New Products

Wastewater evaporator
The 30-gallon-per-hour Dry Chamber Flash Wastewater Evaporator uses proprietary thermo oxidation technology that evaporates the effluent leaving a dry ash in a coated ceramic chamber. The system design includes modulating burner controls, an air pre-heating system and remote monitoring via modem. It uses any British Thermal Units (BTU) of the wastewater for fuel savings and can use use oil as a fuel.
RGF Environmental
West Palm Beach, FL
(561) 848-1826

Miniature gripper
Intended for robotic part placement equipment, the Gripper can handle 10 pounds and can actuate every four seconds. The product is air actuated and can be made of different materials to suite the environment for which it is intended. It replaces external bladder Grippers that wear out prematurely and must be replaced or repaired.
Nim-Cor Inc.
Nashua, NH
(888) 4-NIM-COR

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Vacuum filter cup
The Stericup-VP both removes mycoplasma and provides high-speed filtration of up to one liter with low protein binding. According to the manufacturer, the membrane's asymmetric structure offers greater filtration capacity and speed than traditional 0.1-micron filters. The unit is intended for use in laminar flow hoods. The no-tip/easy-grip flask design and compact profile improve stability during filtration and facilitate gripping the receiver. The bottom of the receiver flask is slightly recessed, enabling capped flasks to be stacked for storage.
Millipore Corp.
Bedford, MA
(781) 533-2897

The 840 series of quick-disconnect probes measure surface and volume resistance/resistivity of flat, uneven and curved surfaces. Models 841, 842 and 844 consist of an array of spring-loaded electrodes that enable the user to measure the surface resistance of objects as small as 0.75 x 0.188 inch and 0.438 inch deep. The Model 845 is a lightweight version of the ESD Association S4.1 and NFPA five-pound probe (ETS Model 850). It weighs approximately one pound. The probes can be used with a standard shielded BNC cable or with the Model 848 universal handle assembly with three-foot, two-conductor shielded Teflon cable terminated with banana plugs for use with most resistance meters.
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
Glenside, PA
(215) 887-2196

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Electrostatic fieldmeter
The Model 222 is a precision electrostatic fieldmeter that operates from either 2- to 9- volt batteries or a universal switching power module (included). The instrument incorporates a vibrating reed electrostatic sensor that is available in several configurations. In standard configuration, the sensor is housed in a 1 x 2 x 1-inch aluminum housing connected to the meter via a five-foot cable with DIN connectors. An optional configuration incorporates a weather-tight 1/2-inch NPT elbow housing with air purge that utilizes an isolated charged plate detector and built-in sensor electronics enabling it to be mounted 100 feet away from the control unit.
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
Glenside, PA
(215) 887-2196

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Pressure gauge
The ultrahigh purity (UHP) pressure gauges, constructed with 316 VAR end connections, are available in 1.5- and 2-inch dial sizes. They come with the company's VCR face seal fitting and IGS II surface end connections. The products are capable of sensing vacuum and positive pressure (compound) or positive pressures only. Gauges are available with center back and lower back mounting options. They are assembled, cleaned and packaged in a ISO Class 4 (Class 10) environment.
Swagelok Company
Solon, OH
(440) 349-5934

Media cassettes
Media cassettes are available in Sabouraud dextrose agar for M Air T systems. Users can monitor airborne yeast, mold and aciduric microorganisms in critical areas. The cassettes are pre-filled, sterile and load with no risk of contamination. The cassette design allows consistent particle size impaction and ensures reliable nutrition capability. The uniform filling level and flat surface enable the user to sample the same volume of air every time, up to one cubic meter per test.
Millipore Corp.
Bedford, MA
(781) 533-8562

Vacuum unit
The E-Pak 1000 AS central vacuum unit incorporates an intelligent control unit that adjusts the number of revolutions depending on the vacuum flow. Accessories include extra discharge air silencer, maintenance switch, 15-gallon plastic sack, service hour meter and compressed air switch. The system includes the filter, control equipment and vacuum source. Specifications include a noise level of 68 dB(A) and a filter life of 8000 hours with 99.97 percent filter efficiency. The unit dimensions are 60 x 32 x 81 inches.
Nederman Inc.
Westland, MI
(800) 575-0609

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Anti-fatigue mat
Approved for use in all cleanroom levels, the Anti-Fatigue mat is designed to reduce fatigue and help to prevent cumulative stress disorder when cleanroom work requires standing for prolonged periods. The mat is low profile to reduce tripping hazards and has a non-slip base. Additionally, it is static dissipative, non-particulating, non-outgassing and silicone and DOP free. The mat is available in black or gray, in various sizes or as a continuous roll.
Dycem Ltd.
Warwick, RI
(401) 738-4420

