Section Kit

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The modular profile section kit can be used in various cleanrooms, from microelectronic to optical components to semiconductor manufacturing environments. Applications range from a lightweight housing to a baseframe for heavy-duty machines. More than 70 profile sections, ranging from 11 x 20 mm to 90 x 360 mm, 20 high-strength joining principles and accessories are also available. According to Bosch, components are fully standardized, easily assembled and can be reused. Structural modifications can often be made in the cleanroom, and the company reports that it has verified the acceptability of the new components for use in cleanrooms.
Robert Bosch GmbH
Stuttgart, Germany (07 11) 811-62 85

Floor tiles

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Laminated access floor tiles are practical for high-traffic areas and walkways, cafeterias and file rooms that require cleanliness and easy access. Available in ten patterns in subtle colors of gray, beige, ivory and white, the surface of the tiles features a special grade of high-pressure laminate designed for maximum durability and high impact resistance. All product grades have low static generation, comply with National Fire Protection Association guidelines and meet or exceed ANSI and NEMA requirements for high-wear grade of high-pressure decorative plastic laminate.

According to the manufacturer, conductive flooring laminates possess significantly lower surface and volume resistance, allowing for rapid bleed-down of static electricity charges. All conductive components are encapsulated within the surface, preventing them from being a source of contamination.
Odenton, MD
(800) 638-4380

Fume hood

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The Protector XL hand-operated, positive energy control laboratory hood has horizontal-sliding/vertical-rising sashes of 3/16-inch laminated safety glass. The epoxy-coated steel sash enclosure on top of the hood prevents laboratory exposure to contaminated interior sash surfaces when the sash is fully open.
AIccording to the manufacturer, the 6-inch high stationary glass upper viewing panel provides sash opening height of 37 inches, permitting the hood to be mounted in sitting or standing position and maintaining visual accessibility. All models conform to SEFA #1, NEPA #45, ASTM E-84, ASHRAE 110-95 and ANSI standard Z9.5.
Labconco Corp.
Kansas City, MO
(816) 333-8811

Safety cabinets

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SafeAire BioSafety cabinets are performance-test and NSF-listed to protect lab personnel, the product and the lab environment from contaminants. According to the manufacturer, the cabinets' HEPA filters are 99.99 percent efficient on particles 0.3 micron and larger. Variable speed blowers with solid-state control maintain air velocities of 80 or 105 fpm. Fluorescent lighting provides uniform illumination of the work area. The 3/8-inch-thick safety glass features an angled position for working and a locked open horizontal position for cleaning and loading samples and equipment.
These Class II cabinets fit applications in three-, four- or six-foot widths. The Type A cabinet, designed for BioSafety Level 1, 2 or 3 can be converted to Type B3 use with a conversion kit, remote blower and ducting.
Fisher Hamilton
Two Rivers, WI
(920) 793-1121

Liquid sensor

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Model DI 50 liquid sensor monitors particles during the manufacturing process.
It counts and sizes contaminants to 0.05 micron and operates using a high sample volume. The sensor is made of a smooth, non-shedding material and is resistant to most cleaning solvents. A status indicator on the sensor displays laser, power and activity. Four sizing channels are available to enable an operator to analyze specific sizes.
The data collected can be transmitted using an Ethernet connection to a workstation for real-time analysis. The Facility-View facility monitoring package provides an account of real-time or retrieved particle data in different formats. For situations where a local display configuration is needed, information can be transmitted to a touch screen data acquisition system called Data Touch.
Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, CO
(303) 443-7100

Face veil

Designed from low-shedding materials for cleanroom applications, the Ranger personal face veil is a single-use face covering that does not significantly contribute to the particle load of the critical environment. An enclosed malleable aluminum nosepiece helps the veils conform to the nose and cheekbones. Attachment choices include snaps and knitted headbands, which enable use with most reusable or disposable garmenting systems.
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Roswell, GA
(800) 524-3577 or (770) 587-8000

3D fan libraries

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Three fan libraries help design engineers using Flotherm thermal analysis software. Located at and available free of charge to registered users, the libraries comprise AC and DC axial fans from NMB, Papst and Comair Rotron, designed to operate at slow and high speeds.
According to the manufacturer, geometric data for the fan depth, cowl and hub is included as well as a list of data points, to represent the non-linear fan curve.
Marlborough, MA
(508) 460-0112

Modular containment

Aseptic fill and containment modules for the pharmaceutical industry can provide batch filling under aseptic conditions, fugitive particle containment to isolate the product, and easy wipe down and decontamination between product campaigns. According to the manufacturer, standard features include modular walls and top deck panel, negative pressure plenum and pressure alarm. Options include bag-in/bag-out HEPA filter exhaust system, stainless steel surfaces, once-through air flow and air conditioning from the building source or separate system.
Clean Air Technology
Canton, MI
(734) 459-6320

