New Products

Fume extraction arm

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The 1.75-inch Metal Flex Arm is static safe, features high airflow capacity with minimal pressure loss and works with limited benchtop space. The stainless-steel arm can be mounted directly to the workbench or connected with an optional bench-mounting bracket. An optional airflow controller allows for adjustment of the airflow through the arm.
Laurel, MD
(301) 490-9860


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Flexible ducting is available in a variety of materials for use in exhausting dust, fumes, oil mists, welding exhaust and production particles. According to the manufacturer, for aggressive fumes and higher temperatures, more exotic fabrics are used to ensure the best possible performance under all conditions. Plastic extruded flexible ducts are available in PVC, TPR, TPU, EVA and PE and offer good flex fatigue resistance. Heavy-duty versions are available for super-abrasive material handling.
U-Nova Industries Inc.
West Berlin, NJ
(856) 768-2275

Plastic hose

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Intended for acid fume removal, sawdust collection and light duty material transfer applications, the CVD-AP hose is constructed of a clear, flexible PVC with a rigid gray PVC helical reinforcement and comes in 3/4-inch to 8-inch diameters in standard 25- and 50-ft lengths. The hose features a smooth bore to assure good laminar flow and a counterclockwise thread. According to the manufacturer, the product is capable of operating over a 10- to140-degree Fahrenheit range and resists most chemicals and acids. The hose is priced from $0.50 per foot, depending upon size and quantity.
Hi-Tech Hose Inc.
Newburyport, MA
(978) 462-8888

Automated storage

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The Vertical Carousel—a system of rotating shelves that move up and down along a tracking guide in response to user commands—delivers items quickly and directly to the user. The unit can be installed directly in the work area. It features a single-drive motor that is easily maintained. All maintenance performed on the carousel is completed from a front access panel, allowing side-by-side or back-to-back configuration of multiple units.
Remstar International Inc.
Westbrook, ME
(207) 854-1861

Gas phase adsorber

Using Vari-Klean, process designers, facilities engineers and quality control managers in microelectronics, cleanrooms and pharmaceuticals industries can remove concentrations of airborne molecular contamination less than 500 ppb. The media consists of a fine granular carbon (90-percent activity, 20×50 mesh) with 600 grams per square meter. The granules are bonded to a synthetic fiber substrate, which is sealed within a sleeve of spun-bonded synthetic scrim to prevent carbon dusting. According to the manufacturer, no post filter is needed to prevent particle shedding. Greater than 98.5 percent of the surface is exposed to contaminated air for gas adsorbing efficiency and capacity.
Lousiville, KY
(502) 969-2304


The environmentally safe, non-flammable Ultra MEC 804 strips a range of polymers, adhesives and epoxies, including urethanes, cyanoacrylates, lacquers and enamels, resists and acrylics. According to the manufacturer, this drop-in replacement for NMP or other commodity solvents can reduce process time by half, even at process temperatures reduced by 20-30 degrees Celsius. The solvent is safe for most metallic substrates, ceramics and common device materials.
Moore Enviro-Chemical Inc.
Camarillo, CA
(805) 383-2474

Vinyl flooring

Three new colors—Brasila Sky, Laguna Green and Amazon Blue—are available in the Static Dissipative, Conductive and Appeal vinyl tile product lines, as are 14 new matching welding bead shades. The tile is offered in 12×12-inch, 24×24-inch and 36×36-inch sizes. The tiles are also available in the manufacturer's low outgassing ESD format, Logic Tile.
Marley Flexco
Tuscumbia, AL
(256) 383-7474

Pass-through cabinet

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Clean storage cabinets are designed for the protection and storage of particle-sensitive semiconductor parts, microelectronic devices, biologic mixtures and sensitive processes. Pass-through cabinets can be installed in a wall between two cleanrooms or between two totally different areas, because the door, seals, locking mechanisms and interlocks reduce cross contamination. Fabrication materials include acrylic, polypropylene, PVC, stainless steel and laminated woodboard. Options include gas nipples for inert gas introduction, flowmeters, fixed or removable shelves, and HEPA-filtered air.
Air Control Inc.
Henderson, NC
(252) 492-2300

Bag dump station

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To make it easy for a worker to safely empty bags without additional spillage or excess dust, the bag dump station includes an easy-open front door along with a bag-resting tray. The station is constructed with a heavy-duty, powder-coated, carbon steel frame with height adjustment. A standard 8-inch collar enables easy connection to an existing dust collector. A “live” front hopper panel keeps material flowing as it moves into its next step of the conveying process. Other options include stainless steel construction and a screw discharger for metered feed of product.
Belleville, NJ
(800) 405-2376

Sterilizing solution

Sporicidin Sterilizing Solution received FDA 510(k) clearance for use on medical devices. It contains less than 1 percent glutaraldehyde, plus an active phenol/phenate buffer that achieves high-level disinfection in 20 minutes. The product is effective on instruments and equipment, including endoscopes, other lensed instruments, scan heads and transducers.
Sporidicin International
Rockville, MD
(301) 231-7700

Chemical process station

The all-polypropylene Model CS-31 is designed for placement in cleanrooms or clear air flow hoods. Its modular design includes a segmented work surface for installation of a variety of optional process tanks. Beneath the work surface is a full-length exhausting tub with drain for waste liquid disposal or capture. Base cabinets accommodate storage of standard two-gallon chemical bottles.
Air Control Inc.
Henderson, NC
(252) 492-2300

Particle size analyzer

The LB-500 dynamic light-scattering particle size analyzer is intended for sub-micron particle size measurement with a size range of 0.002 to 6 microns. According to the manufacturer, the unit can measure samples over a wide range of concentrations and most samples can be analyzed undiluted. The 40-pound, 12×16.5×12.6-inch analyzer is equipped with easy yet versatile software.
Horiba Instruments Inc.
Irvine, CA
(949) 250-4811

Pass through system

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The Roll-UP system features an electric roll-up door, which opens at the touch of a button. The construction conserves cleanroom space by eliminating large door clearance requirements. Automatic safety interlock devices ensure that both doors are not accessed at the same time. The door opens fully each time it is activated. The unit is constructed of stainless steel with see-through static-dissipative PVC roll-up doors. HEPA or ULPA filter/blower modules can be fitted for applications that require air showers.
Terra Universal
Anaheim, CA
(888) 777-3363

Filter cartridges

The PES-Micropure, POLI-Micropure and TFE-Micropure series membrane cartridges are manufactured in a Class 10,000 cleanroom. All construction materials are FDA approved and conform to USP XXI Class VI biological tests for plastics. PES-Micropure are high-surface area membrane pleated filters constructed of Polyethersulfone membrane that provide low protein binding, high flux rates, low differential pressures and excellent chemical compatibility. They are used for serums, vaccines, parenterals and enzymes. POLI filter applications include acids, alcohols, bases, esters, glycols, photoresists and sodium hydrochloride. The chemical resistance and thermal stability of the TFE series make them appropriate for alcohols, acetone, inorganic acids, process gases, moist gases, bases, sterile tank venting, wine and spirits, esters and steam of 125 degrees Celsius.
North American Filter Corp.
Newark, NY
(315) 331-7000


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