New Products

Miniature Guideways

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New is a series of miniature-profile guideways that reportedly make precision motion control economical for tightly packaged applications. The Minirail series is a family of two-row miniature guideways made from stainless steel. A ball-retainer design is said to simplify assembly and maintenance. Applications for the guideways include automated PCB assembly, microelectronics, semiconductor production, metrology, optics positioning, medical/pharmaceutical packaging and analytical process equipment. Schneeberger Inc., Bedford, Mass.

Open-socket Terminators

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New is a line of terminators for high-performance computers using multiple Intel Coppermine processors. These terminators fit in any unused processor sockets, terminating the high-speed buses of these systems to maintain proper operation. The new series of Coppermine Intel processors is manufactured from a 0.18-µm process that allows higher clock speeds. First in the Coppermine series is a 733 MHz Pentium III/733 with 256 K of on-chip cache operating at full clock speed. This terminator reportedly ensures that each data line or clock line “sees” the correct impedance. dataMate Business Unit, Methode Electronics Inc., Chicago, Ill.

Electrolytic Capacitors

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The UTOR series is a new toroidal-shaped aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Its shape reportedly allows for high-ripple current capability, as the core of the capacitor can be cooled by forced air, a heat sink or by fluid convection. This high-ripple current capability will allow for downsizing of many inverters or large power supplies. The capacitors have a rated lifetime of 5,000 hours at 105°C with the full-rated ripple-current applied. United Chemi-Con, Rosemont, Ill.

Dispensing Device

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The model SMD602A-CE is designed to provide consistent dispensing of solder pastes and bonding adhesive. A digital timer reportedly ensures repetitive deposits. The device incorporates an adjustable vacuum transducer that operates a vacuum pick-up pencil for handling and positioning the microcomponents. Five molded pads of different sizes are included. Repeat tolerance for the product is said to be less than 0.5 percent, with cycle speeds approaching 600 per minute. I&J Fisnar Inc., Fair Lawn, N.J.

Robotic Workcell

The Versa Laser is a pre-engineered, fully integrated turntable robotic Nd:YAG laser welding and cutting workcell. It is designed to handle a high volume of small- to medium-sized parts weighing up to 1,000 lb per station. High-speed part-processing is said to maximize throughput and robot utilization for material-flow optimization. The workcell's configuration can be customized to handle a flexible load height, and it is available in three table diameters: 58, 72 and 96 inches. The product also has a safety package with a Class 1 enclosure, light curtains, gate interlocks and fence barriers. Genesis Systems Group, Davenport, Iowa.

Static Surveyor

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The Static Surveyor, item No. 42760, is designed for frequent checks of grounding straps, mats and similar equipment. The product reportedly features a high-speed, 16-segment bar-graph display and shows trends quickly. Users simply aim at the surface to be tested and take the reading. The small pocket size is suitable for field-service use. ESD, Marlboro, Mass.

Push-button Switch

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The PushGate is a push-button switch that combines the properties of mechanical and membrane switches. It reportedly addresses the issues of collapsing domes, teasing problems, early failure and inconsistent actuation force associated with conventional membrane switches. The switch, which is said to offer consistent tactile feedback, a low profile and the ability to be environmentally sealed, is suitable for durable front-panel controls in all conditions. DuraSwitch Industries Inc., Mesa, Ariz.

Tantalum Capacitor

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Kemet Electronics, in conjunction with TTI Inc., has launched a new organic polymer tantalum capacitor, the KO-CAP T520 Series. It is said to capture features of multilayer ceramic capacitors, such as low ESR and high-frequency cap retention, aluminum electrolytics, benign failure mode, tantalum technology, volumetric efficiency, surface mount capability and a no-wear-out mechanism. Using this product reportedly can reduce component counts and eliminate through-hole assembly by replacing leaded aluminum capacitors. Kemet Electronics, Fort Worth, Texas.

Control Systems

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MTS Systems has announced its new and updated TestStar Control Systems for material testing. Expansions include the TestStar IIm system for multi-station, multi-channel control, and a new generation of the TestStar IIs system software for single-channel use. The TestStar IIm model reportedly can be configured to control up to four testing stations with a total of eight channels of control. Software enhancements, beginning with an updated interface, make the system's controllers more intuitive and easier to use. MTS Systems Corp., Eden Prairie, Minn.

Chip Mounter

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The Create CM301-D Multifunctional Modular Chip Mounter reportedly offers flexibility and productivity for placement of a range of component types, from 0201-in. to large, odd-shaped 90 x 100-mm components. The unit features a dual-beam, four-head design that is said to deliver a component-placement rate of up to 0.8 seconds per tray component. This design enables the front head to place components while the rear head performs pickup and recognition. Panasonic Factory Automation Co., Franklin Park, Ill.


