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Flip Chip Software
The Economics of Flip Chip Packaging Software is designed to work as a “decision support” tool, analyzing and comparing the cost of packaging technologies as a function of: wafer diameter; bond-pad size, pitch and diameter; die size, dimensions, yield and cost; monthly production volume; assembly process yield; in-house vs. subcontract assembly; assembly equipment cost and utilization; labor cost onshore vs. offshore; assembly process flow; and variable costs, such as substrate, bond wire, molding components and other related expenses. The software also enables a user to leverage the cost-of-ownership data files to address cost-of-ownership process sequences, the cost of packaging and the variable cost drivers. Features of the software are said to include data analysis in the form of reports, charts and automatic sensitivity analysis, as well as analyzing process flow costs and capacity.
APT Interactive,
Bangalore, India.

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Crystal Oscillators
The S6800 series TCVCXO is a low power-consuming, temperature-compensated, voltage-controlled crystal oscillator in a 1.7-mm low-profile package. Said to be particularly applicable for PCMCIA cards and hand-held wireless devices, the surface-mount oscillator delivers frequency stability of ± 2.5 ppm max vs. temperature, ± 0.3 ppm max vs. supply voltage, ±1 ppm max per year vs. time, and ± 0.3 ppm max vs. load, in a ceramic package with a 3.5 x 6.0-mm footprint, and a 1.7-mm profile. Given a supply voltage of 3V ± 5 percent, the S6800 reportedly yields a frequency control range of ± 5 to 12 ppm from a pull voltage of 0.5 to 2.5V. Available in standard wireless frequencies of 12.80, 13.00, 14.40, 19.20 and 19.68 MHz, the TCVCXO is ideal for use in the temperature range of -30 to +80°C. Oscillators are available in 16-mm tape or 500 pieces per reel, and are compatible with standard SMT processes and board-washing techniques.
SaRonix, Menlo Park, Calif.

“This TCVCXO offers design engineers a terrific solution for temperature-compensation in densely populated applications where lightness and low power consumption rank paramount.”
– Beat Kocher, SaRonix

Design Software
DxDesigner is a web-based solution that links computer-aided engineering with team-based design collaboration. The software is said to minimize the complexity of integrating subsystems, the time lost in researching and selecting components, and digital performance problems associated with high-speed devices. “Design definition” reportedly improves communication among geographically dispersed engineering and manufacturing teams, resulting in more efficient component selection, less post-layout rework, fewer design defects and shorter prototype debugging cycles. The software features a hierarchical tree view of a design, a navigator to display components and nets for a given design context, a multi-object attribute editor, a design drawing tool, a parts and design data selection tool, and design synchronization capability. Designs can also be captured in PDF format for viewing through Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Innoveda Inc.,
Marlboro, Mass.

Stencil Cleaning
The Model EX-0 Wastewater Evaporator is said to eliminate hazardous wastewater disposal by separating hazardous elements from water by simple evaporation technology. Large volumes of wastewater from stencil cleaning operations can be reduced to a small amount of solid waste for disposal. The “thermal jacketed” design is said to facilitate easy maintenance, and the system is ideal for zero-discharge applications.
Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Systems,
Van Nuys, Calif.

Machineable Ceramic
Fabceram 45 is a gray ceramic that can be machined into any shape using conventional machine shop practices. Without further processing, it can be used up to 1,100°F for insulators, stand offs and other fixtures. It is said to be ideal for solder and brazing fixtures because metals and solders will not stick to it. After firing, Fabceram 45 develops near-diamond hardness and 1,900°F properties. Parts can be machined and fired to specifications.
Hottec Inc.,
Norwich, Conn.

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Workstation Monitor
The Model SE900 Continuous Workstation Monitor provides constant protection against operator and workstation-induced static damage. Using dual resistive loop technology, the system reportedly can monitor two operators and two work surface ground connections simultaneously, using a single monitoring unit and minimal wires for easy installation and use. The monitor contains two independent operator remotes with 10-foot cables, two user- selectable resistance levels of 10Ω or 35Ω, and two user-selectable test voltage settings of +5V or +8V. The monitor measures 4.3 x 4.4 x 1.8 inches.
Garden Grove, Calif.

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26-31 GHz Leaded Packages
StratEdge part number 580403 is a 26 to 31 GHz leaded package designed for manufacturing devices with high thermal management needs and is said to be the first leaded product for commercial applications that performs at the Ka-Band. The packages are ready, off the shelf, for conventional soldering and assembly, and applications include LMDS, satellite communications, automotive radar and point-to-point/multipoint. The StratEdge 580403 reportedly can be used to package power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and switches, and can be customized to MCMs. The package uses a standard copper composite base incorporated with patented microstrip-embedded microstrip-microstrip transition design. The outside ceramic dimension is 0.450- inch square, while the cavity dimension is 0.250 inch square. There are two RF and eight DC I/Os.
San Diego.

“The need to provide a high-performance, cost-effective and manufacturing-friendly leaded package for this frequency [26-31 GHz] and power handling range has grown dramatically with the increase in commercial applications.”
Ronald O. Bub, StratEdge

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PCB Inspection System
The HERO tabletop automated printed circuit board inspection system provides automated optical inspection for off-line and spot testing in a compact package. Its linear scanning technology captures the entire board image in one pass, incorporating it in memory in less than 20 seconds. The vertical lighting system gives full-color, shadow-free images for most components, and programming of captured data takes less than two hours. Complete inspection of a board is said to be possible for processes after reflow and even for components as small as the 1005s. The system measures 17.72 x 16.93 x 29.53 inches, and weighs 88 pounds. It can accommodate a 10 x 13-inch PCB, and the capturing system reportedly has a color CCD line sensor and white LED lighting with 0.001 inches/pixel resolution.
Saki Technology Corp. of America,
Santa Clara, Calif.

