New Products

Clean bag

The ultra-clean Cleansteam bag for the sterile delivery of packaging components and the terminal sterilization of disposable medical devices is made of Tyvek/HDPE, which makes it steam-sterilizable to 125 degrees Celsius, according to the manufacturer. The combination of a full sheet of uncoated FDA-approved Tyvek used as a porous microbial filter barrier heat-sealed onto a pinholes-free coextruded HDPE film results in an autoclavable bag featuring a superior seal and burst strength.
Newform NV, Hoegaarden, Belgium
+32 16 766 159

Dust collector

The Dust-Hog Supra-Blast, available as either a single- or double-filter configuration, removes dust, fumes and other industrial pollutants.

This centralized cartridge dust collector incorporates an air distribution insert to maximize pulse power along the entire length of each filter. The QuickSeal access door features a lever-operated, push-to-seal closure with a quick-release mechanism. According to the manufacturer, the accompanying Supra-Max cartridge filters offer 310 square feet of media.
United Air Specialists, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 891-0400

Fan filter unit

The MAX8000EQ fan filter unit ceiling module for cleanrooms, softwall or hardwall, isolated clean areas and with pivotal downflows is capable of attaining a 48 dBA, according to the manufacturer. It is slim-profiled for height-restricted areas, weighs 55 pounds, and is 99.99 percent efficient on 0.3 micron and larger. A 1-inch pleated pre-filter is standard.
Liberty Industries, East Berlin, CT
(860) 828-6361

Triple meter

The 19825-00 meter displays either conductivity and temperature or pH and temperature. Users can read pH from 0 to 14.00, temperature from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius and conductivity over four ranges to 19.99 mS. Three-point pH calibration and four-point conductivity calibration ensures accuracy, according to the manufacturer. Temperature compensation and pH buffer recognition are automatic. The water-resistant keypad protects the meter in the field.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., Vernon Hills, IL

(847) 549-7600

Cleanroom actuator

Series ISD-CR actuators achieve and maintain a Class 10 cleanroom level, which takes into account particles of 0.1 micron or larger at a vacuum flow rate of 30 liters per minute. Actuators are available in 100 mm stroke increments from 100- to 1,200-mm long. According to the manufacturer, 80kg horizontal payloads and 19kg vertical payloads can be positioned to a repeatability of ?0.02 mm at 100 mm/sec. A thin stainless steel shield keeps particles generated inside the actuator from migrating to the outside environment.

IAI America, Torrance, CA

(310) 320-3978

Stain kits

BBL/Difco stains, including the BBL TB Quick stain kit and Difco 3 Step Gram stain kit, feature no-drip “keep-clean” cap/spouts, which enable the user to regulate the flow and avoid staining work surfaces, hands and uniforms. The cap/spout closes firmly to minimize evaporation and aeration of harmful vapors. According to the manufacturer, all kits come with three or four 250ml bottles of reagents pre-loaded into a workstation. Gallon containers are also available.

Becton Dickinson Microbiology Systems, Sparks, MD

(410) 316-4000

Guide rail

Guide rails for module racks that hold and transport electronic circuit boards are made from an RTP 300 series polycarbonate specialty compound that provides electrostatic dissipation protection and is UL 94 V-0 flame retardant.

According to the manufacturer, the conductive rails avoid assembly time associated with installing copper or iron contacts on non-conductive flame-retardant polycarbonate rails. The compound offers a volume resistivity of 104 ohm-cm and surface resistivity of 109 ohm/sq.

RTP Co., Winona, MN

(507) 454-6900


Fittings with integral filters eliminate the need for separate components. End fitting combinations include 1/16 through 3/16 I.D. barbs and 10 to 32, 1/4 to 28, 1/16 and 1/8 threads. Fittings are available in nylon, polypropylene, kynar or polyethylene materials. Integral filters are supplied with 10, 40 or 74 microns in polyester or nylon.