Gas system

The AVP gas system is an all vapor phase, programmable logic controller driven delivery system for liquefied electronic specialty gases. The system's cylinder temperature control eliminates droplets in the process gas stream from the cylinder, reducing system corrosion, pressure and flow irregularities and metallic impurities. The system uses the manufacturer's MicroPurge P-Series controller to regulate the temperature of the cylinder's contents.
Air Liquide America Corp.
Houston, TX
(713) 624-8000

SFO-1000 loadport

The 300-millimeter SFO-1000 loadport uses a robot to provide all motion necessary to unlock and remove 300 mm wafers from carrier doors. The design changes the loadport front and is an alternative to the pod door opener. It combines precise motion for both the door removal and wafer transfer.
PRI Automation Inc.
Billerica, MA
(978) 670-4270


Series HF regulators are half the size of conventional diaphragm pressure regulators and are suitable for tools, valve manifold and gas interface boxes. The pressure-sensing assembly controls gas delivery pressure. Set-pressure and adjustable dome-loaded regulators are available. Set pressure models are factory charged to pre-selected output delivery pressures of 10, 20, 30, 50, and 80 pounds per square inch gauge (psig). Set-pressure models are not equipped with adjustment knobs. Dome-loaded models may be adjusted remotely while in service, or can be factory charged to deliver 10 to 50 psig (0.7, 1.4, 2.0, or 3.4 bar) outlet pressures.
Solon, OH
(440) 349-5934

Cleaning system

The Antares advanced cleaning system suits multiple applications in sub-0.25-micron technology nodes where particle contamination is a concern. The system integrates single-wafer-cleaning technologies into a one-cluster platform. Users can configure the system with CryKinetic cleaning modules (CX System), vapor etch modules (VX Systems), or a combination of the two.
FSI International
Chaska MN
(612) 448-8066

Chemical dispense head

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The FluoroPure dispense head is used for filling and dispensing electronic grade chemicals. Flow capacity permits the distribution of CMP slurry at end-user sites or filling large intermediate bulk containers at chemical plants. A patented “quick connect system” aims at preventing unsafe chemical mixing.
Chaska, MN
(612) 448-3131

O-Ring removal tool

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The FluoroPure drum insert O-ring removal tool allows users to remove the two smallest rings without damaging the drum insert sealing surface. It is recommended that O-rings be replaced periodically to reduce compression set and potential ill effects caused by chemical exposure. The tool fits all PFA and polyethylene FluoroPure drum inserts and is housed in a high density polyethylene (HDPE) body. A pair of tweezers is included to remove damaged O-rings.
Chaska, MN
(612) 448-3131

Feedthrough, actuator

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The ChamberLink is a combination rotary feedthrough and harmonic drive servo actuator in one stainless-steel device. Because the device has no chamber-wall penetrating shafts that require seals, vacuum leakage is averted. It integrates the harmonic drive with the chamber wall, keeping the motor and input elements on the chamber's ambient side, while the geared output shaft moves on the vacuum side. Even if the motor is removed, the vacuum is not compromised. The ChamberLink also reduces particle count, according to the manufacturer.
Harmonic Drive Technologies
Peabody, MA
(978) 532-1800

Floor machine

Model 545 floor machine cleans surfaces without contaminating an area by combining a high filtration floor buffer and vacuum cleaner. Equipped with a HEPA filter, the machine is safe for use in pharmaceutical, semiconductor and biotechnology cleanrooms, according to the manufacturer. The machine has a four-stage filtration system, the first of which is a two-ply, disposable bag that fits in a dust container. The container, which is mounted to the handle for easy disposal, is linked to the motor and suction skirt by two rubber hoses. The lockable safety latch prevents accidental disassembly. The next stages of filtration consist of a polyester main filter, felt microfilter and one HEPA exhaust filter. A suction skirt that covers the floor pad works with the vacuum cleaner to prevent particles generated by the pad from being released into the cleanroom. The suction skirt is also adjustable to prevent floor wear. A rotoflex drive pad ensures constant pressure is maintained over the floor surface.
Nilfisk-Advance America Inc.
Malvern, PA
(610) 647-6420

TOC cleaning validation kit

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The total organic carbon (TOC) cleaning validation kit contains materials to sample 12 sites in the production area. The kit comes with vials that are prewashed and certified to less than 10 parts per billion. The kit also comes with large SnapSwabs, which are certified to 50 ppb and have a thermally bonded head to eliminate contaminating adhesives. The swabs also have a break away handles, which allow them to be placed into vials with minimal handling and contamination.
The Texwipe Co. LLC
Upper Saddle River, NJ
(201) 327-9100