“We designed the HERO to meet the needs of companies that want a flexible system that can scan images quickly and accurately and are exceptionally easy to program.”
Sakie Akiyama, Saki Technology Corp.

W-CDMA Components
The Switchplexer is a wide-band code division multiple access (W-CDMA) market component for use in third-generation cellular phones. This device will enable the next generation of cellular phones to be compatible with frequency standards from around the world (currently, cell phones that use the American frequencies cannot be used in Europe or Asia, and vice versa). This front-end device is said to be compatible with Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Digital Cellular System (DCS) protocols.
Murata Electronics North America Inc.,
Smyrna, Ga.

“W-CDMA technology is crucial for cell phone companies who want to provide their customers a handset that works seamlessly in all corners of the globe.”
– Scott Klettke, Murata
Electronics North America

Inspection Services
Hansatech Ltd. now offers X-ray inspection of printed circuit boards, particularly those with ball grid array or chip scale packaged devices. The fully integrated CPXS real-time X-ray system (supplied and manufactured by X-Tek systems) is said to provide high-resolution images at up to 1500x magnification. The system has a 5-axis manipulator and can inspect assemblies as large as 310 x 500 mm. Hansatech will offer inspection as a service to companies that have a need for non-destructive solder joint inspection.
Hansatech Ltd.,
Cambridge, England.

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10.0 VA Power Transformers
The SPW-1200 series of internationally approved 10.0 VA printed circuit board power transformers features shrouded primaries and a three-flange bobbin construction, which is said to require no electrostatic shield. Two distinct, separately isolated windings for each primary and secondary ensure HIPOT capability of 4,500 VRMS between primary and secondary windings. These standard transformers are final tested for induced voltage (shorted turns), exciting current, open circuit voltage (turns ratio), polarity (phasing) and dielectric strength.
Prem Magnetics Inc.,
McHenry, Ill.

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Static Dissipative Coating
Licron is a permanent static dissipative coating that is said to provide good adhesion to metal, plastics, paints and other surfaces. It operates from 0 to 100-percent humidity, and once cured, will not chip and will maintain 106 to 108 conductivity. Licron is translucent and uses electro-conductive powder as a conductive pigment. The product is reportedly a solvent-based, acrylic matrix that provides true metallic conduction and is therefore humidity independent. Techspray, a subsidiary of Tech Chem, Amarillo, Texas.

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Pressure Pots
The Model TS1258 high-pressure 100 psi pressure pot for automated fluid dispensing systems has a 5-liter capacity and can accommodate all solvent and epoxy fluids, plus cyanoacrylates and UV-cure adhesives. The pot can be configured with black fittings and tubing in 0.25-inch, 0.375-inch and 4-mm sizes with stainless steel compression fittings. All pressure pots reportedly have fluid outlet ports and a pressure gauge on the lid for easy access and reading. Three knobs create a positive and uniform seal, and a relief valve depressurizes the pot after use. The ferrule is disposable, and a hose clip holds the air hose line steady. The TS1258 measures 9.3 x 11.2 x 15.1 inches.
Techcon Systems Inc.,
Garden Grove, Calif.

Z-motion Control
The semiautomatic Model 410 flip chip bonder and the Model 860 Omni bonder now feature a Z-motion control that reportedly makes possible precision controlled, repeatable die bond loads from five grams to 10 kilograms. This Z-motion control design for the placement tool on the bonders accommodates all solder, epoxy and adhesive applications, including those requiring different bond loads at each point in the cycle (e.g., one at pick-up, another at flux dip and another at placement). The design features a load cell sensing system that is housed in a rigid drive train.
Semiconductor Equipment Corp.,
Moorpark, Calif.

Nitrogen Storage
The N2 Packaging System is designed for transporting or storing components, assemblies and subassemblies in a sealed oxygen-free environment. The N2 protects items from humidity and oxidation in a moisture barrier bag. The system flushes the bag with nitrogen, purges and heat-seals the bag in an oxygen- and humidity-free atmosphere, eliminating oxidation without plating, coating or oiling. The N2 seals bags up to 18 inches wide and of varying lengths. The system features push-button process control and analog adjustable timers, and is said to protect SMT reels, printed circuit board assemblies and micro film. The N2 includes a stainless steel work shelf and a full line of bags and accessories.
GPD, a division of LIFT Industries Inc.,
Grand Junction, Colo.

Compact Epoxy Writer
The compact epoxy writer is an extension of the 2200 apm modular device concept for single-die and MCM attachment. The device is 450-mm wide, and with a speed of more than 2,000 UPH for die larger than 15 mm and 15,000 UPH for die smaller than 5 mm, it is ideal for dual-apm configurations. All standard dispensable and stampable bonding agents can be used. It is also possible to apply freely programmable epoxy patterns, lines or dots with high-precision positioning and repetition. The device is said to process BT substrates, copper lead frames and flat Auer boats with widths of 1.5 to 10 cm, lengths of 15 to 30 cm and thicknesses of 0.2 to 2 mm. For ceramic and FR4 substrates, widths and lengths of 5 to 10 cm, and thicknesses of 0.2 to 2 mm, are possible. The module can be fitted with epoxy cartridges up to 30 cm, and is also suitable for stamping processes (ideally for die sizes of 0.17 to 0.5 mm).
Datacon Semiconductor Equipment GmbH,
Radfeld, Austria.

