Radial Capacitors

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The SK and SV Series radial leaded capacitors are said to be low equivalent series resistance (ESR) solutions for a variety of power-supply challenges. Designed to support the SupraCap family of SMPS capacitors, the SK Series replaces tantalum or aluminum electrolytic metal cans in many high-switching frequencies power supplies. The SV Series is suitable for high-voltage filtering, snubber and resonator circuits.
AVX Corp., a Kyocera Group Co.,
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Gigabit Interface Converters

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A line of 3.3-V gigabit interface converters (GBICs) for high-performance datacom applications using copper cabling are hot-pluggable and are said to be compliant with GBIC operational specifications for copper links. They have built-in protection circuitry to avoid failure should they accidentally be plugged into conventional 5-V systems. Equipped with die-cast housings for EMI performance, they come with either six-pin Style 1 (HSSDC) or nine-pin Style 2 (DB-9) connectors.
Methode Electronics Inc., dataMate Business Unit,
Chicago, Ill.

Dispensing Needles

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The Easy Release stainless-steel and plastic Luer-Lok dispensing needles are designed for precise, repeatable depositions. They accommodate surface mount epoxy, solder paste, solder mask, conductive epoxy and a variety of other materials. The chamfered needle tips are finely ground in a conical direction to allow for better material release. The needles are available in 11 to 32 gauge in 0.18 to 1.5-in. lengths.
DL Technology LLC,
Haverhill, Mass.

Video System

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The Encore PCI High-speed Video System records the movements of high-speed manufacturing equipment as it operates. Engineers can then analyze the movement and locate equipment problems by playing back the digitally stored images in variable-speed slow motion. These systems are suitable for expediting production-line changeovers, trouble-shooting, preventive and predictive maintenance, and quality control.
Olympus America Inc., Industrial Products Group,
Melville, N.Y.

Parts Washers

The VersaForce cell washer is designed for manufacturing cells and features compact sizes with in-line or u-bend configuration for flexibility. Machines are stainless steel and use the company's spray-tube design for cleaning and adjustable air knives for drying. Also available is a Mini Parts Washer compact conveyorized system for continuous parts cleaning at the point of manufacture.
Stoelting Inc.,
Kiel, Wis.


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The Ultra Fast and Ultra Light-weld lines of UV/visible light-curing adhesives and coatings are designed to form bonds to plastic and offer a range of properties, including adhesion, multiple viscosities, minimal shrinkage and low outgassing. Applications include rigid and flexible component bonding, laminating, dome coating, rapid prototyping, gasketing and bonding of clear plastics to a variety of other materials, such as glass, metal, fabric and wood.
Dymax Corp.,
Torrington, Conn.

Lithography Tool

The Saturn Spectrum 3 was developed in collaboration with Casio Computer Co. Ltd. and is a lithography tool designed specifically for bump (flip-chip) applications. Using broadband ghi-line optics technology, the tool is said to be capable of processing any g- or i-line photosensitive film from 1- to more than 100-µm thick on the same stepper.
Ultratech Stepper Inc.,
San Jose, Calif.


The Backend Integration Software Tools are designed to help semiconductor manufacturers integrate process equipment activities in the back end. The Recipe Management System enables manufacturers to manage all stages of recipes (raw or CAD, master- and equipment-specific recipes) in terms of uploading and downloading, archiving and tracking. It supports version control for each recipe, as well as long recipe names for all connected equipment.
Phoenix, Ariz.

BGA Sphere Placement

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The BGA Sphere Attach Line consists of the Matrixx sphere-placement system from Camalot and the MicroPro cleaning and reflow system from Accel. The integrated line fluxes, places, reflows and cleans advanced BGA components. The Matrixx features positive-sphere placement and is said to provide 100-percent vision inspection before and after sphere placement. The MicroPro integrates reflow and aqueous cleaning for profile control and washing, rinsing and drying of BGA parts.
Speedline Technologies, a Cookson Electronics Co.,
Franklin, Mass.

Switch Products

Bourns Inc. has introduced the STDX, SND and SDHH series of switches. The Model STDX is a Tri-state DIP switch that is currently offered in four, eight, nine and 10 positions. It uses gold-plated, bifurcated contacts for low resistance and offers triple-switch settings that create 3n possible combinations. The Model SND is a standard DIP switch that comes in one to 10, and 12 positions, and features double contacts. The Model SDHH is a half-pitch SMD DIP switch that comes in four and eight positions.
Bourns Inc.,
Riverside, Calif.


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Tech Spray has announced the hydrocarbon reformulation of Ecoline Cleaner/Degreaser. This hexane mixture is designed to clean and remove soils and contaminants. Said to be rapidly evaporating, residue-free, noncorrosive and safe for use on most plastics, this non-ozone-depleting product is suitable for light-duty cleaning and degreasing of electronic and electrical equipment, machinery and parts. It also is suitable for cleaning and degreasing contacts, controls, PCBs, motors, gears, generators, switches, electromechanical devices and de-energized industrial machinery.
Tech Spray,
Amarillo, Texas.

Tabletop Sphere Attachment System

The SA20 is a user-friendly wafer-level-CSP solution for sphere placement. This tabletop system features a rapid turn-around tooling design. Said to be maintenance-free, the system is designed for rapid product changeover for a variety of tooling sizes.
Motorola Manufacturing Systems,
Tempe, Ariz.

X-ray Inspection System

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The BGA Buster 2000 real-time X-ray inspection system is equipped with image-processing software for high-quality, real-time X-ray images. Offering 5-µm resolution, the system is said to offer repeatable results for critical inspection, such as die attach, bond wires and BGA solder joints. The new workstation configuration provides users with flexibility. The standard system offers 18 x 24-in. X-Y travel for samples up to 5 lb in weight.
CR Technology,
Aliso Viejo, Calif.

Voltage Suppressors

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The TransGuard Series of bidirectional transient voltage suppressors has been extended with a 0402-size chip. TransGuard Series chips are based on AVX Corp.'s multilayer varistor technology, which reportedly provides bidirectional ESD protection, EMI attenuation and subnanosecond response time. The miniature chips are available in 5.6, 9, 14 and 18 V, with a 50 millijoule energy rating and a typical capacitance range from less than 90 pF at 18 V to 360 pF at 5.6 V. AVX Corp.,
a Kyocera Group Co.,
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Product Catalog

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This new 36-page catalog provides descriptions of Barnant Company's line of temperature-sensing, monitoring and controlling equipment. Hand-held thermocouple thermometers (including single and multiple inputs), a selection of Type J, T, E, K, R, S and IR probes, smart temperature controllers, RTDs, thermistors and a hand-held unit that measures air velocity, temperature and humidity in one instrument, as well as an assortment of accessories are featured.
Barnant Co.,
Barrington, Ill.

Drilling System

Excellon Automation has developed the XLP (extra-large panel) four-station drilling system. The large-panel capability of four stations (36 x 27 inches) or two stations (36 x 55 inches) provides the capability to drill large backplanes without concern about the added weight of the big panels. An electric field-sensing pressure foot provides the capability to drill deep into the thick panels (more than 0.550-in. thick) in one operation.
Excellon Automation Co.,
Torrance, Calif.


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