Image-storage System

Olympus America has introduced a portable image-storage system so compact that it can reportedly be held in one hand. Attached to rigid or flexible borescopes, the DC-10 QwikStore system allows inspectors to view, freeze, store, export and e-mail images easily and conveniently, the company says. The system is suitable for a variety of applications, including in-situ inspections of turbine blades, compressors, hydraulic cylinders, critical welds and other areas. Olympus America Inc., Melville, N.Y.

Bar Solder

New to the Heraeus line of solder pastes, wires, adhesives and related SMT materials is the 63/37 bar solder. Manufactured from virgin metals in an atmosphere-controlled process, the resulting product is said to be low in dross and oxides. In the wave-soldering process, the product reportedly forms uniform crystals that create strong solder joints and connections. The bar solder meets or exceeds the requirements of QQS, MIL, J-STD and ASTM standards, the company says. Heraeus Inc., Cermalloy Div., West Conshohocken, Pa.


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Now available is SchematicLink, a new feature of the CAMCAD Professional product family. This option links industry-standard schematic files with popular Layout files. It allows cross-probing of signals and components on either the CAE (Schematic) or CAD (Layout) file. The cross-highlite tracks, gates and nets through all schematic pages and all layout layers. This reportedly allows the engineering team to share logical and physical data in one common environment. Router Solutions Inc., Newport Beach, Calif.

SMD Crystal

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The CC5 series is said to be a small true SMD quartz-crystal resonator. The microminiature hermetically sealed package measures 4.1 x 1.5 x 0.85 mm and is currently available in a 32.768 kHz frequency. This product is designed for small hand-held wireless applications such as cellular phones and smart cards. This series requires a drive level of 1 µW with ± 3 ppm aging typical. Frequency tolerance is ± 30 ppm. The component's standard operating range is -40 to 85°C. Other features include shock resistance, vibration resistance and tape-and-reel packaging. Micro Crystal, Div. of SMH (U.S.) Inc., Arlington Heights, Ill.

Dissolvable Spacers

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Wash-Aways are designed to provide consistent spacing between PCBs and components. These organic polymer spacers locate and reinforce PCB components during soldering operations. After soldering, they dissolve in most water-solvent baths, the company says. This reportedly leaves uniform spacing between components and boards, which provides free circulation of air, mechanical protection, filleting and accessibility for inspection, cleaning and conformal coating. Multi-Seals Inc., Manchester, Conn.

Drop-in replacement

To meet demand for straightforward conversions of the high-speed, high-density Xilinx Virtex FPGA, American Microsystems has introduced a new drop-in delay-lock loop (DLL) megacell for its library. The Virtex product line uses a DLL for clock management instead of a phase-lock loop (PLL). This DLL megacell is said to simplify the conversion process when combined with the company's clock-tree synthesis capability to offer a timing-management solution. American Microsystems Inc., Pocatello, Idaho.

Electron Microscope

The HD-2000 200-kV Field-emission Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope is designed to offer high-performance imaging and analysis with a user-friendly graphical user interface. Features include three standard detectors (secondary electron, high-angle annular darkfield and brightfield), energy dispersive spectrometer, electron energy-loss spectrometer and a quick sample exchange. Hitachi Scientific Instruments, Nissei Sangyo America Ltd., Mountain View, Calif.

Power-supply Selection Kit

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A new briefcase-type Power Supply Selection Kit incorporates 11 types of film capacitors in many sizes and styles. It was created to give circuit-design engineers a complete choice of capacitors for power-supply applications for evaluation and testing. Types included represent the spectrum of configurations, film dielectrics, encapsulants and mounting methods, the company says. All are U.S.-made to any applicable MIL standard or industry spec. Electronic Concepts Inc., Eatontown, N.J.

Cleaning Aerosols

Spray No. 805 Clean Jet 100 is new to Sprayway's line of aerosols for home, business and institutional use. This compact, portable source of ultra-clean gas for precision removal of dirt, dust, lint and other particulates is suitable for use in offices, at computer workstations, in art studios and more. It is said to be a nonflammable, ultra-filtered dust remover with jet accuracy, delivering a blast of gas up to 100 psi at 68°F. It reportedly is guaranteed to leave no residue on the surface being cleaned. The product is free of ozone-depleting CFCs. Sprayway Inc., Addison, Ill.