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Host Line Software
The 5.0 version of the Host Line Computer (HLC) software system reportedly has a five-minute set-up time and is suited for fast-paced, flexible production environments. The system automatically evaluates the program data and machine specifications to optimize each file. The software system features a multi-station line that configures up to seven machines at once; a program editor that accepts board specifications, placement data and component information; a mount simulator that calculates and stores the cycle time per placement, board or program; a production planner that handles job scheduling; a production function that establishes and monitors the entire line; a result summarizer; and a program relater that analyzes data from existing programs and combines them to create optimized programs. The HLC system is compatible with all Juki assembly machines.
Juki Automation Systems Inc.,
Morrisville, N.C.

“This software system is more than a host line computer – it is a true network that enables continual evolution of line configuration.” – Chris Lawing, Juki Automation Systems Inc.

Heat Sinks
Low-profile blueICE heat sinks are designed to meet the specific demands of electronic components. The heat sinks range in height from 4 to 7 mm, and are designed for low air velocity flows, suitable for most telecommunication applications where space is limited. The family of heat sinks is lightweight (4, 10 and 30 grams) and can be attached with double-sided conductive adhesive tape. New models in clued the ATS00-12-134, ATS-12-134A, ATS00-12-135 and ATS01-00-136.
Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc.,
Norwood, Mass.

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BGA Inspection Camera
The IC-BGA-1 is a self-illuminated hand-held inspection tool for viewing the outer perimeters of ball grid arrays. LED illumination and a prism tip enable a choice of viewable angles and access to areas that a microscope cannot reach. The camera can be used in conjunction with optional PC/ measurement software to enable documentation, insertion into training manuals, e-mail to other facilities, and DDE spreadsheet link.
Sonora Manufacturing Inc.,
Twain Harte, Calif.

Leadless Package Inspection
The Model 892 leadless package inspection system is said to deliver mark and pad inspection of leadless devices at high levels of speed and accuracy in a compact footprint. Using machine vision, software and adjustable modular hardware, it reportedly delivers fast, accurate and repeatable inspection for a variety of leadless device types, such as MLF, QFN, LLP, MLP and DMF. After inspection, devices may be packaged into tubes or tape for assembly. The model uses Windows NT-based software and enables custom device recipe generation, device training and data logging. The GUI displays set-up information, real-time collected data and lot status, and live video of inspection images in a user-configurable workspace. The system is capable of inspecting laser or ink marks, and recognizes pad formations and heat sinks. Track changeover kits are said to increase the range of types that the system can run.
Electro Scientific Industries,
Portland, Ore.

“By enabling operators to accurately inspect…leadless devices and also package them into either tubes or tape, [the Model 892] increases productivity while providing an array of inspection and packaging services.”

– Lonnie Ellingson, Electro Scientific Industries

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Surface Modification System
The M4L benchtop surface modification system for RF plasma processing is said to be specially suited for surface modification and cleaning of organic, metallic and composite substrates. Applications include precision cleaning, adhesion enhancement and surface modification of polymers. The M4L features a Windows-based 10.4-inch color touch screen interface with fully automatic control, multi-step recipes, real-time graphic display and real-time SPC monitoring of all plasma parameters. Networking capabilities allow a user to program, modify or monitor from a remote location. The system's aluminum chamber features a high-conductance KF 40 port, isolation valve and shielded view port. The system has a capacity of 9 x 13 x 20 inches, and uses an integrated air-cooled 13.56 MHz RF generator with an output range of 0 to 600 watts.
Corona, Calif.

Dual-liquid Trigger
A new fixed-ratio dual-liquid trigger sprayer, DLS 100, uses twin bottles and can mix and spray two different liquids at the same time. The system is designed for two-part formulas and EPA/FDA-regulated compounds, and is said to produce a consistent fixed ratio of one fluid to the other when sprayed. Ratios can be adjusted up to 64:1. The system is designed for use with disposable snap-in chemical refill cartridges, and offers ergonomic sprayheads, adjustable spray tips, quarter-turn bottle locks and custom colors.
Take 5,
Rogue River, Ore.

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Ultraviolet Laser
The Inazuma is a diode-pumped solid state laser that is said to combine high output power with good spatial mode, delivering 8 watts of Q-switched output at 355 nm, in a near diffraction limited beam. A periodic resonator, which is a folded compact cavity, contains two Nd: YV04 rods that can be end-pumped, ensuring stable, single spatial mode output. The Inazuma is a fully sealed laser head pumped by FCbar modules, where the pump laser diodes are located in the power supply for easy replacement. The laser produces more than 35 watts in the near infrared, 20 watts at 532 nm and 8 watts at 355 nm. An end user can switch between these three output wavelengths. Other features include pulse-to-pulse and beam pointing stability, and an adjustable pulse rate from 15 to 100 kHz. Applications include microvia drilling, trimming and patterning flex circuits, and marking and dicing semiconductor wafers.
Mountain View, Calif.