CO2 monitor
The Model 7001vr handheld CO2 monitor calculates and directly displays the cubic-feet-per-minute of outdoor air ventilation provided on a per-person basis occurring within a space. The calculation is based on the measurement of inside/outside CO2 differential. The unit enables users to determine if a space is over or under ventilated according to recommended codes and standards. Software is available that will graph concentrations directly to a PC.
Goleta, CA
(805) 964-1699

Ceiling storage
This flat field-stocker is placed under the cleanroom ceiling. With this method, the WIP storage serves as an intra-bay delivery system and as a storage system or stocker. The near-zero footprint of the product is economical in new fabs and is useful in existing fabs where no more floor space is available. The unit is random access and is available with multiple I/O ports and Secs/Gem interface.
Middlesex General Industries
Woburn, MA
(781) 935-7147

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Electronic assembly tray
The four industry-standard size trays are manufactured in reinforced fiberglass material and conform to ANSI/ESD S20.20-1999 requirements for ESD packaging with a surface resistivity from 105 to 108 ohms/square. Available in static-dissipative material, the trays also have the ability to carry heavy loads and can handle temperatures ranging from -60 degrees to +250 degrees Fahrenheit.
Oconomowoc, WI
(262) 560-5700

Interface box
The Data Acquisition Remote Terminal (DART2) is a dual-processing system that connects directly to all environmental sensors, including temperature, humidity, differential air pressure, flow, particles, vibration, molecular and more. According to the manufacturer, dual processors provide high-speed data capture and real-time process equipment communication interface. The system maintains the company's daisy-chain configuration for station-to-station connection to the Multiplexing with FMS Software. A single power supply fuels the system and all attached sensors.
Novx Corp.
San Jose, CA
(408) 998-5555

Facility monitoring system
This software/hardware interface box is a dual-processing system that connects directly to all environmental sensors and the DART2 (data acquisition remote terminal) for station-to-station connection to the FMS software. The product represents an expansion of the company's multiplexing data acquisition software system for storage of facility and equipment ESC performance data over time. The FMS will incorporate information from the existing DART, M100 multipoint microprocessor-based ground monitor and DART2.
Novx Corp.
San Jose, CA
(408) 998-5555

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Production/filling machine
Two models are available primarily for use in the manufacture and filling of pouches for parenteral solution, dialysis and other medical applications. The IVF is used for the production of non-PVC IV bags. These can be made from two single films, a double film or sleeves. It can produce multi-compartment pouches with strippable sealing. The IVR is used for both manufacture and filling of non-PVC IV bags. Depending on the type of bag, the IVF and IVR can achieve high throughputs, producing and/or filling from 1000 to 3600 pouches per hour.
St. Germain au Mont d'Or, France
(011.33) 4 72 08 19 19

Air cleaner
The Nanobio device for indoor air cleaning, the Nanocap microbiological safety cabinet for laboratories and the Nano-cleanroom air cleaning units utilize the MFI technology. The method is based on the use of ion jets and electric pushing and pulling forces, and it is capable of separating ultrafine particles down to nanometric (0.001 micron) size from the air. No fiber filters are needed. According to the manufacturer, the method features simple maintenance and surveillance, endures moisture unlike filters and causes no growth medium for microbes. Cleaning is automatic during operation.
Genano Ltd.
Vantaa, Finland
+358 9 77 43 870

Defect detector
The QIII+ surface particle detector is a second-generation system for advanced surface particle measurement and detection. Primary applications include process equipment cleanliness verification, spare parts quality, equipment start-up certification and identification of contaminants that are found in and around IC process equipment. The portable, recipe-drive measurement system is equipped with onboard features such as a Web-enabled operating system and contamination capture.
Pentagon Technologies Inc.
Fremont, CA
(510) 440-1890

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Thermal conductivity analyzer
The CAT 7D thermal conductivity analyzer uses the Wheatstone Bridge technology to monitor the changes in thermal conductivity between a known value and the thermal conductivity value of the sample gas. These changes are proportional to the measured gas component and the signal is linearized if necessary and calibrated to represent the concentration of the measured component.
Rosemount Analytical
Orrville, OH
(330) 684-4479

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Piezoelectric motor
A range of piezoelectric motors based on ultrasonic standing waves are intended for advanced motion control and automation systems. According to the manufacturer, the products offer high resolution, unlimited travel and no intrinsic magnetic field. The compact packaging and ability to drive linear or rotary devices make this technology well suited to applications in semiconductor, fiber optics, electronics, bio-medical/pharmaceutical, automotive and general assembly manufacturing equipment.
Nanomotion Inc.
Ronkonkoma, NY
(800) 821-6266

