Nanya Corp. receives validation for its DDR SDRAM

February 28, 2001–San Jose, California–Nanya Technology Corp. announced that it has received validation for its double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory (DDR SDRAM) modules from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and VIA Technologies. This new technology allows AMD and VIA to better utilize the maximum speeds of its processors, chipsets, and system bus speeds.

DDR SDRAM is a faster version than ordinary computer memory, which, along with faster chipsets, can increase the flow of data from memory to the processor. DDR runs at 200 MHz or 266 MHz, twice as fast as standard memory. It doesn’t cost much more to manufacture and is expected to account for 50% of the memory market by 2004.

“The need of increasing DRAM bandwidth has been a major issue in PC design for years,” says Ken Hurley, president of Nanya Technology USA. “Nanya believes that DDR will be the mainstream memory solution for the market, and we are in the position at the right time to deliver DDR products to our customers.”

While many companies are still awaiting validation for their highest-speed PC2100 modules, Nanya claims that its PC2100 modules using DDR 226A SDRAM are already shipping in mass production to customers. Nanya is fuelling this potentially large market to meet early market demand with its ability to produce these high-speed modules at high volume for use in desktop PCs and workstations.

SMART Modular Technologies validated Nanya’s PC2100 128MB modules using DDR266A with the VIA Apollo Pro266 and AMD 760 chipsets. Smart Modular also validated Nanya’s 128Mb and 256Mb DDR devices. These new chipsets allow manufacturers and computer designers to incorporate DDR SDRAM into the computer, and let AMD and VIA increase system bandwidth to 2.1 GB per second.

?We are achieving above 80% high yields with the DDR 226A for both 128Mb and 256Mb devices,? commented Steve Wang, director of Product Marketing for Nanya Technology USA. “This is a significant accomplishment because we can achieve the highest density at the fastest speed and are already shipping product in mass production. Nanya?s DDR is a combination design with SDRAM, which gives flexibility to ramp up DDR in volume at the final stage of the memory process. This validation proves Nanya’s continued leadership in technology advancement and confirms our position to support ongoing DDR development.”

The company currently is shipping samples of the full DDR product line to customers now for PC and server applications. The full product line includes 128/256Mb at DDR 200/266B/266A devices and 128/256/512MB 184 pin unbuffered and registered DIMM modules at speeds PC1600/2100, CL2 and CL3. Full product line is currently awaiting validation.


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