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Optical Switch Testing
The integration of the Summit Series wafer probing systems and the Polytec Micro-scanning Laser Vibrometer (MSV) is said to provide and automated, non-invasive device characterization during the MEMS optical switch manufacturing process. The Polytec MSV reportedly provides non-contact deflection measurement using a targeted laser spot at selected points on each device. Inside the vibration-isolated and shielded environment, amplitudes, settling times, resonant frequencies and cross-talk can be quickly determined.
Cascade Microtech,
Beaverton, Ore.

Microwave Packages
A new family of low-cost, high-power packages for microwave applications up through 10 GHz is said to be the ideal platform for high dissipation gallium arsenide (GaAs), silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon microwave devices. These ceramic-based packages are offered in multi-up arrays compatible with automated device assembly, and are said to maximize frequency response, minimize thermal resistance and elevate reliability of finished semiconductor devices.
Zentrix Technologies Inc., a Brush Engineered Materials Inc.,
Cleveland, Ohio.

“This product line gives our microwave power semiconductor customers a low-cost, highly reliable, high-performance, cost-competitive, ceramic/ metal package.”
– Ken Coleman, Zentrix Technologies Inc.

Multi-chip Package
The MB84VD23483EJ is a stacked multi-chip package (MCP) with 64 Mbit dual-operation flash memory and 32 Mbit mobile FCRAM, designed to provide the low power and high density required for new cellular phones. Power consumption for flash in standby mode is five microamps maximum, and 100 microamps for mobile FCRAM. In power-down mode, consumption is only 10 microamps. Access times are typically 90 ns for both flash and FCRAM, and power-supply requirements are 2.7 to 3.1 V. The MCP is packaged in a standard plastic BGA with 81 balls.
Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.,
San Jose, Calif.

“The timing of this introduction in the U.S. is excellent, because the leaders of third-generation mobile technology are now in the early stages of their device evaluation programs, and the new stacked multi-chip package meets their low-power, high-speed and high-density requirements.”

– Fumio Baba, Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.

Positioning Drive
The Allen-Bradley Ultra5000 intelligent positioning drive is designed for single-axis motion applications, and uses Windows-based software. The system is said to be ideal for cost-sensitive, highly advanced motion applications. The intelligent positioning drive integrates a high-speed 32-bit digital signal processor, standard C programming language interface, and on-board I/O and communication capabilities. The Ultra5000 allows the user to integrate pre-assembled motion functions into their application program or write custom algorithms for individual needs.
Rockwell Automation, a business of Rockwell International Corp.,
Milwaukee, Wis.

Mini Conveyor
The Con-trol-cure UV 100 mini conveyor is a component system designed for general UV bench testing and for smaller production applications. The conveyor is fed by a 10-inch UV-resistant Teflon coated open mesh conveyor belt and delivers 300 watts/in nominal output within an eight-inch arc length. It has a variable DC drive that provides speed from 10 to 90 FPM. The system uses separate forced air cooling for substrate and irradiator, and also provides easy access for lamp inspection and replacement. The unit measures 32 x 28 x 18 inches, and weighs 150 pounds.
UV Process Supply Inc.,

Electronic Grade Epoxy
The EMCSAT 751 is a one-component fast-curing electronic grade epoxy formulation. This room-temperature stable product is suitable for high-voltage application and has a fast, elevated temperature cure schedule. The product is said to exhibit good electrical insulation and chemical resistance, as well as high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. It may be applied by pneumatically powered syringe and has good adhesion to a variety of substrates. Typically, it is cured in a convection oven and should not be used for casting masses larger than 25 grams. Cured properties include a Shore D hardness of 94 to 96, and a specific gravity of 1.90 to 2.00.
Electronic Materials Inc.,
Breckenridge, Colo.

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3000 Volt Ceramic Cap
Jaro has introduced the CC series of high-voltage, multi-layer, ceramic capacitors that are said to withstand 3,000 volts in a small 1206 package. These capacitors are reportedly ideal for most telephone, facsimile, modem, EPBX and exchange applications, as well as for information-based applications that include LAN/WAN interfacing, lighting and surge protection. Other applications include power supplies, DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters and LCD backlighting inverters. Voltages range from 100V to 3KV in 1206, 1210, 1808 and 1812 packages, and are available in tolerance of 1 to 20 percent.
Jaro Components Inc.,
Boca Raton, Fla.

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High-speed PIN Photodiodes
Three new silicon PIN photodiodes have been designed for price-sensitve optical telecommunications use. Typical applications include LANs, WANs, CATV and instrumentation. By using a low-capacitance design, these detectors can deliver high-speed response (up to 1.5 GHz for the fastest model). Good quantum efficiency also is said to yield higher sensitivity than most comparable devices. Detectors are available with active areas of 0.2, 0.5 or 1.0 mm; all are supplied in a hermetically sealed TO-46 package. Custom fiber connectorized packages can also be produced upon request.
Advanced Photonix Inc.,
Camarillo, Calif.

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Thermal Management Guide
The 2001 thermal management guide from Lytron Inc. provides specifications, performance data and selection guidelines for a wide range of thermal management products. Each product section includes a product description, information on sizing the unit to the application, performance, specifications, options, ordering information and product pictures. The guide includes data for recirculating chillers, ambient cooling systems, copper and stainless heat exchangers, oil coolers and cold plates. Also included are thermal design principles, product weight and liquid volume, selected fluid properties and conversion factors.
Lytron Inc.,
Woburn, Mass.