New is Think & Do Software on the Windows-CE Factory Client 2000 Computer. The software will be pre-loaded on the FC2000 and shipped from GE Fanuc's site to end users, OEMs and system integrators. This software, mounted in the FC2000, turns it into an eControl product, allowing communication via DCOM and other technologies to HMI stations, historians, maintenance clients, SCM systems, order tracking and myriad components of the fully connected, Web-enabled enterprise. Factory Client Computers, Div. GE Fanuc, Melrose Park, Ill.

BGA-to-BGA Adapters

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These BGA-to-BGA adapters are designed to address a variety of interconnect issues. They can be used to convert difficult-to-assemble fine-pitch BGAs to footprints that are more compatible with standard manufacturing processes. They also can be used to isolate the fine-pitch, high-performance components from the motherboard, allowing the motherboard layer count to be kept to a minimum. The company offers assembly of the BGAs to the adapter so that handling is limited to a single component that is compatible with automated-placement equipment. Interconnect Systems Inc. (ISI), Camarillo, Calif.

Static Sensor/Air Ionizer Test Kit

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The 718 Static Sensor and 718A Air Ionizer Test Kit are designed to work together to control electrostatic buildup in ESD environments. The static sensor measures voltages up to 20,000 kV on surfaces and reads accurately to ± 5 percent of full measurement scale from a 1-in. distance, the company says. The test kit is a separate option consisting of a charger plate and charger used with the static sensor to verify air-ionizer performance. 3M Electronic Handling and Protection Div., Austin, Texas.

Black Conformal Coating

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Called 9-984-B, this black, solvent-free, light-curing conformal coating is said to cure quickly. Its black color hides the board, components and circuitry. Hard-dry surfaces are available, even under moderate-intensity lights. This new coating has a secondary heat-curing capability, the company says. It is designed to dispense through precision dispensing systems, and it reportedly cures in seconds on exposure to longwave UV and visible light. The length of exposure depends on the light source used and coating thickness. Dymax Corp., Torrington, Conn.

Reflow Oven

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New is the Profile 117 eight-zone reflow oven, which features the Conceptronic's Dynamic Flow Engineering (DFE) for thermal performance, filterless flux management and gas-to-gas cooling modules. It also reportedly can accommodate up to three cooling zones within the footprint of a conventional seven-zone oven. Chamber plenums are said to provide overlapping cones of heat with turbulent gas flow for high-impingement velocities without disturbing board components. The multiport design ensures even distribution of gas velocity within each heating zone, the company says. Conceptronic Inc., Portsmouth, N.H.


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The Polymer System EP39MHT is a two-component system that reportedly cures readily at ambient or more quickly at elevated temperatures. The cured epoxy is a thermoset solid that features physical, electrical and chemical characteristics with resistance to thermal and/or mechanical shocks, the company says. It is said to be 100-percent reactive and does not contain any volatiles. The epoxy is suitable for potting, encapsulation, sealing and bonding applications and can be color-coded to facilitate processing. Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J.

Protective Coating

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HumiShield is a polymer coating that can be applied to a variety of substrates. Its formulation reportedly turns practically any material into a solderable and electronically conductive substrate. Its qualities also make it possible to protect metals from corrosion, the company says. The formulation contains a metallic component that has a magnetic and electronic conductivity that transforms the coated substrate into an EMI/RFI shield. It can be applied to materials as diverse as metal, ceramic, glass, paper and most plastics. HumiSeal Protective Coatings, HumiSeal Div., Chase Corp., Woodside, N.Y.

Board-imaging System

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Sonoscan is now shipping the D-24 populated board-imaging system, which is said to be an acoustic microimaging (AMI) system that nondestructively images mounted components for hidden internal defects. It can scan an area up to 24 x 24 inches (the board itself can be even larger) and uses a new, patented scanning mechanism. Board-mounted IC packages, ceramic chip capacitors and some types of resistors are among the components scanned. The system is reportedly most sensitive to gap-type internal defects such as delaminations, disbonds, voids and cracks. Sonoscan Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill.

PC Power Transformer

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The pin-out pattern for the SPW-3050 low-profile PC power transformer, with VDE #0805 (EN 60950) approval, is identical to the SPW-050 2.5 VA series. Both series reportedly have UL and other safety agency approvals. Users of the SPW-050, or the equivalent from another source, can meet CE Mark requirements for the transformer by substituting this unit. The HIPOT rating for the SPW-3050 series is 4,500 Vrms from primaries to secondaries. Prem Magnetics Inc., McHenry, Ill.

Converters/Accessory Modules

These 2nd Generation DC-DC converters and two accessory modules are used in a circuit that is said to provide hot-swap capability in N+M arrays. The IAM48 (Input Attenuator Module for 48 V in applications) module provides on/off control during insertion and extraction. In addition, the IAM reportedly provides inrush current limiting and, in conjunction with the EMI filter module (FiltMod), transient overvoltage protection. Vicor Corp., Andover, Mass.