Static control

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The Ohm-Shield TA-4900 is a water-based topical agent that controls static electricity on cleanroom surfaces. Treating surfaces with the agent, which contains no metal ions, will prevent dust, contamination, tribogeneration and sudden electrostatic discharge, according to the supplier. Ohm-Shield GP-5600 is a dissipative floor paint. Available in one-, five-, and 55-gallon drums, the gray paint is a urethane formulation that has high abrasion resistance, low volatile organic compounds as well as low static tribogeneration. It does not contain phthalate plasticizers, exhibits a high gloss and is not slippery.
Static Solutions Inc.
Marlborough, MA
(508) 480-0700

Photo-ionization detector

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The Multi PID (photo-ionization detector) weighs less than 800 grams and has two displays with background illumination. The upper display indicates measured concentration in parts per million, while the bottom one has a menu-driven display to calibrate the instrument and enter substance-specific data or transmission into a computer. The device measures current concentration and maximum concentration determined during testing. The detector also provides a 15-minute and 8-hour average value. It functions based on the ionization of organic substances present in the air via an ultraviolet source, which enables the detection of a group of substances. When calibrated correctly, a PID can be used to quantify a single substance.
Draeger Safety Inc.
Pittsburg, PA
(412) 787-8383

Measuring kit

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The Path Su per Kit consists of the Series 477 digital mano meter, Series 485 digital hy grometer and Series 471 digital thermo-anemometer, all packaged in an attachE-style carrying case. The manometer measures positive, negative or differential pressures of 0 to 20 in. w.c. (zero-5kPa) with ±0.5 percent FS accuracy. The instrument holds 20 readings and features a liquid crystal display, nine user-selectable units of measurement, electronic zeroing, a “hold” key for freezing current pressure, and audible and visual alarms. The digital hygrometer measures relative humidity, and derives dew point and wet bulb temperature. A “hold” key freezes readings that fluctuate, and the unit stores about 25 readings. The digital thermometer simultaneously measures temperature to 212 degrees F/100 degrees C and air velocity in four ranges. A 36-inch stainless steel telescoping pitot tube, two static pressure tips with magnetic mounting, two 4 1/2-foot lengths of rubber tubing, a step drill, an air velocity slide chart and three 9-volt batteries are also included in the kit.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Michigan City, IN
(219) 879-8868

Steam sterilizer

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The Hotpack laboratory steam sterilizer features a ±5 degrees Celsius temperature uniformity; a full range of program circles, including four liquid, four pre-vacuum, and one gravity; an automatic leak test; and adjustable key parameters for custom cycle applications. The load probe coupled with a specific logarithmic function allows liquid sterilization, regardless of load size, in a shorter time with a less of the potential for “boil over situations” or media degradation that can occur through over sterilization, according to the manufacturer. The device has a large color touch screen, a modem for remote service diagnostics, an optional network interface package, and air-actuated piston globe valves with cycle life ratings of over one million actuations.
The sterilizer is available in a number of configurations with standard vertical or horizontal, stainless steel, power doors. Two chamber penetrations are standard, allowing more thermocouple or load probes direct access for mapping or product qualification testing. Options include clean-steam piping packages, mechanical vacuum pump system, feed water booster pump, cross-contamination seals, dual flow control design, a 3.5-inch diskette for data storage and seismic frame and tie-down kits.
Hotpack, an SP Industries Co.
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 824-1700

Pocket-size gas monitor

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Gas Baron Series single monitors are compact, waterproof and weigh less than seven ounces. The monitors feature a digital display, user adjustable alarms that are visible as well as audible, a belt clip and an operator's manual. An alarm jack can be used with an earphone or remote vibrating signal. The devices can be outfitted with interchangeable sensors for chloride, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide. Other sensors include oxygen, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, chlorine dioxide, phosphine and combustibles.
CEA Instruments Inc.
Emerson, NJ
(201) 967-5660

Cleanroom filtration

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The TurboVee is designed for low vibration filtration in cleanrooms or for point-of-useminienvironments where control to BS5295, part 1, U.S. Federal Standard 209E and ISO 14644-1 is required. Ty pical TurboVee app* cations include hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing and electronic component manufacturing industries. Available in four standard sizes, TurboVee units incorporate a Vokes HEPA or ULPA filter, a novel hood design and an energy efficient fan/motor assembly. According to the company, the TurboVee provides low noise emissions: 53 decibels at one meter from the filter face at 0.45 m/s velocity, with a vibration level below 0.1 millimeter at the filter face. TurboVee units for ceilings are also available.
BTR Environmental Ltd./Vokes,
Henley Park, Guildfor, Surrey, UK
+44 (0) 1483 569971