“Lytron's 2001 Thermal Management Guide is our most complete guide to date. It is a valuable resource for engineers and designers who need a single source for the most innovative cooling products.”
– Charlie Carswell, Lytron Inc.

Pressure Data Loggers
Stainless steel pressure data loggers, models PR100 and PR300, feature a waterproof stainless steel case that can monitor pressure ranges up to 300 psi and can operate in temperature ranges from -40 to 185°F. Both models feature a five-year battery life and can record almost 8,000 samples. They can be used to measure and document liquid, gas and air pressure, and are said to be ideal for investigating pressure complaints, checking for system leaks and recording pressure in compliance to regulations or quality programs. Software is capable of real-time monitoring and graphing.
Dickson Co.,
Addison, Ill.

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Modular Dispensing System
The modular XyflexPro is a dispensing system that can be customized to support both SMT and semiconductor packaging assembly applications. With a footprint as small as 31 inches wide, the system allows two, three or four machines to be installed in-line, all controlled from a single PC-based controller and Windows NT user interface. The system is said to handle the need for medium- to high-speed dispensing in increments of 30,000 dots per hours. This permits manufacturers to customize their assembly lines with dispense throughput speeds of 30,000 to 120,000 dots per hour, depending upon application requirements. The system features interchangeable pumps, heating options and conveyor systems that allow manufacturers to switch out dispensing components and custom-configure their processes. Changeover of heat chucks and lift plate is said to be quick. The XyflexPro can dispense dots of surface mount adhesive, conductive adhesive or solder paste for SMT applications, as well as dispensing lines of encapsulant or underfill for semiconductor packaging applications.
Speedline Technologies Asia, a division of Cookson Electronics Division,

“XyflexPro allows our customers to leverage their equipment investment as they move between the SMT and semiconductor markets.”
– Chris Lee, Speedline Technologies Asia

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Communications Heat Sinks
The Therma-Fin series of heat sinks use folded fin technology to increase the surface area of the heat sink to more efficiently disperse heat. Aluminum or copper fins can be epoxied to the cooling plate or soldered/brazed to increase reliability and minimize thermal resistance. Base options include Therma-base vapor chambers, copper bases aluminum bases, and copper or aluminum bases with embedded heat pipes. An open top production process allows for impingement type airflow. Multiple mounting options, including through-holes and clip designs, are available to facilitate attachment to the component.
Thermacore International Inc.,
Lancaster, Pa.

Assembly and Test Services
ASAT Holdings Limited and ASAT Inc. now offer complete turn-key assembly and test services through ASAT France. Advanced IC packaging and test services are offered through the Kestral family of LPCC packages, which are said to provide smaller, faster and higher performance products, and through the Teradyne Catalyst, which offers third-generation RF testing solutions.
ASAT Inc.,
Fremont, Calif.

“We are excited to provide the innovative European market with a full range of products and services on a customer-focused, turn-key basis. European IC producers are rapidly raising the stakes in semiconductor innovation…” – Jim Healy, ASAT Inc.

E-manufacturing Tools
A new suite of Web-based applications is said to enable sharing and viewing of manufacturing project and process information across the extended enterprise and supply chain. Tecnomatix Technologies eMPower software captures processes in the form of electronic bills of processes (eBOPs), which define the relationship between parts, manufacturing resources and manufacturing operations. Using only a standard Web browser, each member of a project has quick, easy and real-time access to manufacturing information, including eBOPs, work instructions and reports.
Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd.,
Herzeliya, Israel.

“Our new suite of Web-based applications addresses the increasing need for manufacturers to expand the view of manufacturing activities, consolidate dispersed manufacturing activities and collaborate with their suppliers.” – Harel Beit-On, Technomatix Technologies

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Transient Voltage Suppressors
The MultiGuard series of bi-directional transient voltage suppressors is available in small case sizes and provides bi-directional ESD protection, EMI attenuation and subnanosecond response time. These chips are available in 0405 two-element, 0508 two- and four-element, and 0612 four-element case sizes. These products reportedly consume less than half the PCB real estate required from the equivalent number of discrete chips. Said to be ideal for I/O lines in portable equipment and programming ports in cellular phones, the devices can be used on any PCB containing multiple TVS chips of the same voltage/energy rating. Standard working voltages of 5.6, 9, 14 and 18V, and 0.1 joule energy ratings are available. Typical capacitance range is 225 to 825 pF, and the arrays are rated for a temperature range of -55 to 125°C. A StaticGuard version is also available.
AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“These TVS arrays provide ideal alternatives where multiple lines require ESD protection, [and] offer design engineers effective alternatives to the more time-consuming and expensive placement of multiple discrete components.” – Vance DeFelice, AVX Corp.

Wafer Inspection System
The QuickSilver IIe is an inspection system for the automatic identification and classification of defects on processed semiconductor wafers at production rates. The system is said to detect and automatically classify defects as small as one micron. It screens such flaws as passivation voids, scratches and debris on the surface of wafers, while reporting the inspection data to regulate fabrication processes. The system also examines and provides detailed analyses of probe marks. The system uses a dedicated multi-processor computer, fiber optic link, proprietary TDI CCD scanning camera and an ultra-high-capacity buffer for capturing comprehensive images.
Electroglas Inspection Products Division, a division of Electroglas Inc.,
Corvallis, Ore.

