The Boxes for Birthday Presents

Tom, the older brother, made a rectangular box in which to pack his father's birthday present. The box was one foot in height, with a base diagonal of 37 inches. Tim, the younger brother (and the “smart one”), also made a rectangular box; it was one foot in height, with the same volume as Tom's box, and the base diagonal an integral number of inches. Tim's box required less material than did Tom's. The lengths and breadths of both boxes were an integral number of inches. What were the dimensions of Tim's box?

Grand Prize Winners

Congratulations to Bill Knuff of Medallion Lighting Corp. for solving the Family Allowance puzzle, and to Frank Boyko of New Venture Technologies for solving CrossNumber 57.

CrossNumber 59


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1. See 2 Down
3. 2 Down x 6 Down
5. 2 Down x 7 Across
7. See 18 Across
9. See 8 Down
10. Prime
11. See 4 Down
12. See 12 Down
14. Square root of (7 Across x 13 Down)
16. 16 Down x Square root of 13 Down
18. 7 Across + 10 Across + 14 Across
19. 9 Across x 2 Down


1. Square of (2 Down – 1)
2. Square root of 1 Across
3. Prime
4. 3 Across + Square root of 11 Across
6. See 3 Across
8. Square of 9 Across
9. 1 Across – Square root of 11 Across
12. Square of 12 Across
13. See 16 Across
15. 1 Down + 17 Down
16. Prime
17. See 15 Down

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Solutions to November/December's Puzzles

CrossNumber 57

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Contest Rules: All entries must be received by February 23, 2001. The winners of the word puzzle and CrossNumber (can be the same person) will be drawn from all correct entries. Fax all entries to 847-634-4240. All entries must include name, complete address, company affiliation and daytime phone number to be considered.


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