New Products

Wet scrubber

CCS wet scrubber technology charges water and particles with opposite polarity. In the action of the scrubber, droplets and particles move continuously in relation to each other. As they approach 10 microns of separation, electrical attraction causes the particle to enter the droplet. The technology requires less than one inch of pressure drop under full load operation and it can remove fumes and gases, including HCl, HF, HNO3, H2SO4, SO2, Cl2, NH3 and others the same time as the particle.
Tri-Mer Corp.
Owosso, MI
(517) 723-7838

Cleanroom boot

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The V-sole boot is constructed of a one-piece molded polyurethane sole with features including a toe cap that prevents fabric wear from toe abrasion situations, a higher heel to prevent rear fabric abrasion and a built-in step ledge to facilitate boot removal without undue stress on the fabric and seams. The tread compound is formulated for long wear life. Built-in ESD properties provide static results of 106, according to the manufacturer. The boot is designed to fit athletic shoes, thick-sole boots and steel toe safety shoes.
Vidaro Corp.
Kent, OH
(330) 673-7413

Teflon tubing

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Extruded Teflon tubing can be supplied in plain, corrugated and convoluted styles for a variety of medical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications that require a chemically inert and nonflammable material. The tubing is offered in varying degrees of flexibility, kink-resistance and different burst pressures.
According to the manufacturer, the tubing is unaffected by most chemicals, acids, alkalis, and moisture and can operate at continuous temperataures from -450 to +450 degrees Fahrenheit. The product can be supplied in plain sizes from 0.010 to 11/4 inch I.D. with varying wall thickness and colors. All types are U.L. listed and can be cut to length or supplied on coils.
M.M. Newman Corp.
Marblehead, MA
(781) 631-7100

Cleanroom seating

The cleanroom and ESD/cleanroom seating features durable, seamless vinyl upholstery, stainless steel staples, resilient high-density foam and an effective air filtration system to trap particles while allowing the chair to conform to individual body shape. Thirty-two models cover seat height applications from 17 to 35 inches. Each offers pneumatic seat height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, an adjustable backrest and stationary glides with optional casters.
Bevco Ergonomic Seating
Waukesha, WI
(800) 864-2991

Incubator/environmental chamber

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Intended for clinical applications, elevated temperature stability studies and shelf life testing, the Model 3960 Reach-In incubator/environmental chamber offers precise temperature control (within ±0.1 degree Celsius) and provides 140.4 sq. ft. of usable space. Features include standard swivel, locking casters and leveling feet; alarm contacts for remote monitoring; a heated glass door; two thru-wall access ports; and an audible/visual alarm that warns of extreme temperature conditions.
Forma Scientific Inc.
Marietta, OH
(740) 373-4763

Liquid sampler

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For batch sampling process chemicals at 0.1-micron sensitivity, the Model CLS-1000 extracts the fluid from a bath, drum or bottle, forces it through the Liquistat sensor, and collects the particle information. Once the liquid is drawn into a buret, the fluid is compressed to remove bubbles. The operator can select the amount of fluid to sample of either 65 or 80 milliliters. The unit can also sample hot chemicals to 150 degrees Celsius. It is made from polypropylene and is resistant to most process chemicals, according to the manufacturer.
Particle Measuring Systems Inc.
Boulder, CO
(303) 443-7100

Pressure transducer

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The Compact-Line comprises three pressure transducer series. CTU7000 is a small and rugged stainless steel transducer for pressure measurement of gases. Pressure ranges from 0.3-100 psi gauge. The CTU8000 is compatible with most industrial media through Direct-Chip technology in a stainless steel housing that is 1.85 inches long. It is intended for all pressure ranges from 15-500 psi gauge. The CTU9000 features an all welded stainless steel diaphragm. Pressure ranges from 5-500 psi gauge. Submersible versions are available.
Sensortechnics Inc.
San Jose, CA
(408) 293-7022

FM filter

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Emflon FM filters with PTFE membrane are designed for polishing of solvents used in the manufacture of antibiotics and other active pharmaceutical ingredients. Applications include removal of carbon- or catalyst-fines, generally downstream of a bulk solids removal or recovery step, according to the manufacturer.
Pall BioPharmaceuticals
East Hills, NY
(800) 717-7255

Vacuum valves

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The V-100 line comprises four-inch vacuum valves that can be tailored to fit the users' needs. The units are bellow-sealed poppet valves constructed of 304 stainless steel body and formed bellows for resistance to particle damage. The angle and inline valves can be operated manually, pneumatically and electro-pneumatically. According to the manufacturer, they can be customized with a choice of flanging, seals, solenoid voltages and a limit switch option.