Fabric hose

Flex-Lok is a fabric hose with external metal helix. Hoses are available in sizes from 3 to 12 inches. Flex-Lok SF is made of silicon and fiberglass, while Flex-Lok TF comprises Teflon and fiberglass. Hypalon and polyester make up the Flex-Lok HP line.
The Flexaust Co. Inc.
Warsaw, IN
(219) 267-7909


Liquid desiccant dehumidifiers are made with fiber-reinforced plastic and other non-metal materials. All units provide bacterial control with 94 percent of airborne bacteria, mold and viruses killed and washed from the air stream. Designed for industrial, commercial and institutional applications, the dehumidifiers include 14 conditioners with air volumes from 1,000 to 84,000 cubic feet per minute and eight regenerators with capacities from 125 to 3,400 pounds per hour.
Kathabar Inc.
New Brunswick, NJ
(732) 356-6000

Digitial position indicator

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Elesa digital position indicators can be used on packaging machines, processing lines, food processing machines or assembly lines to aid in equipment placement. Counts are recorded by the indicators tracking the movement of a machine component operated by a drive shaft or screw. Cases are ultrasonically welded to withstand harsh environments. Waterproof indicators are available. Four- and five-figure digital displays can be configured for one- or two-place decimal readout, while a fog-resistant magnifying window eases reading.
Nolu Plastics Inc.
Aston, PA
(610) 358-1770

Hydrocarbon analyzer

The NGA 2000 multi-component flame ionization detector gas analyzer monitors for ambient air contaminants in sterilization processes. Based on flame ionization detection methodology, the unit provides continuous on-line measurement of four different speciated hydrocarbons using a microprocessor-controlled chromatographic separation technique.
The product can monitor single or multiple locations with the addition of appropriate sample stream switching, according to the manufacturer. Instrument sensitivity ranges from 0 to 1 ppm full scale, up to percent by volume concentrations.
Rosemount Analytical
Orrville, OH
(330) 684-4479

Temperature transmitter

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Model AI-1000 R2 features self-calibration to onboard reference standard. The temperature transmitter accepts thermocouple or resistance temperature detector input, in millivolt or ohms, and can be configured for field or panel mounting. A plug-in display or PC configuration allows the user to program and read from any transmitter. Applications include heat exchangers, custody transfer and process monitoring and control.
Hudson, MA
(978) 568-0500

Multi-hazard glove box

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The Protector multi-hazard glove box features inner and outer transfer chamber doors that are counterbalanced and equipped with quick-latches for easy operation, according to the manufacturer. A pressure differential gauge on the control panel allows the operator to monitor glove box pressure HEPA filter loading. Along with inlet and outlet HEPA filters, a built-in blower permits the interior atmosphere to be exhausted to the outside environment.
Labconco Corp.
Kansas City, MO
(816) 333-8811

Chamber scrubber

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The Cloud chamber scrubber allows particles and water droplets to be charged with an opposite polarity using 500 watts of power. Particles and droplets move continuously in relation to each other, and as they approach 10 microns of separation, electrical attraction causes the particles to enter droplets. The scrubber can also remove fumes and gases, including HCl, HF, HNO3, H2SO4, SO2, CL2 and NH3.
Tri-Mer Corp.
Dayton, OH
(937) 298-9435

Lifter and transporter

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The Shop ELPH lifter/transporter for white coat industrial or lab applications, including electronic assembly, pharmaceutical, cleanrooms or stock rooms, achieves lift by means of a linear actuator that provides precise positioning and eliminates the potential for hydraulic fluid leaks. According to the manufacturer, four oversized swivel casters roll on any surface, over threshold and in and out of elevators. The onboard 24-volt battery pack provides enough power for 100 lifts.
Southworth Products Corp.
Portland, ME
(207) 878-0700

Surgical fabric

EnviroGuard surgical material for operating room nurses and doctors provides breathability, liquid resistance and burn prevention (important in laser procedures). According to the manufacturer, the product is mechanically hydro-entangled to create a softer material with better performance properties. The fabric carries a Class 1 flame retardance rating. Drapes, gowns and towels made from EnviroGuard biodegrade through municipal wastewater treatment facilities.
Isolyser Inc.
Norcross, GA
(770) 806-9898

Regulator valve

A dome-loaded, 3,700 psig high-pressure regulator provides pressure regulation of such gases as carbon monoxide, hydrogen, oxygen, natural gas and similar gases conveyed through pipelines. The valves are available in pipeline sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. According to the manufacturer, regulation accuracy of 1 to 2 psi is offered, depending upon application. The valve features a piston actuator manufactured from precipitation-hardened 17-4 stainless steel and a TFE dynamic seal.
Kaye & MacDonald Inc.
Orange, NJ
(973) 674-8060