Tape Chip Scale Package
The tape chip scale package (TCSP) is said to be ideal for applications requiring a thin package with a small form factor and a high I/O density. Possible applications include portable electronics, such as pagers, cellular phones, camcorders, digital cameras and other wireless devices.

The TCSP uses a thin flexible circuit tape that enables higher I/O density. TCSPs range from 17 x 17 mm down to 4 x 4 mm, with the most popular size being 12 x 12 mm. The tape substrate allows for finer lines and spaces and the 0.5-mm ball pitch allows for higher I/O count in a small footprint.
ST Assembly Test Services Ltd.,

“The complexity of advanced semiconductor devices used in wireless applications…requires squeezing more functionality into a tighter area. CSP package technology helps solve this problem.”
– B. J. Han, ST Assembly Test Services

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Frame Grabber
The Bandit-II series of high-performance frame grabbers features an integrated, high-resolution VGA accelerator that supports true color display resolutions up to 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. With 16 MB of on-board memory, the system supports highly optimized 2-D and 3-D display rendering. The frame grabbers are available in AGP and half-slot PCI-bus format and offer fullframe video capture; on-board trigger, strobe and I/O; and a choice of software development tools. Acquired images are stored in 8, 16 or 32-bit pixels using YUV 4:2:2, 4:2:0 or RGB formats.
Coreco Imaging,
Bedford, Mass.

“By combining a high-performance frame grabber with a high-resolution VGA controller, [Bandit-II gives] developers… the performance they need in an integrated and cost-effective package.”

– Philip Colet, Coreco Imaging

Flip Chip Die Bonder
The Die Bonder 2008xSC is an expandable high-speed die bonder platform for endless tape applications. The machine's modularity enables manufacturers to run different reel-to-reel applications on the same platform. The system is ideally suited to smart card applications, and features a throughput rate of 8,000 UPH with a bonding accuracy of 15 microns. The pick-and-place feature is equipped with a high-speed drive and the indexer incorporates a rail as y-guide, which is said to result in high reliability and an extended application range of 0.2 to 25 mm die. The indexing system enables the handling of thin substrates for flip chip applications. The machine is convertible to a high-speed flip chip machine for high-speed bonding of RF devices, smart cards and logic devices. As a flip chip bonder, the machine has a productivity up to 6,000 UPH and a bond accuracy of ± 50 microns.
ESEC Inc.,
Cham, Switzerland.

Hand-held Dispenser
The MixPac hand-held adhesive dispensing system for two-component adhesives consists of a manual or pneumatic dispensing gun, a cartridge and a static mixer. The system increases the user's choice of adhesives for any application by making two-component adhesives as easy to use as single-component adhesives.
ConProTec Inc.,
Salem, N.H.

Mask Repair Tool
A new 130 nanometer generation mask repair tool provides mask makers the capability to remove defects in binary, quartz and molybdenum silicide masks for the 130 nm node of the SIA roadmap for semiconductors. Key capabilities are edge placement of less than 25 nm and substrate damage of less than 10 nm. Optical transmission characteristics of the repaired region are said to be similar to regions where no defect was present. The system works inside 500 nm lines/spaces and 350 nm trenches, and is prepared for field upgrades.
Rave LLC,
Delray Beach, Fla.

Memory Test System
The Flash 750 MicroCOSM memory test platform is said to reduce time and cost to ramp into high-volume manufacturing by enabling the development and debug of test programs, DIBs and probe cards without impacting current production. The system uses 100MHz electronics, interface correlation and IG-XL software. The testing architecture uses intelligent instruments to make measurements and flow decisions at pattern speed, eliminating test bottlenecks andminimizing tester overhead. Features include the ability to test 512Mb mask ROMs and up to 4Gb flash devices.
Teradyne Inc.,

“The Flash 750 MicroCOSM not only assists with generating the test program for tape out, but also in getting the device into high-volume manufacturing.”

– Mike Palumbo, Teradyne Inc.

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Reflow Soldering Systems
Reflow soldering systems from Vitronics Soltec offer maximum heating uniformity and efficient heat transfer, which are required to reproduce demanding lead- free profiles. These ovens are configured with controlled cooling and a flux flow control management tool for collecting flux vapors that are exhausted from a reflow system. The ovens are designed to work at temperature up to 300°C. The systems are reportedly ideally suited for use with lead-free solders.
Vitronics Soltec North America,
Stratham, N.H.

Auto-focus Inspection
Viscom is now implementing True Auto-focus Technology (TAF) on all of its X-ray inspection machines. TAF ensures optimum image quality under all circumstances, and closed X-ray tubes now offer the same specifications and possibilities of open micro-focus tubes.
Viscom USA,
Norcross, Ga.

Six-axis Robot
The AdeptSix 300 is a six-axis robot for assembly and material handling applications. The robot has a 3 kg payload and 677 mm reach. Cleanroom and other packaging options are available. Standard options include AVI vision guidance, additional I/O modules and external motion control. Industry standard software options, such as AdeptWindows PC, AIM application packages and advanced V+ programming language functions, are also available.
Adept Technology Inc.,
San Jose, Calif.

“From linear modules and Cartesian robots to SCARAs and now six-axis robots, we offer customers the ability to leverage their expertise with our extensive line.”

– Joe Campbell, Adept Technology Inc.

