What Are Your Expectations of Y2K?

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“Mankind has existed for thousands of years without computers. People will wake up and realize it's just another day. It's been a tremendous marketing opportunity for people to capitalize on, but most industries have taken the necessary steps to ensure their products are Y2K ready.”
Demi DeSoto, Pacific Scientific Instruments (Grants Pass, OR)

“People are going to use Y2K as an excuse to create their own little forms of anarchy. The lights are going to be on the next day.”
Brent Frazier, Micro Equipment Co. (Beaverton, OR)

“The problem is overblown, but people do need to be aware of date-controlled equipment. I am most concerned with utilities. If our electricity goes out for a day or two, it wouldn't be that serious. But if power is out for longer than that, it could be a problem in our area.”
Nelson Werkema, Clean Rooms International Inc. (Grand Rapids, MI)

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“There are not going to be any major consequences concerning infrastructure (utilities). I do believe the stock market will go down, but it will be a momentary dip. I didn't buy a Honda generator.”
James Marsh, Stulz of North America Inc. (Mayfield Village, OH)

“To completely ignore the Y2K issue is hazardous. With simple precautions, problems can be avoided, and we do not envision any major problems.”
Gary Hamor, StratoTech Corp. (Loveland, CO)

“It's going to go off without a hitch. You're going to be able to wake up and watch football.”
Stacy Foster, ALMA Inc. (Palm Springs, CA)

“The National Guard has been asked to be on standby for several days before the rollover and several days afterward. We are well prepared for any situation should it arrive, but we anticipate only minimal-scale problems.”
Tim Budelman, Protocol Inc. (Beaverton, OR) and a Sargent with the National Guard's 82nd Rear Operations Center

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“People are prepared. There's been enough hype. I don't see where there will be any major impact.”
Kristen Montan, International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association (Santa Clara, CA)

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“We are prepared for any problems that arise on the energy management systems in buildings. We don't foresee any problems. What we do see is a good year on the construction side for the design and build of more cleanrooms.”
Joseph M Percia, Air Systems Inc. (San Jose, CA)

“Some pieces of equipment, like a few particle counters, are not Y2K compatible, but instead of upgrading, we decided to tolerate the minor problems that might result. Our panic was really two years ago when we first started working on Y2K issues.”
Greg Boettner, 3M, air filtration products (St. Paul, MN)

“There's too much fear. Everything is going to work out fine.”M
Carol Sparks, AK Ltd. (Portland, OR)


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