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by Laureen Belleville

Airborne particles in the presence of sensitive or sterile equipment or products can be disastrous to an operation. To prevent any such damage, cleanroom workers must often suit up from head to toe, which includes the use of boots.

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The 33-04-C1754 reusable boot from White Knight Engineered Products (top right); a cleanroom operator wearing the Pro/Clean boot from Kappler (center); the Quantum flat and molded sole boot from Prudential Cleanroom Services (bottom right).

Many boot options are available, from high tops to low tops, with buckles or straps and conductive or dissipative materials. Your application will dictate the appropriate boot features. Consider also the boot durability specifications: heel wear, toe abrasion, tread life and non-slip features, for example.

As with most cleanroom apparel, the boots only work if personnel wear them. Therefore, comfort is a top, non-technical, consideration. And, the boots should be relatively easy to don and remove.

Worker protection, as opposed to equipment/product protection, can also be an issue. Boots are available to safeguard workers against hazardous chemical and biological contamination. These often are resistant to most fluids and chemicals and are tear/crack resistant.

Distributors of cleanroom boots
The following companies distribute cleanroom boots:

  • Alltex Uniform Rental Service Inc., Manchester, NH, Tel: (603) 625-9722, Fax: (603) 625-5413,
  • American Cleanroom Garments, Waukegan, IL, Tel: (847) 473-1200, Fax: (847) 473-4595,
  • Benchmark Products Inc., Highwood, IL, Tel: (847) 433-3500, Fax: (847) 433-3545,
  • Cintas Cleanroom Resources, Cincinnati, OH, Tel: (800) 424-6827, Fax: (877) 724-6827,
  • Connecticut Clean Room Corp., Bristol, CT, Tel: (860) 589-0049, Fax: (860) 585-7355,
  • Contamination Control Products, Neptune City, NJ, Tel: (877) 553-2676, Fax: (732) 869-2999,
  • Hal Sharpe Associates Inc., Chico, CA, Tel: (530) 899-1555, Fax: (530) 899-1559,
  • Liberty Industries Inc., E. Berlin, CT, Tel: (860) 828-6361, Fax: (860) 828-8879,
  • Servitex Cleanroom Services, Durham, NC, Tel: (919) 957-9800, Fax: (919) 957-0403
  • Ultrapure Technology, Suwanee, GA, Tel: (800) 932-0309, Fax: (770) 932-0809,

Manufacturers of Cleanroom Boots
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Manufacturers of Cleanroom Boots (con’t)
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