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Microbial air sampler

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For collecting and quantifying airborne bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi in processing facilities and lab areas, the impaction-style SAS sampler has either a stainless-steel head for cleanrooms, pharmaceutical and electronics applications or an aluminum head for food testing and processing applications. Users can choose from eight preset sample volumes or program eight custom sample volumes. The laminar airflow rate is specified as 100 liters/minute.
Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Vernon Hills, IL
(847) 549-7600

Sound level meter

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The monitor, which meets OSHA and other regulator noise monitoring requirements, offers a 7/8-inch-high digital display to check readings. Use analog output to plot or store data on strip chart recorders or dataloggers. With the Max Hold feature users can freeze the maximum reading on the display. The meter includes a microphone windscreen, a carrying case and four AAA batteries.
Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Vernon Hills, IL
(847) 549-7600

Vinyl laminate

T-18 vinyl-supported Teflon pressure-sensitive adhesive laminate is intended for use in cleanroom environments as roll covering, release surface, equipment cleanup, mold lining and benchtops. According to the manufacturer, the product features a low coefficient of friction, enabling long life, permanently lubricated bearing surface and excellent release for molding and cleanup needs in that nothing will stick to the Teflon-treated surface. Temperature range is to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and the product is available in widths of 1 and 2 inches 3 36 yards long and 25 inches 3 5 yards long.
Lamart Corp.
Clifton, NJ
(973) 772-6262

Humidity transmitter

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The wall-mount HMW61 and HMW71 transmitters are designed for dusty and humid applications that require measurement and control of relative humidity and temperature. The transmitters meet NEMA 4 requirements and are protected against dust and sprayed water. Two models are available: U for humidity measurement only and Y for humidity and temperature measurement. The HMW61 is a two-wire transmitter with 4-20mA output signals proportional to 0 to 100 percent RH and -4 to +176 degrees Fahrenheit with DC voltage. The HMW71 is a three-wire transmitter with a selectable signal output of 0-1V, 0-5V or 0-10V with either AC or DC voltage. Both are electromagnetically compatible and offer ±2 percent RH accuracy.
Vaisala Inc.
Woburn, MA
(781) 933-4500


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The TCIP rotary lobe pump is designed to accommodate the stringent requirements of ultra-clean liquid processes. Available in 14 sizes, the pump conforms to 3A and FDA requirements for the highest level of sanitary operation. According to the manufacturer, a key element of product development was the use of computational fluid dynamics, which provides comprehensive flow field data. This established the mathematically exact geometry for the multi-lobe rotors and rotor case. The unit offers smooth, efficient transfers with minimal damage to sensitive products such as cell cultures, blood fractions, gels, emulsions and liquids with solids in suspension.
Tri-Clover Inc.
Kenosha, WI
(262) 694-5511

Pressure transmitter

Built for use in high-shock, high-vibration applications, the series 673 pressure transmitter delivers a standard 4 to 20mA output signal with ±0.25 percent FS accuracy in harsh environments. According to the manufacturer, the instrument is rated for shock to 200g, vibration to 20g and stability is 0.5 percent per year. The transmitter is packaged in a stainless steel/Valox housing and weighs 2.3 ounces. Operating temperature range is specified as -40 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. Ten models are available in fixed ranges from 1 psi to 1000 psi. Maximum pressure for each model is twice its maximum range.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Michigan City, MI
(219) 879-8000

Pressure calibrator

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The DPI 615 battery-powered, microprocessor-based, fully documenting digital pressure calibrator provides upload and download of calibration procedures and calibration results. Features include error calculation of stored data and an “on display” graph of results along with calibration software and third-party maintenance software. According to the manufacturer, the unit offers a 0.025 percent accuracy with an internal pressure vacuum generation to 6000 psi in an environmentally sealed package. All commands are via tactile elastomer keys, which surround the LCD graphics display panel.
Druck Inc.
New Fairfield, CT
(203) 746-0400

Ducted air cleaner

The F120 series ducted commercial air cleaner collects airborne particles by circulating room air through a media filter. When equipped with an optional CPZ module, the system also captures gases, odors and volatile organic compounds. Depending on the filter combination selected, the air cleaner can filter and recirculate 1050 cubic feet of air per minute. Each cleaner uses a disposable prefilter to capture larger particles and extend the life of the main particle filter.
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 954-4263

Fluid handling components

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SpaceSaver fluid handling components are made of DuPont Teflon PFA HP Plus, which offers excellent chemical and flurorsurfactant resistance and flex life. According to the manufacturer, the fittings and tubings can withstand the aggressive chemistries used in the manufacture of advanced semiconductors. The selection of fittings is offered in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 11/4 inch sizes, and the tubings come in 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 11/4 inch sizes.
Entegris Inc.
Chaska, MN
(612) 556-3131

