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Die Bonding Platform
Datacon's 2200 family of multichip die bonders offers users up to 3,600 cph throughput with a machine accuracy of 10 µm (3s). A single module can handle various applications, including single chip, FCOB, MCM, stacked die, PBGA, FCBGA, CSP, SIP and custom optoelectronic processes. The Datacon 2200 apm can flip, align, dip and place the die, as well as assemble MCM and stacked die in a single pass process. Datacon North America Inc., Trevose, Pa. For free data, circle 200 or visit

Optical System
The Saturn Spectrum 3e is a solution for risk-free, high-volume bump manufacturing for up to 200-mm wafers. Its proprietary broadband 1X optical system allows processing of g-line or i-line photosensitive films. The system's PatMax MVS alignment system eliminates the need for dedicated targets and facilitates insertion in any new or existing bump fab line. The stepper also incorporates a 12-slot reticle library, and it can process 100-, 125-, 150- and 200-mm size wafers with fully automatic wafer size and orientation change capabilities. Ultratech Stepper, San Jose, Calif. For free data, circle 201 or visit

Die Bonders
A new semiautomatic die bonding technology is now available in four models. Model 410XP precision bonder is capable of a finished bond precision of ±1 to 2 µm. Model 860 Omni bonder delivers ±5 µm precision and is said to excel in gold/tin or epoxy bonding VCSELs, edge-emitting laser diodes and laser bars/arrays that are used in optoelectronic packages. Model 850 features a ±12 µm accuracy for attaching flip chips, chip scale devices and bare die in entry-level, low-volume production and development environments. Additionally, when this model is used with its complementary Model 870 rework attachment, defective chips can be removed and replacement chips can be attached. Semiconductor Equipment Corp., Moorpark, Calif. For free data, circle 203 or visit

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Inspection System
The 3Di-8000 is designed for high-speed bump and wafer inspection of wafers from 75 to 300 mm. The system incorporates the company's patent-pending 3-D Rapid Confocal Sensor with proprietary 2-D bump and active die inspection technologies for a single inspection solution. The system quickly and accurately measures the height and coplanarity of solder and gold bumps, which provide the critical electrical connection between the die and a package or circuit board. August Technology Corp., Bloomington, Minn. For free data, circle 202 or visit

Yield Management Software
YieldManager 4.0 features a new user interface and navigation, expanded yield analysis functions and the capability to handle next-generation data sizes. The system also can be accessed from remote locations. New graphical analysis flow tools include decision branching and macro scripts that can be edited and executed. A web-based querying capability for SPC data acquisition and analysis, and customizable SPC monitoring rules also are available. EGsoft Division, Electroglas Inc., San Jose, Calif. For free data, circle 204 or visit

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Flexible Damming Material
HYSOL FP6401 is a black, low-viscosity, flexible damming material designed to be a flow-control barrier around areas of bare chip encapsulation. The liquid epoxy material exhibits low modulus, making it ideal for devices that are stress-sensitive or have tight coplanarity requirements. The material provides high adhesion to both flexible and rigid circuit substrates. The material also features minimal slumping and yields a cured height/width aspect ratio of 0.70. Curing in 30 minutes at 165°C, this epoxy damming material should be co-cured with the mating encapsulation material. Loctite Corp., Rocky Hill, Conn. For free data, circle 205 or visit

Modular Conveyors
A new line of modular conveyors can be used in the design and manufacture of automated assembly equipment that consists of a set of standard, pre-engineered, and pre-tested building modules. Conveyor features include off-the-shelf adjustable width conveyors, configurable speed, and programmable pitch indexers. Part tooling features include a standard lift mechanism for cold and heated/hot rail tooling with a standard mounting plate, dowel pins, and three point adjustable leveling points. Palomar Technologies, Vista, Calif. For free data, circle 206 or visit

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Bond Tester
The DAGE-4300 is a semiautomatic bond tester for the shearing of bumps on 300-mm wafers. The wafers can be manually loaded into a frame for protection or automatically placed and removed from the bond tester chuck using a robotic arm. After a semiautomatic alignment onto the X-Y stage, the operator can initiate a fully automated bump shear test routine. After testing, an optional image capture system can be used. Dage Precision Industries., Fremont, Calif. For free data, circle 209 or visit

Probing System
The NANO-100 is an analytical test station for probing 0.1-micron or less targets. The prober incorporates SEM optics to view structures that cannot be resolved using visible light with beam voltages less than 2 kV. The test station provides full probing capabilities, including placing up to six probes within a 1 micron square, placing probes on 100-mm targets that are up to 0.5 inches apart, and probing a full 200-mm wafer. The Micromanipulator Co., Carson City, Nev. For free data, circle 212 or visit