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HEPA fan filter unit
The Max8000EQ FFU runs at 48 dBA on low speed and 53 dBA on high speed and uses 0.30 watts/cubic feet per minute. Its 13.25-inch height and lightweight design (56 pounds) make it applicable for cleanroom ceiling use. The unit comes with a 99.99 percent @ 0.3-micron efficient HEPA or a 99.9995 percent @ 0.128-micron ULPA filter and a 1-inch pleated 30 percent ASHRAE pre-filter. Options include a variable speed controller, indicator light, power cord and a 10-inch duct collar.
Liberty Industries Inc.
East Berlin, CT
(860) 828-6361

Sponge wipers
The line of PVA clean sponge is for wiping and cleaning, absorbing chemical and liquid spills, applying disinfectants and solutions and attracting lint and particles in cleanrooms. The clean sponge products include wipers, pads, discs, blocks, blankets and mops. UltraPure PVA clean sponges are also available as an option for all clean sponge products. It is cleaned, cleanroom packaged, IC tested and certified to the highest industry standard of cleanliness.
Shima American Corp.
San Jose, CA
(408) 514-2700

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Bulk gas purifier
The 200M bulk gas purifier is intended for the safe removal of gaseous contaminants such as water, oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons from facility gas sources. They are available for all inert gases, hydrogen, oxygen and compressed dry air. The unit can deliver a supply of pure gas at sub-ppb contaminant levels with flow rates up to 40,000 slpm and operates even when the power goes out. The product comprises a single purifier vessel, isolation valves, manifolding and frame.
San Diego, CA
(858) 452-0124

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Mini-pleat HEPA filter
The Filtra 2000 air filter reportedly contains more than twice the media area of some standard HEPA filters, configured in a mini-pleat V-bank design for optimum air flow. It provides up to 430 square feet of media. The product installs in any HEPA mounting system without modifications and is available with a gel seal or one-piece gasket that prevents air bypass. The air filter operates at low pressure drop, with initial resistance of 1.0 inch w.g. at velocities up to 2400 cubic feet per minute. Suitable for applications of up to 100 percent relative humidity, the filter uses a waterproof microglass media with a minimum rate efficiency of 99.99 percent of 0.3-micron particles.
Camfil Farr
El Segundo, CA
(310) 727-6300

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Silicone hose
Color-coded sanitary hose features vulcanized platinum cured silicone construction that is offered with a range of color band variations. The high-purity color-coded hose is used for separating functions, facilities, specific applications, dates of service and helping to prevent cross-contamination. Featuring blue, red, yellow, green, natural and purple color bands, with or without printing, the hose conforms to USP class VI, FDA CFR 177.2600, USDA, FDA/ISO10993 and European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9 standards. It is available in 0.5- through 2-inch I.D. sizes and can be supplied as finished assemblies.
Integra Companies Inc.
Bedford, MA
(781) 275-2520

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Fume arm
A range of three-inch-diameter extractor arms are intended for laboratories or industrial applications. Constructed of galvanized steel or mirrored stainless steel tubes, all arms come with a built-in damper and can be bench (standing) or wall/post mounted. The products have no flow restriction inside the arm, which allows for clear and smooth movement of contaminated air and eliminates the possibility of any residue build up. Each arm pivots 360 degrees and is available in three feet or five feet lengths.
Oskar Antipollution
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 353-4949

Hand rinse
SaniMyst e3 is an ethanol-based sanitizing formula engineered to kill a range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The product contains ethanol, glycerine, lauricidin (monolaurin) and purified water. According to the company, ethanol kills 99 percent of E. coli and other bacteria in 30 seconds or less. In addition to its antiseptic action, the product leaves the skin feeling cool and soft without rinsing or toweling.
Hardy Diagnostics
Santa Maria, CA
(800) 266-2222

Biological safety cabinet
Designed for Class II, Type B2 installations, the SterilchemGARD III avoids air re-circulation and generates 100 percent exhaust to protect personnel from particles, gases and vapors. Available in either four- or six-foot models, the cabinet combines an adaptive ergonomic design, total exhaust airflow management and containment technology. The slanted viewscreen is sloped 10 degrees to reduce glare and create a natural head and elbow position when working. The work surface and supports are removable for access to the drain pan to simplify cleaning.
The Baker Company
Sanford, ME
(207) 324-8773

Designed to ensure safe, continuous delivery, the Protocol Alarm provides early warning of cylinder depletion for small-volume single or two cylinder applications. An audio-visual system provides warning when cylinder contents are nearly depleted, utilizing a pressure switch gauge for visual warning and a remote alarm for additional audible and visual warning. The set point on the pressure switch gauge is adjustable in the field to allow adequate time for ordering a replacement cylinder. The product is available with alarm gauges in 600, 4000, 6000 and 10,000 PSIG models.
Virginia Beach, VA
(800) 225-0473


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