Filtertek, Englewood, CO

(303) 781-8486

Adsorption dryer

Series Ultrapac 2000 regenerative dryers are available in nine models with outputs of 3 to 60 cfm. According to the manufacturer all pipes and cables, the control and monitoring instruments, the filters and the drains are integrated into units made of high-quality extruded aluminum. The replaceable multifunction block contains all electronic and mechanical control elements, the standard electronic drain and four control lights. A microprocessor controls the unit and takes account of different loads.

Ultrafilter Inc., Norcross, GA

(770) 448-3363

Cleanroom gloves

Chemsoft CE cleanroom gloves combine the chemical resistance and strength of nitrile with the dexterity of latex – minus the protein allergens. According to the manufacturer, the gloves are processed in powder-free conditions and undergo multiple washings to remove foreign particles and harmful ions. Double-bagged packaging takes place under cleanroom conditions. The gloves also feature rolled cuffs to prevent tearing while donning and textured fingertips for a better grip.

North Safety Products, Cranston, RI

(401) 943-4400

Heel grounder and floor finish

Series MG-7010 heel grounders for electronic manufacturers incorporate a D-ring design to provide a secure and convenient fit. Features include a two-part heel cup with smudge-free interior, high-visibility red Velcro, an elastic relief band and one- or two-megohm value resistors. For consistent ESD control at all humidity levels, Static Tech floor finish provides abrasion and scuff resistance and features excellent leveling characteristics for a smooth, high-gloss appearance, according to the manufacturer.

Static Technologies, Boston, MA

(617) 357-6444

Heated clean bench

Custom head platens temper the work surface of laminar clean benches. The platens can be custom sized for various surface configurations, and they can be provided with holes for microscope light sources. According to the manufacturer the platens are heated using a “CE” certified digital recirculator to control temperature and flow. The recirculator comes with RS-232 interface cable and operating software.

Halco Products, Elk Grove, IL

(847) 956-1600

Pressure transducer

Series PDCR 4000 millivolt output pressure transducers provide measurement accuracy of better than ±0.04 percent FS and long-term stability better than 0.1 percent FS per annum, with ranges from 1 to 10,000 psi gauge or absolute and 1 to 500 psi differential.

According to the manufacturer, transducer output is 100 millivolts with 10Vdc excitation and is fully ratiometric on supply voltages to 12Vdc. The product is packaged in a Hastelloy and stainless steel enclosure for corrosion resistance.

Druck Inc., New Fairfield, CT

(203) 746-0400

Condensation indication systems

Protect sensitive electronics or monitor shipping environments or HVAC systems using models 37410-10 and -12 condensation indication systems. The presence of condensation triggers an indicator light, output signal or optional audible alarm. For temporary installation or spot checking the systems are available as a detectable cable system, with sensor and indicator linked via a 12-inch cable. They are also available in integrated format with sensor and indicator combined into a single unit for permanent installation.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., Vernon Hills, IL

(847) 549-7600


Series DCE HV 500 separator is a high-pressure dust filter available either as a standalone unit or for installation at the heart of the DCE Syvac centralized vacuum cleaning and pneumatic conveying systems. Units are fitted with either Dalamatic fabric bag or Unicell spun bonded polyester filtration media to provide collection efficiencies exceeding 99.99 percent and filtration areas from 4 square meters to 48 square meters. According to the manufacturer side access to the filters through the hinged side door allows safer, simpler and quicker access to the filters for maintenance.

BTR Environmental Ltd., Leicester, UK

+44 (0) 116-269 6161

Elastomeric seal

A high-temperature Chemraz perfluoroelastomer compound used in the design of a new sealing geometry compensates for the thermal expansion encountered by elastomers at elevated temperatures and can extend the operation of ISO vacuum flange fittings above 230 degrees Celsius. According to the manufacturer, Chemraz can withstand temperatures of 324 degrees Celsius and retains its sealing properties better than ordinary perfluoroelastomer compounds.

