New Products

ICP spectrometer
The Spectro CirosCCD ICP spectrometer provides complete wavelength coverage from 125 to 770 nm. A complete spectrum is recorded in three seconds, and the entire spectrum is stored in a file smaller than 200 Kbytes. Because the complete spectrum is always measured, a new analysis to investigate additional elements of interest is not required.
Spectro Analytical Instruments
Fitchburg, MA
(800) 548-5809

The 8×12-inch Corwipe 500 cleans, reduces static charge and stops rust. Made with Dupont's Sontara non-woven fabric, the wipe contains active water-based material that is safe to handle and not harmful to skin. It is classified as non-hazardous and non-flammable and can be used for electronic and electrical applications. According to the manufacturer, as the wiper cleans a metal surface, it forms a protective antistatic and thin vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor film. The static-dissipative film will drain charges when properly grounded and reduce triboelectric voltages to less than 300 volts. The product comes with 12 wipers packaged in a resealable foil pouch.
Cortec Corp.
White Bear Lake, MN
(800) 426-7832

Isolation system
AirShelter uses HEPA-filtered air to create contained, positive-pressure environments that isolate occupants from airborne contaminants and biological threats. Specific safe areas can be established within structures where people gather. The heart of the product is the AstroCel II HEPA filter. The combination of positive pressure ventilation and HEPA filtration virtually eliminates the introduction of airborne pathogens in contained spaces, providing a filtration level greater than 99.97 percent on 1- to 5-micron particles, such as anthrax spores.
AAF International
Louisville, KY
(502) 637-0326

XRF analysis
A CD demonstration titled “New Technology in XRF Analysis” offers an overview of the company's XRF technology, highlighting features and benefits of the Xepos and X-Lab 2000 spectrometers. Capable of analyzing a variety of samples in powder, liquid and solid forms, the XRF units can be used for analysis in industries such as plastics, fine chemical, petrochemical, geological, pharmaceutical, ceramics, mineralogical and power generation.
Spectro Analytical Instruments Inc.
Fitchburg, MA
(800) 548-5809

Sterile alcohol products
Sterile alcohol products, including IPA and denatured ethanol, are made to meet water-for-injection specifications with regard to endotoxin levels. Endotoxin testing is performed on all lots of finished sterile alcohol to ensure this claim, and results are listed on the lot-specific document. In addition, the sterile alcohol solutions are filtered to 0.22 micron, bottled and double-bagged in a Class 100 cleanroom then gamma irradiated and tested for sterility.
Decon Labs Inc.
Bryn Mawr, PA
(610) 520-0610

Air book
The free, 20-page “Clean Air Fact Book” provides resourceful information enabling manufacturers to provide a safe and healthy work environment. It features simple, practical and profitable guidelines for a cleaner workplace. The publication discusses clean-air regulations and how to comply, air cleaning technologies and how they work, maintenance factors and guidelines for making informed decisions.
United Air Specialists Inc.
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 891-0455

Conveyor belt
Con-Trol-Cure replacement conveyor belts are designed for use on UV curing conveyors. The heat-dissipating belts withstand the high levels of UV radiation and heat associated with the UV curing process. Fiberglass mesh is coated with a special PTFE formulation that contains carbon black for rapid heat dissipation. Sewn-and-sealed edges are stitched with Kevlar thread for added durability.
UV Process Supply
Chicago, IL
(773) 248-0099

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Mercury regulator kit
The kit contains mercury spill pads, gloves, booties, various plugs and screws to fit the pipelines and a variety of bags and a drum liner to seal the mercury-filled regulator for transport. If not properly recycled, mercury may not be effectively removed from devices such as thermometers, switches, relays and other instrumentation.
Sorbent Products Co. Inc.
Somerset, NJ
(732) 302-0080

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Rotary-level switch
Performance enhancements have significantly improved the reliability of the rotary-level switch. These enhancements include de-energizing motor, three drive shaft bearings and built-in motor slip clutch. The rotaries can be used to prevent bin overflow, empty conditions, clogged chutes and jammed conveyors.
Lincoln, NE
(402) 434-9100

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Gas mass flow meter
Series GFM operates with clean gases that are compatible with the 316 stainless-steel wetted parts. The unit is able to withstand pressures up to 500 psi, has a flow rate range from 0-10 sccm to 0-1000 L/min and an operating temperature from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The series features a three-digit, 90-degree tiltable LCD and includes a NIST certificate with each unit.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Michigan Cit, IN
(219) 879-8000

Mini dry-air system
Pneudri Midas provides uninterrupted clean, dry, compressed air without the need for drying the entire compressed air system. The product contains both a high-efficiency and particle filter along with a dessicant cartridge inside a single module, allowing contaminated compressed air in and clean dry air out. A 100 percent service can be achieved in less than 15 minutes due to the quick-release top cap arrangement, according to the manufacturer. The unit can be placed directly after a compressor or after a particular application where the air is critical to the operating process or end product.
Domnick Hunter Inc.
Charlotte, NC
(704) 921-9303