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Tra-Bond 223F01 is a thixotropic epoxy system that reportedly couples high thermal conductivity with electrical insulating properties. This rigid material is said to exhibit low shrinkage during cure, making it suitable for encapsulating large areas. It can be used for staking electrical components, diodes, ICs, transistors, precision resistors or capacitors to boards. The product is said to bond to most metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and many other materials. It has a working life of 24 hours. Tra-Con Inc., a National Starch & Chemical Co., Bedford, Mass.



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New Products

CO2 monitor

The CEA 144 wall-mounted, continuous infrared carbon dioxide gas monitor offers ranges of 0-2000 ppm, 0-5000 ppm, 0-2 percent and 0-5 percent. The unit includes linear 0-1 VDC and 4-20 mA outputs, is easy to install and operate and is available with an optional contact closure relay. According to the manufacturer, the product is applicable for use in food-related industries, breweries, mushroom growing, greenhouse horticulture, welding, office ventilation systems, cooling systems, hazardous environments and laboratory and research projects.
CEA Instruments Inc.
Emerson, NJ
(201) 967-5660

Framing components

Specifically designed and certified for cleanroom use, the aluminum structural framing components provide an alternative to stainless steel for custom tables, carts, workstations and other structures. These standard, modular products have been independently tested and certified as meeting Federal Standard 209E and ISO 14644 by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation. The components include strut profiles of various sizes, brackets, connectors, casters, hinges and other hardware. Where grooves are essential to the design they are covered by protective strips.
Bosch Automation Products
Buchanan, MI
(616) 695-0151

Carbon filter

The RIGA-CARB/PH carbon filter combines high gas phase adsorbency with minimal dusting characteristics. The 12-inch deep pleated media filter with peripheral header is suitable for any IAQ application where high adsorbency is required and where space and pressure limitations exist, according to the manufacturer. The filter can be installed in filter holding frames for built-up banks, in side-access housings or in existing track-type housings and OEM units.
FARR Company
El Segundo, CA
(310) 727-6300

Electronic time delay unit

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The trapped key power isolator offers direct drive operation, a failsafe and monitored integral solenoid lock and failsafe timer or stop motion detection. The ETD electronic time delay unit offers single key out or two keys out functionality, rundown and key-free LED or NEON indicators, and a weatherproof stainless-steel dustcap. Additional features include an integral 4-pole isolation switch, 24 VDC, 110 VAC or 230 VAC solenoid options and replaceable code barrels. The product comes in an IP65 (NEMA 4) enclosure or panel-mounted version and conforms to EN292, EN1088, IEC947 5-1 and GSET-19.
Scientific Technologies Inc.
Fremont, CA
(510) 608-3400


The ROM-Airlock is based on a patented flow principle due to the superposition of low-pressure fields. Because of extremely low internal pressure drop, energy costs are low, according to the manufacturer. The product features high-efficiency dedusting performance due to high tangential forces. The standard unit comes with solid glass doors (consisting of safety glass), a HEPA filter, which corresponds to filter class U 15, and a stored program control unit.
Stuttgart, Germany

Cleaning system

The two-part CMP Tungsten Slurry Cleaning System comprises TX8606 SCS 20 tugnsten slurry cleaner and TX8606 SCS 100 final wipedown. The cleaner dissolves and removes ferrous oxide deposits created from tungsten slurry. The final wipedown component (Honeycomb 10 polyester wipers pre-wetted with 3 percent TexPure solution) removes the slurry cleaning agents and any traces of ferrous oxide created from the slurry. The three-part CMP Oxide Slurry Cleaning System comprises the TX8065 SCS 10 CMP oxide slurry cleaner, TX4403 ScourWipe and TX8608 SCS 100 final wipedown. The use of ScourWipe is recommended for removal of exceptionally hard deposits of oxide slurry.
Texwipe Company LLC
Upper Saddle River, NJ
(800) 648-9473

Wrist strap tester

Model 250 is a battery-powered, lightweight instrument that can be placed on the workbench or carried by supervisory personnel to efficiently check the strap and wearer or strap only. Visual and audible indicators indicate pass/fail status and battery low circuitry assures accurate measurement and reliable performance.
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
Glenside, PA
(215) 887-2196

