SEMICON Europa Products

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Ceramic Heatsinks
Aluminium nitride ceramic heatsinks are ideal for passively cooled, high-powered laser diode modules and can be more thermally efficient than aluminium oxide components. With a thermal conductivity of 180 W/mK, aluminium nitride has more than seven times the heat dissipation efficiency of alumina at 25 W/mK. Aluminum nitride also has about 30 percent lower coefficient of linear expansion, 5.6 x 10-6/°C from 25° to 1000°C.
Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC),
New Bedford, Mass.

Underfill Encapsulant
EPO-TEK U300 is a liquid underfill encapsulant designed for flip chip bonding. The material is a low-viscosity, fast-curing underfill that improves the reliability of flip chip assemblies. This underfill encapsulant increases the fatigue life from 1,300 to 11,000 thermal cycles for GaAs on Duroid flip chip assemblies, and frequencies up to 40 GHz can be achieved with no loss of dB. The encapsulant also is said to exhibit great adhesion to laminate, ceramic, solder mask, solder and other various metal surfaces.
Epoxy Technology Inc.,
Billerica, Mass.

Shielded Enclosures
Integrated-shielded enclosures for the 8800 series of analytical probe stations make use of a single-point grounded station base, a probe station platen and additional flexible shielding material. The enclosure design has been enhanced by placing the probe station controls in “bubbles” that attach to the base plate, resulting in a continuous enclosure with better shielding capabilities. The enclosures also enhance its operation as a dry environment at low temperatures.
The Micromanipulator Co.,
Carson City, Nev.

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Test Subsystem
The RF Beacon is an RF test subsystem that offers scalar and vectorial measurement capabilities for up to 16 RF pins in the frequency range of 10 MHz to 6 GHz. The system can test multiple sites using an application that simultaneously tests four Bluetooth chips. Reportedly, the maximum output power reaches up to +13 dBm.
SZ Testsysteme AG,
Amerang, Germany.

STPBGA Package
The STPBGA-L package is a smaller version of the small-thin plastic ball grid array (STPBGA) package for ICs. The new package has a compact size range of 4 x 4 to 17 x 17 mm; to achieve a height of 1.2 mm, the advanced package uses a thin core laminate substrate and a thinner mold cap, which requires more stringent in-process control.
ST Assembly Test Services Ltd.,

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Probe Microscope
The MultiMode PicoForce Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) control system uses an atomic force microscope (AFM), a scanner with closed-loop control of the Z-axis that accurately controls tip-sample separation, and GUI developed software. The system includes an innovative handheld tool that features unparalleled sensitivity to tip-sample interaction force. The microscope's design also allows existing MultiMode AFM users to upgrade individual components.
Veeco Metrology Group,
Santa Barbara, Calif.

Track System
The Hercules lithography track system performs photoresist coating, photolithography and the development of wafers up to 300 mm in size in one integrated tool. This fully automated and customizable system is designed for the manufacturing of highly integrated components, such as MEMS, GaAs or other III-V devices. The wafers are handled by a robotic auto load cassette-to-cassette system between spin coat, bake, chill, align/expose and develop stations. Non-standard sizes or ultra-thin compound semiconductor wafers mounted on carriers can be safely handled by a special robot end-effector.
EV Group Inc.,
Cranston, R.I.

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DIP Test Sockets
Ultra-high temperature DIP test sockets are designed for 350°C and 500°C applications. The test sockets feature a high-temperature ceramic body and high-conductivity stainless steel contacts, and also are offered in both through-hole and surface mount versions. The sockets accept devices from 0.300-inch to 0.600-inch center row-row devices up to 28 positions with leads on 0.100-inch pitch.
Aries Electronics,
Frenchtown, N.J.

Wafer Handling System
The Swissline 9020 series allows handling of epoxy die attach applications on metal lead frames and organic substrates as well as adhesive tape-based packages on the same platform. The 300-mm die attach application offers a patented adaptor system, a five-minute changeover to different wafer sizes and minimal wafer exchange times during operation (two wafers are processed in parallel), resulting in an increase in produc-tivity.
Alphasem AG,

Software Interface
The iProcess software is an easy to use interface designed to provide drill-down capability into equipment and sensor data. The software enables personnel to use commercially available web browsers to monitor factory-wide processes and tool condition. A broad range of graphical reports are available.
Brooks Automation Inc.,
Chelmsford, Mass.

The Leica S6D Stereomicroscope with 6.3:1 zoom is a high-performance, low-cost, camera-ready microscope designed for industrial stereomicroscopy and documentation applications. The robust, single-cam design and patented magnetic zoom lens mounting system ensures smooth control ad trouble-free use. The system performs 6.3 to 40X standard magnification, includes a built-in port for easy adaptation to any camera, holds a field of view of 36.5 mm with 10X eyepieces, and also features an optional integrated fiber optic light source, allowing simultaneous co-axial illumination and photo/ video documentation.
Leica Microsystems Inc.,
Bannockburn, Ill.

Analysis Technique
FEI Co. will be featuring several structural process control and structural diagnostics tools at SEMICON Europa, including the Altura 865 DualBeam. This system is designed for structural diagnostics that allows users to perform 3-D site-specific analysis without needing to cleave wafers, saving wafers for additional or incremental analysis.
FEI Co.,
Hillsboro, Ore.

Web-based Software
Electroglas Inc. will demonstrate various integrated collaborations and automation capabilities at SEMICON Europa. One of them will be the EGsoft Web-based software infrastructure and process management tools and applications. This software provides a collaboration framework that connects semiconductor manufacturing process steps as well as identifies areas for improvement, allowing the manufacturer to realize a higher level of precision than can be achieved in a single tool.
Electroglas Inc.,
San Jose, Calif.

Vision System
The Intelligent Camera Sensor (ICS) 100 is designed to improve workflow, budget and product quality at minimal expense, and allows for quick integration into any application. The IP 64 housing and homogenous integrated illumination and lens make it easy to mount the small and hostile factory environments. The system also features a robust CMOS sensor that allows inspection of glossy objects without the glare.
SICK Inc., North American subsidiary,
Minneapolis, Minn.


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