New Products

Suspension Profile System

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The View Voyager Model V12 x 12 suspension profile system makes non-contact, 3-D surface and shape profiles, angle and radius profiles, and material flatness evaluations for automated production process control applications. 3-D measurements of height and depth, plus XZ and YZ plane angles of suspension component features, suspension assemblies and head gimbal assemblies are performed at sub-micron levels. A dual-sensor design enables high-speed dimensional measurements of characteristics, such as gimbal flatness, tongue pitch and roll static attitude, dimple height, formed rail height, welded base plate flatness, and true formed load beam profile. The system can also perform traditional 2-D measurements. Other configurations of the system are available to meet the requirements of non-production applications, such as research and development, product and process development, GR&R studies, and part qualifications. GSI Lumonics Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich.

SMT Printer

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The PrinTEK Model 5000-APS SMT printer for batch-style fine pitch production is well-suited for large PCBs, such as those used for backplane and mother board production. The PCB registration is maintained with r-theta tooling disks that allow users to quickly set pins in position to locate the PCB. The stencil loading area facilitates fast setups by its open, clear face-down loading surface. The stencil floats so an operator can move it into alignment with the board. The printer accepts PCB sizes up to 24-in. x 36-in. and industry-standard 29-in. frames or a custom frame up to 35-in. x 46-in. The overall footprint is 78-in. x 59-in., and the system includes a steel bench and dual Permalex edge metal squeegees. Transition Automation Inc., North Billerica, Mass.

Fiber Optic Sensor

The BOS 20K fiber optic sensor with teach-in capability eliminates manual adjustments for quick and accurate sensor setup. The sensor has a 60 x 30 x 13-mm. housing and is ideal for small parts detection, part feature checks, counting and part positioning for handling, assembly, and robotic applications. Sensitivity can be manually adjusted, and four display elements indicate sensor output, time delay, stability and key lockout condition. Features include light-on/dark-on capability, external teach inputs, visible red emission and settable switching delay to 5 seconds. Balluff Inc., Florence, Ky.

Inspection Software

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The Device Toolbox software package helps process engineers visualize and quantify changes in wafer shape, thickness and flatness. Using both measured and differential data, the software allows engineers to develop, diagnose and maintain thermal, photolithography, backgrind and backside etch processes. The thickness and shape data created by any ADE ASC or ASC-2000 measurement system is transformed by the software into one-, two- or three-dimensional maps of measured or differential information for one wafer or an entire lot. ADE Corp., Westwood, Mass.

Pick and Place Package

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The SDG-2000 combines two S-2000 vision placers with a connecting conveyor for a total of four heads, 200 tape/stick capacity, and 19,400 pph throughput. Placers can be connected with the included conveyor for dual-gantry performance or used individually. Placers include laser alignment, 40-mm. vision system and multiple fields of recognition. Component range is 0401 to 50mm2 down to 0.5-mm. pitch. Lower pitch is possible with optional 35-mm. or 20-mm. vision systems. Manncorp, Huntingdon Valley, Pa.

Collet Sockets

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The Eject-a-DIP is a rugged, solderable socket with an ejector/latch that locks in surface mount devices, making it ideal for high-vibration environments. The latch removes DIP packages without pin damage and allows for fast in-field board maintenance. The body of the socket and the latch are constructed from temperature-resistant UL 94V-0 glass-filled nylon that will stand up to surface mount soldering applications. The contact current rating is 3 amps, its insulation resistance is 10,000 MOhms at 500 VDC, and it can withstand voltage to 1000 V RMS. Operating temperature is -55°C to 105°C for tin plating, and -55°C to 125°C for gold plating. Insertion force is 67g/pin and withdrawal force is 30g/pin. Aries Electronics Inc., Frenchtown, N.J.

Film Capacitors

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Series GMW and SMW surface mount film capacitors use a “naked” construction and offer sizes down to 1812 for applications where stability or self-healing is required. The capacitors are less susceptible to moisture and do not delaminate. The capacitance range is 1,000 pF to 1 µF in voltages up to 630 VDC. Evox Rifa, Lincolnshire, Ill.