Protective eyewear

The uvex skyline is 10mm slimmer than the company's uvex skyper, making it appropriate for a broad range of facial profiles. Features include impact-resistant polycarbonate wraparound lens design, molded-in nose bridge, side shields and an integrated brow guard. It includes adjustable spatulite temples that provide a close, customized fit as well as a choice of lens tints and coatings. The product meets both ANSI Z87.1-1989 and CSA Z94.3-1992 standards.
Uvex Safety
Smithfield, RI
(800) 343-3411

UVC emitter

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The extended-length UVC emitter is designed to keep coil and drain pans clean and kill the microbes that grow in and circulate through HVAC systems and processing equipment. With a 30-inch tube length, the DE 301 is well suited to a number of applications. In food manufacturing applications, it can eradicate the microbes that contaminate food and beverage products and sometimes shorten their shelf life. Used for infection control, the UVC emitter provides effective and efficient sterilization of a range of microorganisms, from cold and flu viruses to microbes that cause tuberculosis and Legionnaire's Disease, according to the manufacturer.
Sterile-Aire Inc.
Cerritos, CA
(562) 467-8484

Floor mop

For use in aseptic processing, pharmaceutical, bio-technological and other regulated facilities, the PolyGen IR polyester mop is gamma irradiated, double bagged and validated sterile 10-6. According to the manufacturer, the herringbone weave of the looped strands enables optimum absorbency with no exposed edges to guard against particulate. The mop can be laundered and holds up to steam sterilization.
Micronova Manufacturing Inc.
Torrance, CA
(310) 784-6990

Gas leak detector

The battery-operated TG-5000KA detects and locates the source of leaks from tools or valves, inspects incoming gas cylinders and provides temporary monitoring for maintenance personnel. The unit measures arsine, phosphine, diborane and silane concentrations from 0 to 1.99 ppm with 0.01-ppm resolution and responds to three time TLV concentrations in less than 10 seconds, according to the manufacturer. Other features include a local LCD readout, audio/visual alarm indicators and 0 to 10 mV DC output port for use with an auxiliary recorder.
PureAire Monitoring Systems Inc.
Rolling Meadows, IL
(847) 788-8000

Ball screws

Cleanroom and vacuum-compliant ball screws are assembled, packaged and nitrogen purged inside a laminar flow ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanroom environment. The assemblies are also lubricated, bagged and sealed to eliminate contamination and enhance shelf life. Products available cover both inch and metric sizes, preloaded and non-preloaded ball nuts, accuracy grades, size and lead combinations, cut-to-length and finished machined and with/without wipers, flanges and end blocks. Also available are custom cleanroom hollow and telescoping screws and stainless steel and chrome-plated assemblies.
Thomson Industries Inc.
Port Washington, NY
(516) 883-8000

Gas delivery system

MegaBIP technology delivers consistent, ultra-high purity gas through a hassle-free purifying system contained inside a gas cylinder. According to the manufacturer, by using a two-port valve arrangement in combination with an internal check valve, the integrity of the purifier media is maintained at all times. A fully integrated non-return valve prevents any contaminants from being backfilled into the purifier, while a dual-port fill/withdrawal arrangement ensures that gas flows only one way through the purifier bed.
Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
Allentown, PA
(610) 481-5971

Fluorescent lighting

The Model 13 Plus Steady Lite illuminator features and ESD-safe housing, cord and lamp and provides variable intensity control using an 85kHz driver. The driver is equipped with a flicker-free dimming range from 100-10 percent. The circular fluorescent light style provides 360 degrees of uniform shadowless light. Applications include electronic assembly, medical, laboratory and semiconductor microscopy and machine vision applications.
Stocker & Yale Inc.
Salem, NH
(603) 893-8778

Electrostatic monitor

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The Model 540 monitors the performance of air ionizers that are used in critical operations associated with semiconductor, LCD, electronic assembly and other processes where static charge accumulations pose a threat to production yield and product quality. The product uses a technique that requires less than 0.1 picoampere of ion current to be collected from the ion field to achieve full accuracy, stability and indicate ionizer output balance. An analog voltage output provides a signal for a facility monitoring system or for use as a feedback signal to control the ion balance of the ionizer. A DPM and a bar graph display offer local presentation of the monitored voltage.
Trek Inc.
Medina, NY
(716) 798-3140

Chemical delivery system

The 220-liter capacity ChemGuard bulk chemical delivery system is compatible with electronic chemicals used in chemical vapor deposition processes, including Tetraethyl Orthosilicate, Trimethylborate, Trimethylphosphite and Tetramethylsilane as well as other chemicals. The system features stainless steel piping and large flow capacity suitable for the requirements of high-purity, high-volume fab-wide chemical supply. An ultrasonic empty sensor allows 99.99 percent of the bulk chemical to be used.
Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
Allentown, PA
(610) 481-3673

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