Vapor vacuum

The Vapor Vac's filtration system captures and retains toxic gases and ultrafine particles, including arsine, phosphine and chlorinated solvent vapors released during the cleaning of semiconductor process equipment. The six-stage filtration system includes an impregnated carbon filter cartridge that ensures maximum dwell time of toxic gases, which prevents the gases from escaping through the vacuum cleaner's exhaust. Other filtration stages include a 2 1/4-gallon, 2-ply dust bag; a HEPA-type pre-filter wafer; an oversized cotton main filter; an optional microfilter; and an optional downstream HEPA or ULPA exhaust filter.
Nilfisk Advance America Inc.
Malvern, PA
(610) 647-6420

Sampling probes

For large-surface scanning of even and dry surfaces, the flexible probe is available in 30 to 100 mm diameters and is moved over the surface during measurement. The static probe is used for increasing the rate of separation of the particles from the surfaces and for measuring on concave or convex surfaces. The user presses the probe on the surfaces during measuring.
Contamination Control Instruments
Stuttgart, Germany
00 49 (0)7 11/78 19 43-0


The 4221/4222 switchbox monitors control devices and valves in material processing plant applications that are operated automatically. It can be used with linear and quarter turn actuators. An integrated 3/2-way pilot valve enables normally open and normally closed actuators to be controlled. An integrated displacement sensor monitors the end positions and the travel.
Gemü Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH
Ingelfingen, Germany
0 79 40/123-0

Particle monitor

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The VacuLaz, an in situ particle monitor for measuring contaminants in exhaust lines of process chambers and loadlocks, consists of a viewing module, a sensor and an electronics interface module. Depending on the application, aluminum is used in the construction of the viewing module with sapphire-coated windows.
Particle sampling from the sensor is transmitted to the interface module where the signal is converted and sent to a PC. According to the manufacturer, sizing sensitivity for the sensor starts at 0.2 micron and offers four channels with the first threshold being operator adjustable from 0.2 to 0.3 micron.
Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, CO
(303) 443-7100

Spill kits

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BioHazard spill kits help medical and emergency personnel contain spillage of potentially infectious human waste materials, including blood, emesis, urine or other body fluids. Two kits are offered: the Dispatch hospital cleaner disinfectant with bleach offers rapid-acting cleaning and disinfecting in one step, while the Precise QTB hospital cleaner disinfectant supports one-step cleaning and disinfecting using a liquid that is safe on any surface, according to the manufacturer. Each kit contains absorbent powder, disposable gloves, paperboard spatula, towel, antimicrobial wipe, biohazard bag, twist tie and instructions.
Caltech Industries
Midland, MI
(800) 234-7700

Fume extractors

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The Arm-Evac fume extraction products monitor and control such operating parameters as filter condition, auto on/off, pump flow, and temperature tracking. An audible signal alerts the operator when a filter changeout is required. According to the manufacturer, each system offers a heavy-duty maintenance-free motor, high-quality airflow, portability and quiet operation. A HEPA filter and chemisorptive/adsorptive filter provide removal of gaseous compounds.
Pace Inc.
Laurel, MD
(301) 490-9860

Disposable respirators

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Models N9510F and N9520F flat fold disposable particle respirators feature a spring-open design, chin cup, boomerang nose seal and exhalation valve. They are recommended for use with particle aerosols free of oil. A fold-and-hold mechanism keeps out contamination when not in use. According to the manufacturer, they are designed to accommodate workers who prefer flat folds over conventional cup-shaped masks. These 42 CFR 84-approved products are available in three color-coded facepiece sizes and three filter classes.
Dalloz Safety
Reading, PA
(610) 376-6161

Humidity measurement module

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Designed for use in environmental chambers, the HMM 211 module is optimized for use both in high humidities and over a wide temperature range and can be configured to provide dewpoint and other calculated outputs. The module uses the Humicap sensor, which is insensitive to dust and most chemicals. The product is available with sensor re-gaining, which ensures accuracy between calibrations in conditions with extraordinarily high levels of chemicals and cleaning agents.
Vaisala Inc.
Woburn, MA
(781) 933-4500

Transfer cart

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Carts for wafer cassette transport and work-in-process are designed for Class 1 to Class 10 cleanrooms. They feature a wafer cassette shelf designed to hold wafers securely and offer superior laminar flow, according to the manufacturer. The shelf height is 40 inches from the floor with an adjustable-height push handle. The carts are maneuverable in small wafer fab operations, while softie plate casters provide vibration dampening without black rubber and tread.
Eagle MHC
Clayton, DE
(302) 653-3000

HEPA filter

Proven in high-specification commercial and industrial applications in which critical performance on inert particles is required, the AstroCel I filter now comes treated with a biostatic preservative that inhibits growth of numerous fungi and bacteria know to affect indoor air quality. According to the manufacturer, a biostatic pretreatment also renders the filter more suitable for applications in which moisture and high relative humidity are present.
Cramlington, Northumberland, UK
01670-713 477

