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QuadBar Model 4630 corona ionizer can control static charge three inches from a product surface in the ambient air inside tight spaces of production equipment, according to the manufacturer. The unit, which utilizes patented IsoStat technology, comes with single crystal silicon emitter points, and works with a facility monitoring system or process tool controller for immediate notification of system failure. A 24 VAC input power allows the system to be connected to a tool's power source or to function using a small transformer. Applications include static control for stepper reticle load ports, flat panel display manufacturing, load/unload stations, new tools with lowered HEPA/ULPA filters and over monorails.

Ion Systems, Berkeley, CA

(510) 548-3640

Syringe filters

Acrodisc 25-mm syringe filters are pre-sterilized by gamma irradiation and individually blister packed. They are available in three membrane chemistries for compatibility with multiple fluids: Supor membranes have high flow rates and throughputs, and are suited for solutions where low protein binding is required; Ultipor Nylon 6,6 membranes provide broad solvent and chemical compatibility and low extractables; and Posidyne membranes help facilitate bioburden and pyrogen removal from aqueous solutions. All are tested for bacterial retention to ensure sterile filtrate, according to the manufacturer.

Pall Corp., Port Washington, NY

(516) 484-3600

Aerosol generator

Model 3480 electrospray aerosol generator produces monodisperse, submicrometer particles that are 2 to 100 nanometers in diameter. It is suitable for such applications as instrumentation calibration; dispersion of nanometer-sized powders for nano-powder sizing; aerosol analysis in the macromolecular and submicrometer range; and studies of nano-aerosols.

TSI Inc., St. Paul, MN

(651) 490-2833

Wafer processing tool

Model 4200 spin-processor is a single wafer processing tool that demonstrates uniformity of +or-1 percent, high selectivity and particle contamination of less than 30 particles greater than or equal to 0.16 micrometer in diameter, with heavy metal/ionic contamination measured at less than 1E10 atoms/cm2, according to the manufacturer. Options, which allow the processor to perform both front and back-end semiconductor processes, include 85 degree Celsius process temperature; minienvironments; deionized-ozone processing; SMIF load ports; endpoint detection systems; buffering systems; and various pin or pinless chucks.

SEZ America, Phoenix, AZ

(602) 437-5050

Dry clean module

The Iridia Module utilizes dry plasma technology to couple photoresist and residue removal in a single chamber, which provides faster throughput, lower defect densities and fewer wet clean process steps, according to the manufacturer. The product is extendible to 300-mm technology.

GaSonics, San Jose, CA

(800) 444-3963

Disposable purifiers

Rinsegard HPX disposable purifiers remove metal ions in ultrapure deionized water to reduce contamination and resulting defects on wafer surfaces. They consist of patented hydrophilic, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UPE) membranes with a negatively charged surface, which allows filtration of particles to 0.05 micron and metal ions, according to the manufacturer. The purifiers can be used in critical rinse processes throughout all stages of semiconductor manufacturing.

Millipore, Bedford, MA

(781) 533-6000

Cleanroom mop/bucket

The Slimline 2000 mop and bucket is made to control cross contamination in sterile areas and cleanrooms. The mop comprises a 14-inch steel frame covered with a replaceable polyester slip cover. An electropolished stainless steel modular cart can be adapted to carry two or three 6-gallon polypropylene buckets. The complete unit can be autoclaved.

Micronova, Torrance, CA

(310) 784-6990


The 770Max is a multiparameter instrument for ultrapure water measurement and control. It features “smart” technology and can simultaneously receive input from six sensors and display 16 measurements on its multi-line scrolling screen. 770Max measures pH, ORP, flow, tank level, pressure, temperature, conductivity and resistivity. Other features include four analog outputs (0/4-20 mA), RS-232 serial outputs, optional relays, LCD and VFD screens, and selectable temperature compensation.

Thornton Associates, Waltham, MA

(781) 890-3399


Chem-Rez II is a jointless epoxy flooring system that can be used in locations where resistance to caustic chemicals is required. Its improved Novolac-epoxy resin offers reduced downtime for installation and greater capacity to withstand heat and the effects of acids, alkalis and solvents, according to the manufacturer. A variety of colors and slip-retardant profiles are available, as well as an optional antimicrobial additive that can be incorporated to combat the growth of microorganisms on floor surfaces.

Crossfield Products/Dex-O-Tex Division, Rancho Dominguez, CA

(310) 886-9100

Microfiltration membrane

The HP5 high-performance microfiltration membrane system is made to treat high flow, low suspended solids in water and wastewater. According to the manufacturer, the 0.5-inch tubular cross flow membranes are resistant to oxidizers such as chlorine and ozone over the full pH range, while the high-strength filter tube design allows filtration performance and high-pressure operation from 40 psig to

150 psig. Suitable applications include lime softening; reverse osmosis pretreatment; cooling tower side stream filtration and blow down recycle; filter backwash recovery; groundwater; and tertiary treatment. It can also be used to treat wastewater from the microelectronics and chemical industries.

U.S. Filter, Palm Desert, CA

(760) 341-8173

Filter fan units

These filter fan units are made for use in Class 100,000 to Class 10 environments. They measure 47 5/8″ long X 23 5/8″ wide X 12 1/2″ deep and are replacements for most ceiling grid systems. Specialized units are also available for proprietary flush grid and gel systems. Each comes with an eight-foot, polarized power cord and a three-speed switch to allow flow adjustment to meet cleanroom needs or compensate for filter pressure drop changes.

Technical Air Products, Grand Rapids, MI

(616) 458-0020

Disinfectant towels

Dispatch hospital cleaner disinfectant towels are pre-moistened with a stable bleach and detergent solution for one-step cleaning and disinfecting of non-porous surfaces. According to the manufacturer, they provide one-minute efficacy on common germs and viruses found in healthcare facilities, and two-minute efficacy on TB. The EPA-registered towels also meet OSHA, NCCLS and CDC standards for decontamination of bloodborne pathogens. They come in single-use packages and are suitable for use on point-of-care equipment, including IV poles, blood glucose monitors, stethoscopes, digital thermometers and other instruments used on multiple patients.

Caltech Industries, Midland, MI

(800) 234-7700

Fume extraction plenum

This metal plenum provides wide-area fume extraction for benchtop applications, such as hand soldering and adhesive operations, while circulating clean air back into the workplace. The accessory features a shelf-like design and is static-safe, according to the manufacturer.

Pace Inc., Laurel, MD

(301) 490-9860

Water purifier

Option water purifiers combine reverse osmosis, deionization and ultraviolet technologies to decontaminate water to a level better than that produced by distillation, according to the manufacturer. They feature automatic operation and simple cartridge change-outs, and use less energy than a 100-watt bulb.

U.S. Filter, Palm Desert, CA

(760) 341-8173


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