IMAPS 2001 Preview

To help you prepare for the upcoming 34th International Symposium on Microelectronics (October 7-11, 2001, at the Baltimore Convention Center), Advanced Packaging has compiled a sampling of products that will be featured at the exhibition. For more information on IMAPS 2001, visit

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Stencil-printing Adhesives
The Chipbonder 3616 and 3617 are single-component epoxy adhesives designed to be dispensed at rates up to 6 inches per second and to cure rapidly on exposure to heat. The products are said to be capable of printing a range of dot heights with a single stencil thickness, as well as provide dot size and shape control when applied using the company's Varidot stencil-printing technology. Loctite Corp., Rocky Hill, Conn.

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The sockets for laser diode packages are available on 0.025, 0.050, 0.075 and 0.100 center to center. The strip socket is versatile, accommodating different package sizes. The materials are rated for burn-in requirements. New options include the 5253-100W-7 Series for wider leads, up to 0.039 wide; the 5250-100W-7 Series for 5-A requirements; and the 5254-100 Series for lower profile. Azimuth Electronics Inc., San Clemente, Calif.

Wafer Dicing/Grinding Tapes
These U.S.-made anti-static wafer dicing and grinding tapes reportedly offer consistent peel strength of ± 25 percent gm/inch per roll and are available in various peel strengths. One improvement is the “controlled release,” meaning the tape bond strength does not increase over time, providing a contaminant-free die after tape release. The HTCR series tapes are made of material that is said to offer a high-temperature, water-resistant, stretchable, silicone-free alternative to traditional PVC dicing and grinding tapes. AI Technology Inc., Princeton Junction, N.J.

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Testing Equipment
The Model 5848 is designed for testing microelectronic devices, MEMS, photonics devices and other small components. Applications include semiconductor die shear and pull tests, tensile testing of fine wires and fibers, and peel tests of thin films and substrates. It is said to provide the sub-micron position accuracy and ultra-high-precision control capability required for testing micro-sized components, as well as the performance needed for cyclic fatigue testing. Instron Corp., Canton, Mass.

Liquid Underfill Encapsulant
Epo-Tek U300 is a liquid underfill encapsulant for flip-chip bonding. The material is a low-viscosity, fast-curing underfill designed to improve the reliability of flip-chip assemblies. Said to enhance adhesion, environmental protection and uniform stress distribution along the bondline, this product reportedly can increase the fatigue life from 1,300 to 11,000 thermal cycles for GaAs on Duroid flip-chip assemblies. Epoxy Technology Inc., Billerica, Mass.

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Optical Applications
MRSI has announced its new 5-µm placement capability for optical applications used for data and telecommunications. The system will be configured for eutectic die attach of lasers and photodetectors onto submounts. The placement is achieved with a thermally and mechanically stable platform that is said to offer fast settling times and ± 5 µm or better placement accuracy required for photonic applications. The capabilities include a heated assembly station with fast closed-loop temperature ramping and controlled contact force for placement. MRSI, North Billerica, Mass.

Integrated Wafer Feeder
This new integrated wafer feeder, which incorporates vision processing, offers magazine input to 25 wafers, random access to multiple-part-number wafers, automatic tool change, pre-stretched wafers for wafer change, wafer map input or ink-dot identification, tact time of one die per second, bar-code identification and tracking of wafers, small footprint and the ability to adapt to 300-mm wafer processing. Universal Instruments Corp., Binghamton, N.Y.

Underfill Encapsulant
Hysol FP4549 underfill encapsulant reportedly is qualified to perform in 260°C reflow applications. The product heat cures in 30 minutes at 165°C and meets JEDEC Level 3, 260°C requirements. Said to be a high-purity, low-stress liquid epoxy encapsulant, it is formulated to underfill gaps as small as 20 µm between the die and the substrate. This “green” material is compatible with no-lead assemblies and offers adhesion to a variety of substrates. Dexter Electronic Materials, a division of Loctite Corp., Industry, Calif.

The Model 2300 sealers offer users an Auer boat capability, including handling large fiber-optic components. This feature delivers efficiency and increased throughput for lid-sealing productions. The automated lid positioning and handling capabilities reportedly help users achieve maximum throughput with cassette feeding or matrix tooling. Solid State Equipment Corp., Horsham, Pa.