Modular building system

The Versa-King 1 3/4-inch modular building system is used in indoor applications that do not require load-bearing capability, including in-plant offices, workstations, partitions, cleanrooms and darkrooms.
According to the manufacturer, the non-progressive system provides comparable performance exhibited by the three-inch system but at a 10 percent cost savings. Extruded aluminum posts provide tight tolerances for the exacting fit of wall panels, doors and windows. A solid, polystyrene core adds R-7 insulation performance.
Porta-King Building Systems
Earth City, MO
(314) 291-4200

Conveyor oven

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Used for dehydrating solutions dispensed into small pharmaceutical trays, the cleanroom conveyor oven system features Class 100 conditions in the process area, all stainless steel construction, an operating temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, a 47-cubic-foot capacity and a variable speed vertical down airflow system. The system consists of two 8-foot-long oven modules with access hatches installed on the side of the oven.
Williamsport, PA
(570) 326-1770

Test chamber

The 17-ft3 stability and shelf life test chamber for laboratory applications features four removable, adjustable shelves; a temperature range of 0 degrees Celsius to +99 degrees Celsius; and 20 percent-96 percent RH. Options include interior lighting, viewing windows and casters.
Lunaire Environmental
Williamsport, PA
(570) 326-1770

Condensate drain

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Ultramat zero airloss drains can handle condensate removal from compressed air systems up to 3600cfm, according to the manufacturer. The range includes the UFM-T1 designed for compressors up to 180cfm, the UFM-T10 working up to 360cfm and the UFM-T100 working with compressors up to 3600cfm. The UFM-T20 is designed for high-pressure systems up to 600psi and 720cfm. Options include neutral versions, heaters and coated wiring.
Ultrafilter Inc.
Norcross, GA
(770) 448-3363

Air quality booth

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The Tenkay air quality booth encloses the work environment on three sides and provides a cross draft in the work area, pulling the dust away from the worker to provide high-efficiency removal of hazardous dust, fumes and other particles. According to the manufacturer, the flexible, unobtrusive design utilizing a cantilevered, self-supporting roof over the filter module creates a well-lit work area unobstructed by permanent walls or exhaust hoods. The heart of each booth is an air quality module containing the manufacturer's Tenkay cartridge type filter elements.
Farr Co.
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 727-6300

Modular cleanroom

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The VFCS-3 (Vertical Flow Component System) rigid wall, clear acrylic cleanroom system is intended for injection molding, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing and printing applications. The unit supports Class 100 through Class 100,000 and is available in nine configurations, ranging from 4x4x8 feet to 16x28x8 feet. The heart of the system is the MAX8000EQ fan filter module, which attains a 48 dBA level and delivers 99.99 percent efficiency on particles of 0.3 micron and larger with a standard HEPA filter.
Liberty Industries
East Berlin, CT
(860) 828-6361

Sanitary filter housings

Optimized for sanitary pharmaceutical, bioprocess, food and beverage liquid process applications, the Advanta ALT sanitary filter housings enable users to maximize product recovery due to low hold-up volume. Draining features, including downward sloping, internal contour and low-point drain, facilitate removal of CIP solution or product. Other features include fewer welds, which results in a sanitary design; automated orbital welding, which produces consistent high-quality welds; and a non-rotating vent and drain to prevent twisted hoses and allow hard piping. The housings also contain quick-connect/disconnect vent coupling.
Pall BioPharmaceuticals
East Hills, NY
(516) 484-5400

Gas transmitter

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The UL approved FX-IR transmitter is suitable for installation in Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D hazardous locations. The transmitter uses dual infrared technology for detection of hydrocarbon gases.
According to the manufacturer, the user can pre-select hydrocarbon gases in either the 0 to 100 percent LEL or 0 to 5,000 ppm ranges. The infrared detector is immune to such catalyst poisons as silicone and chlorinated hydrocarbons and can operate in oxygen-deficient or inert atmospheres.
Gas Tech Inc.
Newark, CA
(510) 745-1275

Pre-filter frames

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This one-piece, roll-formed frame is made from 0.025-gauge, 3000 series aluminum. According to the manufacturer, the rigid frame is tightly fitted to Uni-Foam filter media and fastened with aluminum rivets. A supporting grid of 0.040-gauge, 3000 series aluminum is approximately 85 percent open to lower resistance.
Universal Air Filter Co.
Sauget, IL
(800) 541-3478