Vacuum Products Group of MKS Instruments
Boulder, CO
(303) 449-9861

Safety light curtain

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For electrostatic discharge environments the MicroSafe-ESD safety light curtain consists of an ultra-compact, electroless nickel-platted transmitter and receiver (1×1.25 inches), a controller, interconnecting cables and adjustable mounting brackets. Available in standard or segmented versions, the product can be mounted on small automatic assembly machines. It features static-dissipative lens material, dissipative cables and stainless hardware. The system offers 0.8-inch resolution, 15-foot range and protected heights from 8-48 inches.
Scientific Technologies Inc.
Fremont, CA
(510) 608-3400

Rubber-covered belts

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Rubber-covered belts and rollers provide static dissipative protection or non-conductivity in high-risk applications involving electronics manufacturing, bulk powder processing and transfer, converting and other sensitive operations. The belts feature a seamless, weld-free construction with a smooth, insulated surface. According to the manufacturer, anti-static rubber-covered rollers help insulate electrical circuits to treat corona discharge, or dissipate static buildup of dust particles.
Aarubco Rubber Co.
Saddle Brook, NJ
(973) 772-8177

Cleaning spray

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The Premier-WFI Klercide 70/30 sterile alcohols (IMS and IPA) are cleanroom manufactured in an ISO9001 and BSEN46000-approved facility and are supplied fully quality assured and validated, according to the manufacturer. Prior to release they are passed through 0.2-micron sterilizing filters, triple bagged, gamma irradiated and 100 percent quality checked. Each batch of 1-liter or 5-liter sprays is supplied with its own certificates of analysis, irradiation and sterility.
Shield Medicare Ltd.
Surrey, UK
+44 (0)1252 717616

Air shower

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Intended for low-traffic areas in small industries, the AS-200E is made of 0.75-inch novaply, white high-pressure laminate inside and out. Interior duct surfaces are sealed to prevent shedding of particles and protect the unit from contamination. All trim is anodized aluminum, and wall-to-wall floor grilles are structural aluminum. The unit delivers moving air at approximately 7500 fpm from 30 adjustable plastic louvers located in the ceiling and sidewalls.
Liberty Industries Inc.
East Berlin, CT
(860) 828-6361

Fire-safe sheet material

The Halar 901 ECTFE sheet materials-used in the fabrication of wet process tools, CMP equipment and other cleanroom equipment—have an FMRC 4910 listing. According to the manufacturer, the material is ultra-pure and outperforms other fire-safe plastics in process compatibility. The material is available in 438-foot sheet sizes and gauges from 1/8-inch to 2-inches thick.
Compression Polymers Group
Moosic, PA
(570) 346-8797

Ionizing equipment

Series 200 ESD/ESA controls electrostatic discharge, protecting components from damage and preventing the electrostatic attraction of contaminants. Models include low-noise ionized air blowers for environmental control and nozzles for localized static control and cleaning duties at individual workstations using clean dry air or nitrogen. Aerodynamically profiled static control bars operate over a wide area without air movement or for laminar airflow arrangements.
Meech Static Eliminators
01993 706700

Pre-filter media

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An open-celled, polyurethane foam material known as Uni-Foam offers low initial resistance and uniform porosity to straighten airflow as it exits the cleanroom filter system. The media's three-dimensional, skeletal strand structure minimizes the possibility of open channels that would reduce filter efficiency and could result in frequent, expensive HEPA filter replacement, according to the manufacturer. The media pore size is produced in a variety of sizes from 10 pores per inch to 80 pores per inch.
Universal Air Filter Co.
Sauget, IL
(800) 541-3478

Isolator cleaning tool

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Shaped like a domestic iron, sterile and fully autoclavable, the Klericide isolator cleaning tool can reach into awkward corners yet glide over flat surfaces. In standard format, it has a reach of 600cm. The unit is manufactured from polished aluminum with a hollow tube constructed handle. The head of the tool is covered by a cleaning pad made of soft, low-lint fabric that is both absorbent and strong. No chemical binders or additives are included within the fabric. The pad is held in place with a drawstring.
Sheild Medicare Ltd.
Surrey, UK
+44 (0)1252 717616