Centrifugal Cleaning System
The MicroCel Centrifugal Cleaning System provides cleaning and drying of bumped wafers, flip chips, CSPs, BGAs, MCMs, hybrid and conventional circuit assemblies. The system features zero discharge, short cycle times, process flexibility, total drying, small footprint and solvent versatility, accepting semi-aqueous, aqueous, alcohol and traditional solvents. It is suitable for products demanding thorough drying and cleaning underneath small gaps and around micro-crevices. Speedline Accel, Franklin, Mass.

Alumina Ceramics
Suitable for electronic, appliance and automotive applications, these alumina ceramics offer a solution for demanding applications. The small-pressed components are designed for use in varactors and other miniature electronic devices. Process controls from milling through spray-drying and powder segregation ensure reproducibility and uniform press powder. Millions of parts per order can be processed using multi-cavity, high-volume manufacturing. GBC Materials, a division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics, New Bedford, Mass.

High-frequency Resistors
The RF Series compact, lightweight resistors are suitable for use in RF and microwave applications, and are available in 14 standard case sizes, 0402 through 3838. The series is offered with single-surface or wrap-around terminations as well as a variety of termination materials for solder-mount, epoxy-bond or wire-bond applications. State of the Art (SOTA) Inc., State College, Pa.

Lead-free Solder Alternative
CE 3104 is a one-component, thermosetting, electrically conductive adhesive that cures completely at low temperatures or following a typical eutectic solder reflow cycle. It has contact resistance stability when used with Sn, Sn/Pb or OSP-copper metallizations. The product's blend of fillers with tightly controlled particle sizes reportedly enables ultra-fine-pitch resolution (less than 0.020-inch) when printed using either a stainless-steel mesh screen or a metal mask stencil. Emerson & Cuming, a division of the National Starch and Chemical Co., Billerica, Mass.

Microwave Circuits
The Lower Cost Microwave Circuitry (LCMC) is said to offer the high-frequency performance of thin film at the price advantages of thick film. With performance figures measured to 80 GHz, the company can produce filters, inductors, Lange couplers (with crossovers), multilayers and microstrips. Amitron Inc., North Andover, Mass.

Automated Laser Diode Attach
The LDA (laser diode attach system) packages indium phosphide laser diode assemblies onto carriers and then attaches them inside an optoelectronic package. The process incorporates a void-free eutectic solder interface that is said to manage thermal and electrical connections. The programmable closed-loop system gives tightly coupled control and repeatability of eutectic reflow processes while maintaining a final placement accuracy of 5 microns. Palomar Technologies, Vista, Calif.

Dispensing System
The XyflexPro is a small-footprint scalable dispensing system. Its modular design allows up to four machines to be installed in-line, all controlled from a single PC-based controller and Windows NT user interface. The system is available in two dispense area versions: 22 x 22 inches or 13 x 10 inches, and can be customized for both SMT and semiconductor packaging applications. The XyflexPro provides throughput speeds of 30,000 dots per hour. Automated weight calibration, multiple conveyor options and rotary or multi-piston pumps are also available. Speedline CAMALOT, Franklin, Mass.

Photosensitive Polyimide Coating
Photoneece PWDC-1000 is a positive tone photosensitive polyimide coating that offers high resolution with short processing steps and eliminates the etch process step. Additionally, the product features photoresist developer compatibility through an environmentally friendly aqueous solution, developer and rinse material cost reduction, process step reduction, and minimal outgassing during final cure. Aluminum pad O2 plasma strip is typically not required. Dow Corning Corp., Midland, Mich.

Gold Conductor Paste
KQ500, a cadmium-free gold conductor paste, produces extremely dense fired films with smooth fired finishes. Using a combination of screen printing and etching, conductor geometries as fine as 10 microns (0.4 mils) can be achieved. When used with other products in Heraeus' KQ Advanced Materials System and the Heratape LTCC system, KQ500 is said to provide thin film performance at approximately half the processing cost. Heraeus, West Conshohocken, Pa.


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