Vacuum controller

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The ACX 3201 AdapTorr controller is a downstream pressure adaptive controller for maintaining chamber pressure. According to the manufacturer, the controller utilizes an integral power supply that enhances ease of operation. The internal power supply eliminates the need for additional power supply units and accommodates an additional load. Used in combination with the manufacturers' capacitance diaphragm gauges and throttle valves, the unit accepts input from two sensors to ensure maximum (closed-loop) pressure control.
Millipore Corp.
Bedford, MA
(617) 275-9200

Process analyzer

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For use in pharmaceutical, chemical industry, petrochemical, refinery and pulp and paper applications, the AOTF-NIR is a quantitative, post-dispersive, multiple -component vapor ous/liquid analyzer. It measures multiple liquid components by scanning near-infrared wavelength without employing moving parts. According to the manufacturer, it uses patented technology to measure ethylene oxide and relative humidity ensuring product sterility. The unit is capable of using either in situ or flow through sampling devices.
Rosemount Analytical
Orrville, OH
(330) 684-4479

Modular cleanroom

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Model 7300 is prefabricated and then delivered to the site ready for assembly. It is sold as a unit and comes with HEPA or ULPA filter modules, lighting and wall and ceiling systems. The unit can be easily taken down or expanded using pre-engineered components, according to the manufacturer. The cleanroom offers Class 10 to Class 100,000 effectiveness and is available in ten sizes.
Liberty Industries
East Berlin, CT
(860) 828-6361

Mini filters

For use in disk drives, healthcare devices, medical systems, instruments and occupational safety devices, Final-Air 9FP mini filters filter, direct and channel air flow within the confines of the particular environment. According to the manufacture, injection-molded casings enable design flexibility and cost effectiveness. Precision mini-pleats of high-efficiency, micro-fiberglass paper meet design flow specifications and are securely bonded to the casing using special inert adhesives. Features include fire-retardant castings, self-supporting mini-pleat media design and built-in ducts. The series is UL900 Class 2 listed.
AirMaze Corp.
Stow, OH
(330) 928-4100

Electrostatic monitor

Model 540 microprocessor-based electrostatic sensor evaluates air ionizer performance on or around semiconductor, LCD and other electronic assembly workstations or processes. It also detects the presence of charged objects using an antenna-type sensor. According to the manufacturer, the product employs a voltage follower technique together with a guarded input plate sensor to measure input voltages to within 200mV at fixed or programmed capacitance. An alarm feature provides audible and visual warnings when the sensor voltage exceeds preset thresholds.
Trek Inc.
Medina, NY
(716) 798-3140

Gas monitor

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The Guardian wall-mounted, continuous gas monitors include digital display, NEMA 4X enclosures, output relays and multi-level audio and visual alarms. The controller is available with four remote sensors, which are fast responding and unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, according to the manufacturer. A system test button, local danger alarm indicator and fault alarm ensure proper operations.
CEA Instruments Inc.
Emerson, NJ
(201) 967-5660

Dispensing platform

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The Century 720 provides precision dispensing for semiconductor applications, including die attach, dam and fill, cavity fill and flip chip underfill. When configured with the Advanced Process Control Module, the platform offers such features as mass flow calibration and software-controlled, closed-loop, four-channel heating to regulate the temperature of the work envelope. An overhead gantry positioning system provides acceleration. System programming is achieved with Fluidmove for Windows operating software.
Carlsbad, CA
(760) 431-1919

Foot/wrist strap tester

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The Ohm-Stat CT-8700 tests and measures wrist straps and heel grounders individually and automatically for applications including electronics, pharmaceutical, aviation and graphic arts. According to the manufacturer, it does not require computer interface and has adjustable limits. Model CT-8900 features a computer interface and is capable of recording 2500 employees. Both are CE and UL listed.
Static Solutions Inc.
Marlborough, MA
(508) 480-0700

Gas analyzer

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For use in office ventilation systems, cooling systems and hazardous environments. Series GD-444 personal-size, infrared carbon dioxide analyzers also measure and display temperature and relative humidity levels. Other gas sensors, such as carbon monoxide or oxygen, can be added. The unit weighs less than one pound and includes an internal sample pump, backlight, adjustable alarms and digital display.
CEA Instruments Inc.
Emerson, NJ
(201) 967-5660

Shoe cleaner

A self-regenerating contamination-control sticky mat, the Sole Cleaner removes particles from shoe soles and equipment entering the changing room or cleanroom. This automatic unit utilizes infrared beam technology to monitor the number of foot passes made on the mat surface, displaying this amount on an LED readout counter. Users can program any number of passes into the controller. Each 300-foot roll typically yields about 100 surface changes.
Terra Universal
Anaheim, CA
(888) 777-3363 or (714) 526-0100

