Coveralls: Personnel filters

by Laureen Belleville

Veltek CoolZone (center); Kappler Pro/Clean (top); Vidaro B-Fore (right); Magid Glove and Safety CPCVC11 and CPCVCH11 disposable coveralls (bottom and left).
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No offense, but you are the major source of contamination in the cleanroom. It stands to reason that if you are not properly clothed, the time and money spent to develop a cleanroom is wasted. Airborne microorganisms, which are almost exclusively bacteria, are normally dispersed into the room from the surfaces of the skin cells we shed.

Cleanroom garments—coveralls—help to eliminate this source of contamination by acting as a filter, which prevents human particle matter from entering the atmosphere of the cleanroom. Most often, they are specially cleaned and packaged white suits made of tightly woven fabrics. Even so, particles can still escape into the atmosphere of the cleanroom through the fabric, seams in the fabric, from the surface of the fabric, through zippers, from uncovered portions of the body and by breathing.

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Manufacturers of Coveralls (right)

The particular coverall chosen must not only provide protection (for the environment and, often, the wearer) but also must be comfortable—the body must still maintain a heat balance through normal evaporation and perspiration. The actual type of garment worn in the cleanroom depends on the cleanroom rating and the product cleanliness requirements.

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Manufacturers of Coveralls (right – con’t.)

Coveralls generally have a full-length zipper with a covered fly. Snaps are recommended for fastening the collar. Pant legs should fit into booties. Keep in mind the following characteristics when choosing coverall fabric: non-linting, anti-static, resistant to chemical attack, non-flammable, liquid-proof, comfort and attractive.


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