Greene, Tweed & Co., Finch Close,

Nottingham, England

+44 (0)115 986 6555

Flow controllers

Series 32680 digital gas mass flow controllers offer programmable functions, including flow set point, stop and read totalizer, stop at preset total, auto zero and more. Users can direct and record all functions from a PC via an RS-485 interface. Factory calibration is available for 10 gases. A straight-tube sensor with restrictor element ensures laminar flow. Two dry contact closures turn pumps, valves and other process equipment on and off for external control.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., Vernon Hills, IL

(847) 549-7600

Vacuum cleaner

The GM 80 vacuum cleaner for dry particle characterization features 87 cubic feet/minute airflow and 102 inches of waterlift, according to the manufacturer. A motor thermal protection device prevents overheating caused by unclean filters or accidental blockage in a nozzle or hose. A detachable trolley enables the vacuum to be used for general cleaning as well as in stationary applications.

Nilfisk-Advance America, Malvern, PA

(610) 647-6420

Air velocity transmitter

Able to withstand gas pressures up to 10 bar, the CE-approved Series PFS smart air velocity transmitter measures and transmits mass flow rate of air, nitrogen or other non-combustible gases with ±1 percent accuracy, ±0.2 percent repeatability and a response time of 0.1 second, according to the manufacturer. The transmitter's smart electronics allow for field configuration of flow range and full validation of calibration. The unit's K-factor correction feature permits compensation for flow profile variations or specific application conditions.

Dwyer Instruments, Michigan City, IN

(219) 879-8000

Chip conveyance robot

The UTM-3500 wafer-conveyance robot for semiconductor manufacturing has a stationary base and a movable arm. According to the manufacturer, the fixed base cuts down on dust, making the unit appropriate for cleanrooms.

Mecs, Aichi Prefecture

Nanoparticle detector

A laser-based system for use in analyzers for research into next-generation semiconductor manufacturing equipment and automotive exhaust cleaning technologies can detect 30nm particles and can measure both the size of the particles and their molecular composition. According to the manufacturer, the system uses a modified YAG laser to shoot short pulses of laser light into the liquid or gas sample and can be used to detect organic contaminants with high precision.

Yokogawa Electric Corp, Tokyo

Disinfectant towels

Disposable Dispatch hospital cleaner towels disinfect hard surfaces in healthcare facilities and are pre-moistened with 5200 ppm bleach solution and detergent. Available in reclosable tub dispensers, the 9×10-inch towels remain moist for seven weeks after the container is opened and provide one-minute efficacy on germs and viruses commonly found in hospitals and two-minute efficacy for TB, according to the manufacturer.

Caltech Industries, Midland, MI

(800) 234-7701

Sight flow transmitters

Series SF sight flow transmitters integrate tangential turbine technology with hermetically sealed circuitry to measure flow rates in cooling and lubrication circuits and for aggressive chemical metering and batching systems. Wetted parts include a 316SS shaft and case, iglide bearings, a Buna-N seal and acetal copolymer turbine. According to the manufacturer, the two-wire loop-powered design transmits a 4 to 20 mA signal proportional to flow rate. Flow range is 2 to 60 l/pm, and maximum pressure is either 34 bar or 14 bar, depending on the model.

Dwyer Instruments, Michigan City, IN

(219) 879-8000

Cleanroom vacuum

The SS 12 stainless steel vacuum cleaner for Class 10 pharmaceutical cleanrooms features the CleanStream non-stick washable cartridge filter, which retains 99.7 percent of all particles down to 0.3 microns, according to the manufacturer. The filtration system includes a 1.5-gallon paper bag, a microfilter, which protects the motor and acts as a barrier to bacteria-sized particles, and a ULPA exhaust filter. The motor is interference suppressed so it will not affect electronic equipment.