Exposed Pad QFP
The ExposedPad LQFP is said to provide up to 60-percent increased power and enhanced thermal performance for cost-effective applications requiring high speed, low loop inductance and short path to ground in a low-profile package. Applications include laptop computers, office equipment, disk drives, communications boards, audio/visual devices and data acquisition devices. The key to this new technology is a deepened down-set of the die, which allows the exposed pad to be soldered to the printed circuit board. These packages have lead counts ranging from 176 in the 20 x 20 form factor to 256 in the 28 x 28 form factor. The packages are 1.4-mm thick.
Amkor Technology Inc.,
Chandler, Ariz.

“We developed the package to provide enhanced thermal performance but soon found our customers also wanting it for its superior electrical characteristics.”
– Don Foster, Amkor Technology Inc.

Inspection and Test Services
Chase EMS Group is now offering a comprehensive range of inspection and test services, including automated optical inspection, X-ray, in-circuit test and functional testing. Chase also offers burn-in, TCT, system configuration, functional test, digital, analog, RF and dynamic thermal cycling. The group's new transmissive real-time X-ray system handles an 18 x 24-inch board at 8 micron resolution, and is equipped with software that allows the operator to measure the size of a BGA solder sphere and also calculate the size and density of any voids in the spheres.
Chase EMS Group,
West Bridgewater, Mass.

“We've added new technology and new personnel to underscore our commitment to providing the highest quality manufacturing solutions to our customers.” – Andrew Chase, Chase EMS Group


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New Products

Air curtain
The food service brochure outlines the various applications and cost-effective uses for an air curtain. Food service consultants and operators can use the publication to research the perfect commercial application for their customer's needs. Air curtains reduce building heating and cooling costs and promote employee comfort.
Mars Air Doors
Gardena, CA
(310) 532-1555

Incubator brochure
The Steri-Cycle CO2 incubators brochure describes product features and benefits, specifications and accessories. The incubators include the HEPA airflow system—which achieves ISO Class 5 air quality within five minutes of door closing—for continuous contamination control and a high heat sterilization cycle for periodic contamination elimination. According to the manufacturer, the heat sterilization cycle destroys all mycoplasma, fungi, mold, yeast, bacteria and spores.
Thermo Forma
Marietta, OH
(740) 373-4763

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Machine platform
Automation Series Machine Platforms incorporate the most common components and activities into a single unit that withstands continuous industrial use. The platforms replace a variety of custom components, thereby decreasing procurement costs and lead time for machine builders. They are available in several sizes and configurations and with a wide range of options.
St. Bonifacius, MN
(952) 446-1455

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Generator set
The 3.5kW Kubota-powered generator set weighs 160 pounds and can be customized to stand 13 inches tall, while the 5.5kW version uses 24×24 inches of floor space. The sets utilize Goodyear helical-cut drive systems that enable the engines to run at 2800 rpm, while the generators spin at 3600 rpm. According to the manufacturer, the lower engine speed reduces fuel consumption to 1/10 to 2/10 gallon per hour and minimizes noise and vibration. The 3.5kW version costs $3495 and the 5.5kW version costs $4695.
Next Generation Power Engineering Inc.
Jacksonville, FL
(904) 642-8555

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Formaldehyde monitor
The Formaldemeter 400 is a direct-reading portable formaldehyde mointor. Instrument features include readings on a four-digit LCD in less than 10 seconds, compact size, rugged construction and simple operation with no special training required. Accuracy can be checked with a simple-to-use gas standard. The product is supplied as a complete kit, including the Formaldemeter 400 instrument, instruction manual, calibration standard and carrying case.
Enmet Corp.
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 761-1270

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Gas sensor
The 420 Series remote gas monitoring transmitters use patented sensors that are highly specific, fast responding, poison resistant and unaffected by moisture or temperature changes. The standalone sensors are available for ammonia, hydrocarbons, freons, ethylene oxide, hydrogen, combustibles, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and numerous other gases. Ranges are available to detect these gases in the low ppm, high ppm or %LEL levels without sensor damage.
CEA Instruments Inc.
Emerson, NJ
(201) 967-5660

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Positioning table
The standard precision tables are designed for use in atmospheric pressures ranging from 760 torr to 250 torr. Tables manufactured for 10-7 torr vacuum applications feature Kapton insulated wiring, nickel-plated structural components and vacuum-compatible lubricants. All casted materials are eliminated, all surfaces and components are vapor degreased and all sulfur-based cutting fluids are eliminated from the manufacturing process.
Industrial Devices Corp.
Petaluma, CA
(707) 789-0175

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Electrostatic voltmeter
Model 541 electrostatic voltmeters are microprocessor-based instruments that monitor surface voltages in critical operations associated with semiconductor, LCD, electronic assembly and other processes where static charge accumulation poses a threat to production yields or product quality. The product utilizes a miniature probe that can be remotely located. The instrument features a 20×4 alphanumeric LCD screen that displays the present measured voltage, the positive peak voltage value, the negative peak voltage value and additional menu information.
Trek Inc.
Medina, NY
(716) 798-3140

Capsule filter
Mini Kleenpak capsule filters with Fluorodyne II DFL 0.2µm rated membrane are compact, pleated, pharmaceutical-grade capsule filters featuring low hold up volumes. They also feature high flow rates and throughputs, low extractables and are fully integrity testable. Each filter is supplied with a certificate of test, and a comprehensive validation guide is available.
Pall Corp.
East Hills, NY
(800) 859-3245