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New Products

Stability test chamber

The 58-ft3 stainless steel temperature and humidity chamber for stability and shelf-life testing features a double door configuration with viewing windows that have light-tight covers. The chamber provides ICH general stability conditions for room-temperature storage, intermediate storage and accelerated shelf life studies. Chambers can be equipped with optional lighting systems to comply with guidelines for photostability conditions.
Lunaire Environmental
Williamsport, PA
(570) 326-1770

Gas purifier

The GateKeeper 400KGC inert gas purifier removes contaminants such as moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and non-methane hydrocarbons. According to the manufacturer, metal-oxide catalyst technology allows for maintenance-free purification of nitrogen, helium or argon at room temperature. The unit does not release hydrocarbons, even when subject to large quantities of atmospheric contaminants.
Aeronex Inc.
San Diego, CA
(800) 511-9761


The Kestrel 3000 pocket wind and humidity meter is intended for HVAC and OSHA related measurements of air velocity and relative humidity. The unit offers three operating modes: air velocity, average air velocity and maximum air velocity. Measurements can be displayed on the LCD in feet per minute, miles per hour, knots, meters per second, or kilometers per hour. Temperature is displayed in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, and wind chill is calculated.
E. Clark & Associates
Clinton, MA
(800) 253-2497

Safety cabinet

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The Purifier Delta series safety cabinets provide personnel, product and environmental protection and are suitable for work with agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment. According to the manufacturer, these Class II Type A/B3 cabinets have a sash pocket that keeps potential contamination contained when the sash is raised. Other safety features include an inclined, fully closing, tempered safety glass sash with an audio/visual alarm that alerts the user when it has been lifted beyond its 8- or 10-inch height.
Labconco Corp.
Kansas City, MO
(816) 333-8811

Leak tester

The ELT (Enclosure Leak Tester) insures isolator integrity to provide an aseptic environment or toxic containment of materials. The portable system runs an automatic test that pressurizes the isolator and measures pressure drop over time. According to the manufacturer, the system automatically compensates for changes in temperature conditions. The entire test takes less than five minutes.
la Calhene
Rush City, MN
(320) 358-4713

Shoe cleaner

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The 2001-TB removes all types of contamination from most footwear. The unit has four motor-driven brushes that clean sides, top and bottom. A weight loaded top brush fits the contour of upper shoe surface (including shoelaces). The product is powered by a low rpm, 1/6HP electric gear motor that operates on 120V, 60Hz. The cover is a rotomolded white polyethylene. A removable hood is secured by four latches. The manufacturer recommends use of the 2001-TB in conjunction with a vacuum system.
Liberty Industries Inc.
East Berlin, CT
(860) 828-6361

Air filter

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The Ruggedized Air Filter line provides enclosures with reliable thermal management, EMI shielding and particle protection for indoor and outdoor harsh environments, including those where high temperature, high humidity, chemicals or solvents are present. The filters incorporate a coated polyether urethane foam media known as Quadrafoam II. According to the manufacturer, this media is more rigid than typical filter materials to sustain its open-pored cellular structure and maintain performance characteristics despite the presence of heat and moisture. The units also feature chromated, epoxy powder coated or anodized aluminum frames and grid systems.
Universal Air Filter
Sauget, IL
(800) 541-3478

Process controller

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Type 8630/31 fully integrated Top Control Head unit can interface with the manufacturer's 1/2-2 inch angle globe, 1/4-turn ball and diaphragm valves with top-down control technology. The unit offers seven built-in flow characteristics and allows set point adjust to be done at the valve or externally via standard analog input signals. According to the manufacturer, a variety of direct sensor inputs is available, including RTD, 4-20 mA and frequency as well as multiple electrical interfaces, including ASI, Multipin, Cable Gland, Profibus and DeviceNET.
Burket Contromatic Corp.
Irvine, CA
(949) 223-3100

Multi-gas monitor

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The Genesis personal, portable multi-gas monitor detects combustible gases, oxygen and two toxic gases (carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide). The unit is protected by a die cast aluminum housing, rubber guards, a high-impact polycarbonate display window, and the Duraplus suspension system to cushion internal components. According to the manufacturer, the unit can be used as a diffusion-style monitor or with a built-in sample pump, hand-aspirated pump or extender cable for confined space entry.
Gas Tech Inc.
Newark, CA