Nilfisk-Advance America, Malvern, PA

(610) 647-6420

In-line filters

These small in-line filters for liquid or air service feature a clear acrylic housing for viewing contamination buildup. Color-coded filter elements of polyester or nylon indicate filtration micron size, according to the manufacturer. Standard filter elements are 5, 74, 130 and 167 microns. The in-line filters are standard with 1/8-, 1/4- and 3/8-inch I.D. barbs. Other end fittings include male threads and push-in fittings.

Filtertek Manufacturing, Englewood, CO

(303) 781-8486

Fluorescent dimming ballasts

Hi-lume Compact fluorescent dimming ballasts can control 42-watt four-pin triple tube compact fluorescent lamps for use in healthcare facilities and restaurants. These solid-state, high-frequency ballasts can dim the lamps from 100 percent to five percent. They are available for 120V and 277V applications.

Lutron Electronics, Coopersburg, PA

(610) 282-3800

Laboratory cabinetry

These corrosion-resistant polypropylene work/storage benches are intended for wet chemistry or trace metal analysis laboratories. Work decks are standard polypropylene with optional stainless steel, epoxy or laminate available. Door and drawer hardware is offered in plastic or stainless steel. Various sizes and configurations are available.

Air Control, Henderson, NC

(252) 492-2300

Backpack vacuum

The BackVacuum ten-pound HEPA filtered backpack vacuum for cleaning in confined areas features a three-stage filtration system, which includes two HEPA exhaust filters and a 0.82-gallon disposable paper bag and prefilter. The container is composed of ABS plastic and has a rubber articulated joint for flexibility. According to the manufacturer, the motor, which is located in the lower half of the vacuum, has an airflow of 120 cfm with 102-inch waterlift and draws 8.7 amps on 115 volts.

Nilfisk-Advance America, Malvern, PA

(610) 647-6420

Gap switches

Using ultrasonic wave propagation to sense the presence or absence of a liquid, Series GS gap switches measure liquid levels at a single point and provide a 10A relay output for high or low level alarm, overflow prevention and pump protection. Wetted parts are 316 stainless steel and the wet/dry ratio is 1000:1. According to the manufacturer, the switch can be mounted vertically or horizontally without additional calibration, and it includes a high level failsafe and 0.5-second delay. Immersion depth is 25.4 mm.

Dwyer Instruments, Michigan City, IN

(219) 879-8000

Combination tester

Model 41202 deluxe “combo” tester has dual test circuits to ensure accuracy when testing either wrist straps or footwear. According to the manufacturer, the product's auto-ranging circuitry automatically selects the proper test range. Indicators show low, pass or high results. A data output connector provides external monitoring, tracking and controlling.

ESD Systems, Marlboro, MA

(508) 485-7390

Tabletop cleanroom

Particle counts within the Table Top unit meet the requirements for Class 100 at the 0.5-micron size. According to the manufacturer, the unit was challenged with the output of two Laskin nozzles under 20 pounds per square inch of air pressure. There was no filter leakage detected using a calibrated Thompson BC400 photometer and no particle entrainment when monitoring inside the face opening while releasing smoke around the exterior of the unit.

Hazard Technology Co., Millersville, MD

(410) 987-7833

Mass flow meter

The Top Trak flow monitor for process control, flow research, instrument OEMs, gas panels and flow calibration directly measures mass flow rate of gases in any range from 0 to 10 SCCM to 0 to 50 SLM. According to the manufacturer, the high-stability platinum flow sensor ensures long-term stability and provides 1.5 percent of full-scale accuracy and 0.5 percent repeatability. Wetted surfaces are Nylon plastic and Viton “O” rings.

Sierra Instruments, Monterey, CA

(831) 373-0200

Cleaning system

The Cleanfix DS-7S dry steam vapor and wet extraction system cleans any type of hard surface, including tacky and most raised and sub floors, as well as walls, ceilings and glass. According to the manufacturer, the super hot steam vapor dissolves chemical residue buildup and then is extracted.

AmeriVap Systems, Atlanta, GA

(404) 876-2220


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