Filter holding frames

Magna-Frame II (gasket seal) and Magna-Frame III (gel seal) individual holding frames combine sealing integrity with design and installation flexibility. The Magna-Frame prefilter kits enable installation of one or two stages of prefiltration in front of the HEPA filters. Hardware choices include the Type 8 holding frame (for full-sized systems) or adapter frame (for undersized systems). Combined with the swing bolt assemblies that are included, the entire bank meets the positive sealing integrity required of HEPA filter installations and provides a single side access servicing system.
Farr Co.
El Segundo, CA
(310) 727-6300

Flexible workstation

The Ergo-Lift workstation features variable height capability and automatic pre-programmable height settings to increase worker comfort and efficiency while reducing vibration, decreasing contaminants and increasing airflow, according to the manufacturer. Motorized lifters raise or lower the table surface. A control panel mounted on the front of the benchtop frame enables operators to adjust the height setting from 32 inches to 49 inches. The workstations can be constructed from static dissipative laminate, non-static dissipative laminate or steel. The unit's thermally protected lifters are hermetic inside the legs to ensure particle retention and cleanroom compatibility.
Terra Universal
Anaheim, CA
(888) 777-3363 or (714) 526-0100

Air/gas sampler

The SMA CA-200 portable, battery-operated compressed air/gas sampler is used for testing compressed air or gas systems for microbial content in controlled environments. It is made of 316L stainless steel and accepts 100psi from compressed air or gas systems. According to the manufacturer, the unit incorporates calibrated flow and timing, 0.2 micron filtered exhaust, a sterilizable test head and the ability to disinfect the unit using most chemical sporicidal agents.
Veltek Associates Inc.
Phoenixville, PA
(610) 983-4949

Sanitary gauge

Designed for pharmaceutical, biotechnical and food processing applications, the Ashcroft Type 1036 in-line sanitary pressure gauge and Type 1037 sanitary instrument fitting eliminate process deadleg that can cause contamination. A 1.5-inch Tri-Clover mating connection enables the technician to use either instrument fitting on process piping ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. The 1036 can be autoclaved or sterilized and cleaned or steamed in place. The gauge comes standard with true zero pointer indication. Type 1037 sanitary instrument fitting features 316L SS construction with an electropolished 12 to 20RA internal surface finish.
Dresser Instrument
Stratford, CT
(203) 378-8281

Safety shoes

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Four styles of Lehigh safety shoes are intended for cleanroom, static dissipative and safety uses. Static dissipative, soft toe leather cleanroom shoes, available in high-top and low-top styles, are approved for all cleanroom and ESD classifications. A static dissipative, soft toe clog-style shoe features a long-wearing polyurethane body and toe construction to protect wearers against abrasions and chemical spills. The low-cut Safety Toe Shoe offers an athletic style with a steel toe cap. The water-resistant, leather upper has a wrap-and-stitch oil-resistant shell outsole.
VWR Scientific Products
West Chester, PA
(800) 932-5000

Portable ionizer

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For benchtop or equipment applications where space is limited, the EndStat portable ionizer provides a steady ionizing airflow for rapid electrostatic charge neutralization.
According to the manufacturer, the unit takes up eight square inches of work surface and reduces a 1000V charge to less than 100V in less than six seconds at a distance of 1 foot using steady state DC ionization. A swivel mounting bracket enables the product to be mounted overhead on the wall or attached to the workbench.
Hatfield, PA
(215) 822-2171

Liquid flow control

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The Quantim device for low flow applications utilizes the Coriolis principle of direct mass measurement technology. According to the manufacturer, the unit delivers fluid accuracy of better than 0.5 percent, regardless of the fluid being measured. The product measures the direct or actual mass, rather than inferred, so no calibration is necessary. The device's through flow path eliminates clogging.
Brooks Instrument
Hatfield, PA
(215) 362-3669

Mass flow meter

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Full implementation of HART Protocol in the Innova-Mass multivariable vortex mass flow meters provides access to all measured variables and programming menus and permits field configuration without disruption of the existing measurement signal. The units provide outputs for five process variables: mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, temperature, pressure and fluid density. Model 240 is available in both in-line flanged and wafer flow bodies, in sizes from 1 inch to 8 inches. Model 241 insertion-type meter is available with either flanged packing-gland or compression-fitting process connections.
Sierra Instruments Inc.
Monterey, CA
(831) 373-0200

Dust collector

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Intended for use with production chemicals, pharmaceuticals, woodworking and welding smoke, Jet-Pulse dust collectors feature continuous operation with power cleaning and are available with 99.9 percent efficiency tubular filter bags or compact pleated filter cartridges. Filters for SPV and TL models can be changed without entering the unit, according to the manufacturer. The products are available with motor-driven rotary airlock for 24-hour dust disposal.
Sternvent Co. Inc.,
Bogota, NJ
(201) 488-1146


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