Synthetic glove

The Synthetic Exam Glove is for professionals at risk of becoming sensitive to natural rubber latex. The powder-free synthetic eliminates the aerosolization of glove powder as well as powder associated with the transfer of chemical allergens. The product is thermally activated and provides a contoured fit. The glove is nine inches long and 4.8-mils-thick at the fingertip.
Sempermed USA Inc.
Palm Harbor, FL
(800) 366-9545

Pressure sensor

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Piezoresistive Pascaline pressure sensors accurately measure ultra-low pressure. A micromachined, stress concentration enhanced structure provides superior offset characteristics and virtually no position sensitivity, according to the manufacturer. Full scale pressure ranges are from 2.5 mbar to 75 mbar.
Sensortechnics GmbH
Puchheim, Germany
++49(0) 89-800 83-0

Woven band and coil set

The 360-degree swivel snap connection allows freedom of movement. The curved full metal backplate on the adjustable buckle assures uniform and consistent wrist skin contact. The cam-lock closure secures the fabric to proper size and comfort by gripping the fabric tightly in position. The woven fabric consists of an outer layer of non-conductive polyester fiber and the inside contact surface has woven conductive silver fibers. Its companion 6-ft coil wire has a 2.0-mm diameter with built-in 1-megohm safety resistor.
Richmond Technology
Redlands, CA
(909) 794-2111

Flat panel monitor

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Cleanroom qualified 12.1- and 15.1-inch flat panel monitors are built in passivated stainless steel housings. Options include desktop, rack-mounting, touch screens, video or OEM configurations. Resolutions range from 800×600 to 1024×768.
Modgraph Inc.
Woburn, MA
(781) 938-9962


Designed for the pharmaceutical industry, the Autoclave RTD is completely sealed for use inside autoclaves and does not pick up any moisture. According to the manufacturer, the entire assembly can be submerged in water without affecting temperature readings or performance. Other applications include the measurement of underground pipeline temperatures and as a substitute for other underwater probes such as those used to measure water temperature in power plant cooling ponds.
Burns Engineering
Minnetonka, MN
(800) 328-3871

High-pressure valve

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The 1/2-inch 2-way Integra high-pressure valve is safe and reliable at forward and back pressures to 120 PSIG. The all-PFA valve body and high-purity fluoropolymer wetted components provide a noncontaminating fluid stream and chemically compatible construction. According to the manufacturer, the secondary containment diaphragm isolates the coated springs from the secondary containment and external media.
Entegris Inc.
Chaska, MN
(612) 556-3131

Fume extractor

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The Arm-Evac 1200 fume extraction system is designed for large production and classroom environments. According to the manufacturer, the system removes harmful fumes produced by manual assembly activities such as hand soldering operations and connects 16 workstations. The unit features an interactive LCD screen that displays critical operating parameters in seven languages. Specialized particle and gas sensors continuously monitor filter condition and alert the operator when a filter change is due.
Laurel, MD
(301) 490-9860

Pneumatic conveying system

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Model 205011 pneumatic conveying system is engineered to convey various powders and granules. The small receiver eliminates manual scooping of product and dumping bags. According to the manufacturer, the compact size along with convey rates up to 850 pounds/hour make the system useful for loading tablet presses, molding machines, packaging machines, recycle systems or almost any process where ergonomic or safety issues are a concern. A PTFE filter handles even the finest of powders.
Belleville, NJ
(973) 759-4600

Property loss guide

The “2000 Approval Guide” CD-ROM contains 45,000 plus listings of fire protection, electrical and building equipment materials and services tested and approved for property conservation by Factory Mutual Research. Products are listed by trade name and include the manufacturer's name and address, sizes, catalog numbers and technical information on its application and use. The CD also includes an international buyers' directory of more than 180 companies with approved products; a listing for manufacturers of international product testing labs that have reciprocal agreements with Factory Mutual Research; information on 36 Factory Mutual Research approval standards; and the FM Global “Property Loss Prevention Resource Catalog.” The CD-ROM costs $135.
Factory Mutual Insurance Company
Johnston, RI
(401) 275-3000