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Pushbutton switch
The short crimp pin terminated switch expands the different terminations available to MIL-C-39029/22/192 crimp pins. It can be used for both new and retrofit applications where existing wiring harnesses require the smaller crimp pins. The Series 90 switches are built to Military Specifications. The incandescent Series 90 Lighted Pushbutton Switch is QPL listed under MIL-PRF-22885/101. LED lighted and crimp configurations are QPL listed under MIL-PRF-22885/111. Both versions have been qualified for night vision system compatibility.
Costa Mesa, CA
(714) 549-3041

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PVDF sheet
The polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) sheet, Brigade HPC-1, for wet bench construction has been listed with FM Global in compliance with its FM4910 Clean Rooms Materials Flammability Test Protocol, which evaluates the ability of plastic sheet materials to limit fire spread and smoke damage resulting from a fire in a cleanroom or semiconductor processing area. The sheet is made from Solef 11010 copolymer resin produced by Solvay Advanced Polymers Inc. Applications include: wafer fabrication and lab equipment, etching machines, scrubbers, fume hoods and ducts and sinks.
HPG International Inc.
Somerset, NJ
(800) 344-6080

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Leak detection unit
The Heliot 300 Series of high-sensitivity, portable helium leak detectors provide ultraclean leak detection when equipped with an optional dry backing pump in place of the traditional oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump. The unit is fully automatic in all operating modes and has many configuration options. It can test for leaks ranging from 10-11 to 10-3 atm·cc/sec in large and small objects—such as vacuum process chambers, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, piping and tube assemblies—in cleanroom environments.
ULVAC Technologies Inc.
Methuen, MA
(978) 686-7550

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Rapid access barrier
The rapid access barrier enables the operator to intervene in the aseptic process without compromising asepsis. Using gloveports, operations personnel are able to keep all barrier panels closed and in place. According to the manufacturer, improvements in sterility assurance levels are up to 100 times cleaner compared to conventional Class 100 cleanroom with a gowned operator, are readily achieved.
The Baker Company
Morristown, NJ
(973) 267-8900

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Pleated filter
The Aeropleat IV+ pleated panel air filter delivers MERV 8 efficiency per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-1999. Rated as U.L. Class 2, the filter uses a layered, nonwoven synthetic media in a radial pleat design to optimize efficiency. A beverage board frame with high wet strength provides a rigid and durable filter pack. The filter is available in 1-, 2- and 4-inch depths. According to the manufacturer, the filter combines mechanical and electrostatic filtration principles to provide higher initial efficiencies on particles in the 1-3 micron size range.
Camfil Farr
El Segundo, CA
(310) 727-6300

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Release liners
Silicone on polyethylene release liners are cured using UV and E-beam chemistries to permit the use of low-temperature materials that can be formed easily. Featuring low- and high-density films and gauges ranging from 0.25 to 30 mil, the products provide good dimensional stability and surface smoothness and are die-cuttable. They can be custom developed to meet a specific release level and application requirements.
Metallized Products Inc.
Winchester, MA
(781) 729-8300

Humidity measurement device
The Vaporstat model 9002 uses infrared energy to count the water molecules in the air. According to the company, the result is an absolute humidity measurement. It can provide control and understanding of humidity particularly as it relates to conditions that may affect manufacturing processes or cause mold and microbial growth in buildings.
Goleta, CA
(805) 964-1699

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Air filter technical bulletins
The five-bulletin series features air filter models used in air cooling of electronics applications: dual EMI honeycomb, polyester, polyfold, quadrafoam and uni-foam. Air filters meet all necessary design standards and classifications, including UL 94 HF-1, UL 900 Class 2, Telcordia NEBS GR-78-CORE and GR-63-CORE, and FMVSS 302.
Universal Air Filter Co.
Sauget, IL
(618) 271-7300

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Static dissipative VCT
Static Dissipative Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) offers durable commercial flooring with static dissipative properties and an easy installation system. With the purity of a white base sparkled with pattern chips in beige, white and gray, the flooring coordinates with the manufacturer's VCT Cortina color selection, and the pattern and color last for the life of the floor. The flooring is designed to meet static control requirements in most non-explosive environments, with an average electrical resistance range between 106 and 109 Ohms.
Whitehall, PA
(610) 266-5657

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Temperature/humidity recorder
The FH121 is a paperless temperature and humidity recorder. It provides detailed data on a large screen from 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 to 95 percent RH. The 4.5 x 2.5-inch display also shows a graph of data ranging from 1 hour to 32 days. For detailed analysis, storing or e-mailing, the unit stores 16,128 sample points for optional PC downloads.
Dickson Company
Addison, IL
(630) 543-3747

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Contamination control mat
The 3 Step Sticky Mat is a washable and static dissipative contamination control mat that features a high tack polymer surface. It is loose laid and has a cushioned, non-slip base. Suitable applications include hallways, changing rooms, raised access floors, air locks and entrances. According to the manufacturer, it does not particulate and is silicone and DOP free. Available in blue or gray, it is 2m wide and is available in varying lengths.
Dycem Ltd.
+44 0117 9559921

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Medical pump
MityFlex Peristaltic Pumps are designed for increased sampling accuracy and more efficient operation. New features include multiple roller heads to reduce pulsation and quick-release covers for fast change out of tubing. The tubing pumps are specified as components in medical and R&D applications requiring sanitary compliance and reliable performance. The material being moved comes into contact only with the tubing; the fluids in transfer remain totally contamination free.
Anko Products Inc.
Bradenton, FL
(800) 446-2656


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