Ceiling module

Ducted ceiling module is a terminal filter for use in cleanrooms with centralized air handling. Manufactured under clean conditions, the product features a modular design and filtered air from ISO Class 4 to 5 (Class 10 to 100). Its HEPA filter provides 99.995 percent efficiency at 0.3 micron. The standard size fits into 1.5-inch T-bar grid systems. According to the manufacturer, the product is useful in applications including semiconductor, aerospace and medical device manufacturing; laboratory and biotechnology facilities; and hospital pharmacies.
Albuquerque, NM
(505) 345-3561

Filter assembly

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The PhotoKleen EZD filter assembly is designed for clean, simple, safe and fast filter changeouts in point-of-use photochemical dispense applications. The filter assembly consists of a PTFE head manifold interface and an HDPE capsule filter. According to the manufacturer, low hold up volume, minimized dead space and reduced chemical waste are benefits of this filter assembly. The capsule-style design provides top in/top out flow direction and one-step filter disconnect.
Pall Corporation
East Hills, NY
(516) 484-3600

Benchtop storage

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The SmartDesiccator benchtop storage system automatically maintains a user-determined humidity set point. The quick-response feedback system continuously monitors the cabinet's relative humidity level and activates a purge of dry nitrogen only when it is needed. The miniaturized LED display and sensor module occupies about 4 cubic inches inside the cabinet. The unit requires one gas and one low-voltage power connection, and set point programming is completed in a matter of seconds. Turnkey pricing starts at less than $900.
Terra Universal Inc.
Anaheim, CA
(714) 526-0100

Linear guides

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The DryLin linear guide system, including the DryLin T linear guide and the DryLin N miniature profile, makes use of polymer as the sliding material and is able to perform without external lubrication, seals or bellows. The DryLin NK-02-17 has a carriage height of 6mm and a carriage width of 17mm. It offers an all-polymer carriage for applications requiring 100 percent corrosion resistance. The DryLin NK-02-80 eliminates the need for two separate rail and carriage assemblies in higher or cantilever load applications by offering an 80mm carriage. This version has a 12mm height and is able to absorb a 1000 N or 225-pound static load in all directions.
Igus Inc.
East Providence, RI
(401) 438-2200

Sterile media

The BBL Isolator Pack is designed for use within isolator systems. The product has been performance-validated after exposure to the vaporized hydrogen peroxide atmosphere phere used during isolator facility decontamination cycles. According to the manufacturer, the multi-wrap packaging prevents exposure of the media to vaporized hydrogen peroxide. The media is gamma-irradiated and validated sterile according to AAMI guidelines. It is manufactured in a cGMP facility and packaged to protect against the risk of introducing contaminants into critical environments.
BD Biosciences
Sparks, MD
(410) 316-4000

Flow meter

FloSonex is an expanded line of thermoplastic ultrasonic vortex flow meters in sizes from 1/2 inch to 3 inches and is designed for wet bench applications and use in chemical distribution systems. An electronic signal processing system enables the user to handle a higher percentage of bubble in the fluid. The turndown ratio is specified as 25:1, enabling lower flow rates to be achieved. According to the manufacturer, the flow meters provide an output signal of 4-20 mA and their accuracy and repeatability are 0.75 percent and 0.25 percent, respectively. Replaceable sensors are mounted externally to the flow body.
Asahi/America Inc.
Malden, MA
(781) 321-5409

Calibration check system

Model 269B workstation monitor calibration check system is designed to test the operation and check the calibration of the 3M 720 and 722 continuous workstation monitors. Designed in accordance with 3M's requirements, the unit utilizes precision 0.1 and 0.5 percent tolerance resistors to test all audio/visual indicators for both wrist strap and work mat monitoring functions. The product is housed in an ABS plastic enclosure that measures 6.532.7531.125 inches and weighs 6.5 ounces. It comes with interconnect cables, connectors and a Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST.
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
Glenside, PA
(215) 887-2196

Dry block calibrator

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The DBC series dry block calibrators offer temperature generation ranges from -45 to 650 degrees Celsius, which are automatically stepped and ramped with a 0.03-degree Celsius temperature control stability. A dual backlit LCD display provides a readout for an external reference probe, switch test, mA, T/C, RTD and error calculation, according to the manufacturer. Additional features include multiple inserts with different diameters, RS-232 communication capabilities and user-selectable multi-language firmware.
Druck Inc.
New Fairfield, CT
(203) 746-0400

Pass-through chamber

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The AK850 through AK860 pass-through units provide transfer of material to and from the cleanroom. They eliminate unnecessary contamination due to personnel and product entry. The units provide warp-proof doors and include mounting flange. Materials available include acrylic, static-dissipative PVC and polypropylene. Options include shelving, sizing, bracketing and hardware.
AK Ltd.
Portland, OR
(503) 669-0986

Resistance-to-ground tester

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Model 255 verifies that the bonding to ground is less than 1 ohm or 2 ohm depending on the range selected. This handheld, portable unit enables the user to make fast, accurate checks of AC outlets and point-to-ground connections on ESD workstations and other items.
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
Glenside, PA
(215) 887-2196


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