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Circular Park
Four prominent trees grew on the perimeter of the city's Circular Park. The path due south from the cypress tree to the dogwood tree intersected the path due west from the baobab tree to the acacia tree at the Lion Fountain.

The cypress was the closest to the fountain. The distance between the fountain and the acacia was one-third farther than the cypress, and the distance between the baobab and the fountain was four-fifths greater than the distance from the acacia to the fountain. The dogwood was 96 yards from the fountain.
What was the radius of the park?

Grand Prize Winner
Congratulations to Robert Kuskie of ChipPAC Inc. (North borough, Mass.) for solving CrossNumber 67. There were no correct entries for the Curious Al challenge. Good luck this month! Happy Holidays!

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Guest CrossNumber 1
In the ten years that Wicks has been writing ThinkTank puzzles for Advanced Packaging, a loyal following of puzzle fanatics has emerged. This month, to mark the anniversary and to say thank you to our readers, we're presenting a CrossNumber challenge written by a reader. Robert L. Szewc, materials manager/ purchasing for My-te Products Inc. (Indianapolis), has been submitting winning answers to Think Tank puzzles for some time now. This challenge is his creation; we thank him for his enthusiasm, and we wish you all luck in solving his puzzle!

1. Product of two prime numbers
4. Product of two prime numbers
6. Square of 3 Down
9. Prime
11. Prime
12. Square root of 13 Across
13. Square of 12 Across
15. Product of two prime numbers
17. 2 x 19 Down
18. Factor of 1 Down
20. 2 x 11 Across
22. Product of two prime numbers
25. (3 x 27 Across) big Pi 2
26. Product of two prime numbers
27. See 25 across
28. 2 x 29 Across
29. Prime

1. Square of 1 Across
2. Product of two prime numbers
3. See 6 Across
4. Square root of 14 Down
5. Square of 4 Across
7. Product of two prime numbers
8. Product of two prime numbers
10. Prime
12. Product of two prime numbers
14. Square of 4 Down
16. 4 x 19 Down
19. One half of 17 Across
20. (2 x 22 Across) + 4 Down
21. Product of two prime numbers
23. Prime
24. 3 x 26 Across

Contest Rules: All entries must be received by January 2, 2002. The winners of the word puzzle and CrossNumber (can be the same person) will be drawn from all correct entries. Fax all entries to 847-634-4240. All entries must include name, complete address, company affiliation and daytime phone number to be considered.

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Solutions to October's Puzzles:

CrossNumber 67

Curious Al
Answer: 56 feet
Solution: Let 4y be the height of the lightning rod, and BF = x ft, the distance he was away from it. Then AB = 14 ft, CH = 20 ft, and CG = 52 ft, making HG = 48 ft. Let JC = a ft.

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All other combinations give negative values for either a or y, or values of a>14 or height of rod = 4y<30. Rod = 4 x 14 = 56 feet.


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