Nylon tubing

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New Age nylon tubing features low moisture absorption, will not become brittle or swell because of water, and is resistant to solvents, alkalis, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungus and molds. Supplied in natural, UV stabilized black and several colors for coding, this tubing resists flexural fatigue, vibration and movement. The tubing is available in semi-rigid and flexible grades in sizes from 1/8 inch to 1 inch O.D. with tolerances to +0.001 inch to 0.003 inch, depending upon size.
Nelco Products Inc.
Pembroke, MA
(781) 826-3010

Airflow measurement system

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The AirGrid is a flexible hardware tool for mobile, multipoint air velocity evaluation for HEPA filters. The product takes four individual point readings simultaneously and automatically computes average air velocity and volumetric flow in real time. The multipoint measurement profiles laminar flow to detect dead spots. Eight individual points can be stored per filter.
Cambridge AccuSense Inc.
Shirley, MA
(978) 425-2090

Syringe filter

The Cameo 30 30-mm syringe filter provides an effective filtration area of 4.8cm2. It features an over-mold around the outer diameter of the device to increase the maximum operating pressure to 100 psi without concern of the device leaking or bursting. The filter features a polypropylene housing with a choice of nylon, Teflon and polypropylene filter membranes, with or without a built-in glass prefilter.
Minnetonka, MN
(612) 933-2277

Disposable hood

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The product is designed with the breathing or down tube and head suspension completely integrated so that the hood assembly is constructed in one piece. The Fully Disposable Saran Hood is made of a saran-coated Tyvek, which offers protection from a range of chemicals. Also available is the Double Bib Fully Disposable Tyvek, which is constructed of poly-coated Tyvek. The inner bib tucks into garments allowing air to flow down across the body for a cooling effect. The outer bib is secured under the arm with Velcro. Each hood brings air down across the lens to minimize fogging.
Allegro Industries
Garden Grove, CA
(800) 622-3530

Digital flow controller

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The IntelliFlow T DFC (thermal digital flow controller) is intended for etching applications. The product features fast, uniform settling times on all gases, reducing sequence time and improving system throughput. The dual-range capability eliminates the need for multiple gas lines to accommodate high and low flows of the same gas. Embedded diagnostics software enables the user to check MFC functionality without removing the unit from the process tool.
Millipore Microelectronics Gas Process Division
Molsheim Cedex, France
+49 8165 951 114

Mobile station

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The Protector FilterMate station filters contaminated air generated by procedures performed in the Protector VS Ventilation System so that purified air is returned to the laboratory. The unit accommodates carbon-based filter cells designed to adsorb or treat chemical fumes and vapors from solvents, acids, ammonia and amines and formaldehyde. Once connected to the exhaust outlet of the VS Station via an eight-foot flexible duct, the product creates an airflow velocity at the opening of 60 to 100fpm.
Labconco Corp.
Kansas City, MO
(816) 333-8811

Shipping system

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The FabFit 300 is a reduced-pitch front-opening shipping box (FOSB) for 300mm wafer handling. It has a 25-wafer capacity and a pitch of 6.35mm. The system features front interface mechanical standard (FIMS), which is accessed manually or through automation on the loadport.
Entegris Inc.
Chaska, MN
(612) 556-3131

Humidity/temp transmitter

Transmitters in the FH series measure humidity and temperature in manufacturing areas, cleanrooms and research labs. The transmitters are available in wall, duct or remote configurations and offer accuracy of better than ±1.5 percent HR and ±0.3 degrees Celsius. The series utilizes the HygroClip probe designed using ASIC technology.
Rotronic Instrument Corp.
Huntington, NY
(516) 427-3898

Cleaning cloth

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Veraclean aerospace wipers are available in flat, 1/4 fold, perforated rolls or in refillable pop-up containers. The wipers are made from natural fiber Rayon and are intended for use in any cleaning or wiping application where low lint, non-abrasive cloth is required. They contain no silicone or chemical binders. According to the manufacturer, the wipers meet or exceed SAE specifications AMS-3819A, Type 2, Grade A.
BBA Nonwovens
Walpole, MA
(508) 660-3300

Flat panel monitor

CORRECTION: The phone number for this product was incorrect in the May issue on page 36. The correct phone number is listed below.

Cleanroom qualified 12.1- and 15.1-inch flat panel monitors are built in passivated stainless steel housings. Options include desktop, rack-mounting, touch screens, video or OEM configurations. Resolutions range from 800×600 to 1024×768.
Modgraph Inc.,
Woburn, MA
(800) 327-9962


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