Fluorescent fixtures

The sealed and gasketed T5 fluorescent fixtures are intended for cleanrooms and other areas where a hazardous rated fixture is required. The Class I Div. 2 fixture utilizes energy-efficient T-5 technology for more light output at lower operating costs, according to the manufacturer.The unit is available in standard 28-watt or a 54-watt high-output configuration to be used for lighting small or large areas. The 20-gauge steel fixtures feature a flush-mounting lens that reduces dust collection.
LDPI Lighting
Eau Claire, WI
(715) 839-9585

Electronic metering pump

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The electronic metering pump features a 316 stainless steel head and Teflon-faced diaphragm with Hypalon backing that can be autoclaved and returned to service without compromising sterility. Pumps feature manual control of stroke length and frequency with a combined turndown ratio of 1000:1.
Cole-Parmer Instrument Company
Vernon Hills, IL
(800) 323-4340

Portable radiometer

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The IL1470 germicidal radiometer tests the dose intensity of germicidal and bacterial UV lamps and is designed for use by non-technical personnel. Featuring a detector that automatically programs the instrument, the handheld device is self-prompting with push-button operation and provides direct readouts on an LCD. The product operates on four AA batteries and accommodates a range of detector/filter combinations for performing different types of light measurements.
International Light Inc.
Newburyport, MA
(978) 465-5923

Softwall cleanroom

The VFCS vertical flow component system is a portable unit with steel tubular legs that support a 2×4-ft MAX 9000 ceiling filter module. The module supplies Class 10 to Class 100 air at 840 cfm by means of a HEPA filter that is 99.99 percent efficient on particles 0.3 micron or larger. The system includes a frame, the ceiling module, lights and a vinyl curtain, which is 16 mil vinyl and extends downward to within 12 inches of the floor. The curtain acts as an air containment device. Fluorescent light fixtures supply 100-125 FTC over the work surface at a height of 30 inches from the floor.
Liberty Industries Inc.
East Berlin, CT
(860) 828-6361

Teflon components

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Custom machined Teflon components are intended for use in process equipment and instrumentation that are exposed to moisture, chemicals and corrosives. The flow control components are free of microvoids and microporosity, feature seamless one-piece construction, are naturally slippery and virtually eliminate particle shedding, according to the manufacturer. They are unaffected by photoresists, acids and harsh chemicals. Incorporating precise hole locations and tolerances to 0.003 inch, they can be produced in sizes from 0.5 inch to 60 inches diameter.
Engineering Plastics Inc.
Westboro, MA
(508) 366-4425

Stainless steel dryer

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The double-bay granulation dryer is used to dry out slurries of substances used in manufacturing various over-the-counter and controlled pharmaceuticals. The 125-ft3 dryer features an operating temperature between 95-162 degrees Fahrenheit, an all-stainless-steel interior and exterior and a continuously welded liner. To facilitate cleaning, the interior corners are coved and the floor is sloped to two drains. The steam-heated dryer is designed to accommodate two loading carts of product. All incoming air is HEPA filtered.
Williamsport, PA
(570) 326-1770

Alcohol delivery system

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With the SteriShield Delivery System Klercide 70/30 (70 percent alcohol blended in a cleanroom with 30 percent distilled water) sterile spore-free alcohols can be supplied in bulk with a delivery system that preserves the long-term sterility of their contents. The five-liter containers are supplied sterile and double bagged. The trigger-spray delivery system is fully adjustable and operates via an umbilical tube.
Shield Medicare Ltd.
Farnham, Surrey, UK
01252 717616

Wrist band

Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, the outer (exposed) surface of the Slim Ergoband is insulative and the inner skin contact surface is conductive at 150 ohms. Slim Coil Lite 6-ft coil wire has a 2.0-mm diameter wire and a built-in 1-megohm safety resistor. Coil cord fully extends beyond six feet and returns to original shape due to the polyurethane plastic wire jacket material.
Richmond Technology
Redlands, CA
(909) 794-2111


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