New Products — December

IPA Aerosol Cans

Eleven-ounce aerosol cans have been added to a line of 70 percent isoprophyl alcohol disinfectants that are filtered, double-bagged and gamma-irradiated in a Class 100 cleanroom. The aerosol eliminates aspiration, leaving the contents sterile after use. The entire contents of the can are expelled by propellant.

Decon Labs Inc., Bryn Mawr, PA

(610) 520-0610

Cable Carrier

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For use in high-speed cleanroom applications, the PureMotion cable carrier features a one-piece extruded design that minimizes noise, vibration, and abrasion, according to the manufacturer. The carrier supports cables in flexing applications and can accommodate complex movement patterns, including linear, twisting, and rotary. The product is available in four- or eight-foot lengths, which can then be cut to the required size. Cables and hoses are inserted through longitudinal slits in the outer surface of the carrier.

Olflex Wire and Cable Inc., Fairfield, NJ

(973) 575-1101

Decontamination System

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The rapid decontamination transfer (RDT) system incorporates the manufacturer&#39s DPTE transfer system with a broad-spectrum pulsed light process. The system provides surface decontamination of materials in seconds with up to 10-6 sterility assurance. According to the manufacturer, the system connects to an isolator using the existing DPTE transfer system. Materials, tools or packages are inserted into the chamber. The system runs an automatic decontamination cycle. The material is transferred through the DPTE transfer port into the isolator without breaching the aseptic process environment.

la Calhene, Rush City, MN

(320) 358-0277

Laboratory Funnel

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Designed for microbiological testing and general filtration applications, the Gravi-Seal analytical funnel comprises two pieces. The gravity seal design allows for one-handed operation without danger of filter by-pass or sample leakage. A raised lip on the base ensures the filter remains centered. The funnel is manufactured out of polysulfone, which is autoclavable, durable, and chemically resistant. It is also available in polypropylene for use with more aggressive solutions.

Osmonics, Minnetonka, MN

(612) 933-2277

Venting System

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The Palltronic Flowstar filter integrity test instrument incorporates an external remote vent valve that prevents potential contaminants and fluids from entering the unit upon conclusion of testing. According to the manufacturer, the unit&#39s direct flow technology provides a quick and accurate automated method for integrity testing of sterilizing grade filters. Filter integrity testing time is reduced 50 to 70 percent and, depending on the type of filter system and process fluid, tests are typically completed in under 10 minutes.

Pall Corp., Port Washington, NY

(516) 484-3600


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Model 5810 critical environment ionizer offers a customizable electrostatics management program with dual ionization technologies. The overhead ionizing blower offers the option of either corona or alpha ionization technology, thereby providing varying levels of static charge protection. Both models meet Class 10 cleanroom requirements and are equipped with silicone-free air bearing surfaces. The alpha version features absolute zero balance and cleanliness to provide a constantly balanced output of ±0 volts, according to the manufacturer. The model utilizing corona technology features field-replaceable, constant-diameter etched tungsten emitter points that provide consistent, uniform ionization throughout the life of the emitter point.

Ion Systems, Berkeley, CA

(510) 548-3640

Tube Rack

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The Scienceware no-wire multi-tube rack can hold four 50mL, seven 15mL, and 24 1.5mL tubes at the same time. Three tubes are held on the same side, which eliminates the need to flip the rack to utilize openings of different diameters on opposite sides. The white polypropylene rack is submersible and steam autoclavable to 121°C. Dimensions are 246 x 104 x 64 mm.

Bel-Art Products, Pequannock, NJ

(973) 694-0500

Laminar Flow Bench

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Series VF Class 0.1-1 ultra-high performance laminar flow bench is constructed of a high-tech double aluminum skin composite material and offers the Bio Plus electrically enhanced bactericidal double HEPA filter system. This system provides filtration efficiency of 99.9999999 percent. The two-speed control enables operation at high flow rates or at flow rates that produce low turbulence. According to the manufacturer, the perforated tabletop and an adjustable front cover enhance laminar flow and minimize the possibility of entrainment of particles from the outer environment.

Technovation, Midlothian, VA

(804) 744-0604

Dry Bulk Trailers

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Aluminum pneumatic dry bulk transports are available in 1000, 1250, or 1600 ft3 capacities and can be used for either sanitary food-grade or non-sanitary applications. According to the manufacturer, all popular models are stocked for immediate delivery, while vacuum and pressure versions from 500 to 2,000 ft3 are available.

Walker Stainless Equipment Co., New Lisbon, WI

(608) 562-3151

Metal Detector

Single-coil and multi-coil metal detectors and detector-separators are available for both magnetic steels and nonmagnetic metals, including aluminum, lead, copper, and brass. Models are available that monitor free-flowing gravity-fed products, pneumatically conveyed materials, materials on conveyor belts and liquids, pastes and slurries in pipes. The detector-separators use electronic sensors and air-powered rejection systems designed to remove contaminants and minimize loss. According to the manufacturer, sensitivity is adjustable, and a programmable product effect compensation feature suppresses false signals.

Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, KS

(316) 284-2020

Storage System

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The self-contained Ultraclean Pureflow mobile storage system features a self-recharging power cell and Class 10 compatibility to provide fail-safe particle control during the transport of components through a manufacturing facility. The system incorporates a motorized impeller blower and filter, which directs a continuous wash of filtered air downward throughout the storage area. The front windows are constructed of transparent static-dissipative PVC. The system uses either HEPA filters rated at 99.99 percent efficient at removing particles 0.3 micron in diameter or larger or ULPA filters rated 99.999 percent efficient at removing 0.12-micron particles.

Terra Universal, Anaheim, CA

(714) 526-0100

Corzan Pipe & Duct

Corzan CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipe and duct are recognized under the Factory Mutual 4910 test standard for cleanroom materials. The three criteria for FM4910 are fire propagation, smoke damage, and corrosion damage. According to the manufacturer, Corzan is suitable for the manufacture of cleanroom pipe and duct because it features exceptional weldability and is an alternative to flame-retardant polypropylene.

BFGoodrich Company, Cleveland, OH

(216) 447-5000


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