believable at any level that I could relate to. The Net that Sandra Bullock was using in the film was a lot more functional and effective than the one I know today!

Many of my Internet searches in the last few months, as I`ve tried to educate myself about contamination control technology and the players in this industry, have been both time consuming and disappointing. I`ve spent a lot of time looking with very little useful result. I`m not saying there`s no information out there, but a lot of the information is out of date and even more of it is out of context. Links sometimes took me to sites that hadn`t been updated in months, and many attempts to reach individuals via e-mail messages eventually bounced back to me. But maybe I`m not looking in the right places.

Other sites, on the other hand, were quite functional, current and well maintained. Some of these allowed me to do things, like register for a seminar, rather than just collect information. Still others provided a wealth of background information and contacts that might be useful in the future.

I believe that people who live in glass houses shouldn`t throw stones. The CleanRooms Internet effort (http://www.cleanrooms.com) could be improved to make it more useful to you. As we consider how to upgrade it, I`m drawn to my experience at those sites in the latter category: those that actually let me do something or that provided something current and timely. In attempting to develop such a site for the users, suppliers and practitioners of contamination control technology, I need to know what would draw you to the site and then entice you to come back again.

What is it that you want to do on the Net concerning contamination control technology? What do you want to find on the Net that you don`t expect to find in a print magazine such as CleanRooms?

Go visit our web site, then tell me via the Net what you need there to make you come back again. Tell me what to put there to help you do your job.


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