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Process calibrator
Model CAL30 process calibrator can calibrate electronic process equipment such as controllers, transmitters and recorders. Each calibrator is accompanied by a NIST certificate of traceability. Programmable functions include square-root extraction for flow signals, ramp/step increment value, selectable engineering units and isolated signal conversion. All calibration values can be recalled using the Low, Mid and High keys. The unit also features 500-VDC input/output isolation and reverse polarity protection.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Michigan City, IN
(219) 879-8000

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The Teflon tubing is chemically inert, non-flammable and operates from -450 degrees Fahrenheit to +500 degrees Fahrenheit for handling a range of media in critical fluid transfer applications. Unaffected by acids, alkalis and other corrosive media, it is UL listed and can be extruded from TFE, FEP and PFA Teflon in standard and custom formulations. It is available clear and in colors. Offered in standard 0.010-inch to 11/4-inch I.D. sizes with varying wall thickness, or custom sizes, the tubing can be cut to length in 1/16-inch increments with plus or minus 0.032-inch accuracy or supplied in random length coils.
M.M. Newman Corp.
Marblehead, MA
(781) 631-7100

Boron analyzer
The Sievers UPW boron analyzer provides continuous, online, unattended monitoring of part-per-trillion levels of boron in deionized, ultrapure water applications. The product is used for pinpointing resin exhaustion in microelectronics applications. It also prevents downtime and repairs due to silica buildup in turbines and boilers in power applications. It ensures compliance with primary and polish loop boron specifications. The product provides five analyses per hour.
Ionics Inc.
Boulder, CO
(303) 444-2009

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Sludge removal system
Pit Hog dredges have sludge handling capacity to 2000 GPM for more efficient dewatering plant operations. Lagoon pumping platform systems are capable of removing solids of up to 30 percent TS at depths to 25 feet. Dredges are available in compact sizes and configurations.
Liquid Waste Technology
Somerset, WI
(715) 247-5464

Electromagnetic flowmeter
Series 7400DF Magmeter is an accurate electromagnetic flowmeter for process applications in which conductive fluids are used. Less than two inches in diameter, the product consists of a lightweight wafer-style flowmeter and electronic transmitter. The flowmeter features a straight unobstructed flow path and has no moving parts. According to the manufacturer, its design eliminates entrapment points within the meter. The transmitter provides measurement readings with accuracy up to plus or minus 0.25 percent at 30:1 turndown or rangeability.
Brooks Instrument
Hatfield, PA
(215) 362-3705

Dust extractor
Purex range of dust/fume extraction and purification systems are ESD safe. According to the manufacturer, a material composed of 30 percent stainless-steel fibers has been used in the patented knuckle joints and air-flow valves to create earth continuity in the extraction arms.
Hi-Tech UK
Manvers, Rotherham, UK
01709 763000

Airflow controls
The Gold Series of digital-electronic devices provides building controls with high levels of functionality, accuracy and reliability. Features include factory-calibrated to NIST-traceable airflow and temperature standards, sensor accuracy plus or minus two percent of reading for airflow and plus or minus 0.15 degrees Fahrenheit for temperature and permanently calibrated, no drift, no maintenance, no adjustments required.
Ebtron Inc.
Loris, SC
(843) 756-1828

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Magnetostrictive level sensor
The +G+ Signet 2222 magnetostrictive level sensor offers accurate and reliable continuous level measurement. Suited for level measurement of non-coating liquids such as water, acids, bases and corrosive chemicals, the product is available in either a 316SS or SYGEF PVDF body. The 5/8-inch NEMA 6/IP68 tube, which houses the wiring and sensor electronics, eliminates bulky enclosures. The “float” design operates on the principle of buoyancy, and the microprocessor-based technology delivers an accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 percent of full scale and a resolution of 0.01 inch.
George Fischer Inc.
Tustin, CA
(714) 731-8800

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Diaphragm pump
The Tapflo aluminum series air-operated double diaphragm pumps are available in five sizes covering flow capacities up to 110 GPM. The pumps feature infinitely variable flow control, dry run capability and the ability to handle a range of fluid viscosities as well as abrasive or solid-laden media. The pumps are self priming to 25 feet WC and are available in an optional drum-pump configuration.
E. Clark & Associates
Clinton, MA
(800) 253-2497

Vacuum system
The SS Spray Cleaner Vac enables cleanroom personnel to simultaneously apply and recover a variety of solutions. Its multi-grade filtration method ensures that up to 99.999 percent of all ultra-fine particles—both toxic and nuisance—are retained, down to and including 0.12 micron in size. Filters used include a foam impact filter, a microfilter, a main filter, two HEPA filters and an optional ULPA filter. The product meets cleanroom standards up to and including Class 100.
Nilfisk-Advance America
Malvern, PA
(610) 647-6420

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Filter indicator
The G-99 air-filter gauge indicates when to replace air-filter media in forced-air heating and cooling systems. It monitors filter media loading and provides a visual indication when the filter needs replacement.
Novi, MI
(248) 476-5100


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