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3-D Metrology System
The IC3D 845 and 875 DualBeam FIB/SEM tools deliver advanced 3-D metrology for in-fab structural process control requirements. The fully automated and integrated 3-D metrology systems are designed to facilitate the transition to 130 nm nodes in semiconductor design and manufacturing. The systems combine in-situ FIB milling and SEM imaging with automated wafer handling and a flexible metrology package to provide data in a few hours without sacrificing valuable wafers. FEI Co., Hillsboro, Ore. For free data, circle 211 or visit

IC Package Inspection System
Model 8810 is a 3-D IC package inspection system that inspects BGAs and CSPs handled in trays. The system uses a proprietary laser sensor, enabling it to inspect devices at high speeds with a good level of accuracy. The modular design provides a separate station for mark inspection so that the 3-D sensor is efficiently optimized for inspecting devices. A graphic interface enables quick setup for high-volume production and allows customized data reports for SPC. The system is equipped with an integrated chip handler system and three pickup heads to obtain maximum sorting speed. Electro Scientific Industries Inc., Portland, Ore. For free data, circle 208 or visit

Fine-pitch Quad Flat Packages
Very Thin Fine Pitch Quad Flat Packages-No Leads (VFQFP-N) and Very Very Fine Pitch Quad Flat Packages-No Leads (WFQFP-N) combine performance benefits of array packaging with the cost effectiveness of a lead-frame approach. The small size of these packages, coupled with good thermal and electrical performance, make them ideal for handheld and portable communications. They are both available in wire bond and flip chip configurations, and can be both used as alternatives to low lead count array packages and leaded packages. Advanced Interconnect Technologies, Pleasanton, Calif. For free data, circle 207 or visit

Tabbing Tape
TAB-100 tabbing tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape used to secure the end of a reel of component filled and sealed carrier tape. The tape strips are made of a polyolefin material with an acrylic adhesive, are 111-mm long and are available in 1,000 unit rolls. The strips are reusable, have a printable surface and are cleanroom compatible. 3M Electronic Handling and Protection Division, Austin, Texas. For free data, circle 210 or visit

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Sintering Press
The HP 603 LTCC sintering press offers a compact, small footprint press and furnace combination that replaces longer, space-consuming belt furnaces, as well as prevents substrate shrinkage. The unit can handle three stacks each of 140-mm 4 x 4-inch panels without pressure. Other stack heights are 8 x 8-inches for 77 mm, and 4 x 4-inches for 90 mm. The furnace also can reach a temperature of 1,000°C and provide five tons of pressure. ATV Technology Inc., North Reading, Mass. For free data, circle 214 or visit

Wafer Measurement System
The Model S600DC/RF APT system is a single-insertion DC/RF parametric test solution for probing communications and high-speed digital devices at the wafer level. The system incorporates a vector network analyzer and DC/RF probe card technology, supports factory automation, and is compatible with both 200- and 300-mm probers. It also allows single DUT testing up to 10 GHz. Keithley Instruments Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. For free data, circle 213 or visit

Ball Stacked Package
The µZ Ball Stacked Package provides nearly 100 percent yield by allowing each die to be individually tested before stacking, thus overcoming common yield problems associated with multichip solutions. It also uses the existing CSP assembly infrastructure, ensuring low cost. The package provides a cost-effective solution for wireless applications, enabling the user to determine the trade-off between size and performance of the end product. Tessera Technologies Inc., San Jose, Calif. For free data, circle 215 or visit

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Test and Inspection System
The Microfocus X-ray .20 Series has been redesigned with an improved X-ray tube and imaging chain technologies. The standard features of the series include an ergonomic console for optimized inspection settings, an ultra-high precision tilt and rotate manipulator system, real-time measurement capabilities and multiple fields of view. New features include the latest X-ray imaging capabilities and more imaging chain choices, such as a direct digital X-ray detector. FeinFocus USA Inc., Stamford, Conn. For free data, circle 218 or visit

Loader/Unloader Station
A new loader and unloader station from BTU is used for the transfer of 300-mm wafers to and from a continuous belt reflow system. The integrated system is targeted for customers with high-volume, high I/O, flux-free wafer bump reflow applications. The system incorporates full 300-mm software standards, including E39, E40, E87, E90 and E94. The system also acts as a bridge tool for 200-mm wafers. BTU International, North Billerica, Mass. For free data, circle 216 or visit

Frame Grabbers
X64-CL series of high-performance Camera Link digital frame grabbers are designed for the 64-bit PCI bus. The series has the ability to acquire images from two unsynchronized cameras simultaneously and to transfer images at a rate of up to 528 MB/s. The series features an intelligent data transfer engine that transmits images between the board and the host without using the CPU, ensuring a fast image data transfer rate. Coreco Imaging, Montreal, Quebec. For free data, circle 217 or visit

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Automatic Ball Bonder
Nu-Tek is an automatic ball bonder designed to provide maximum yield and productivity in high-density matrix and small outline packages. The bonder supports the requirements of these packages by combining speed, a large table travel, optimum looping capability and software flexibility. The ball bonder also can accommodate wire diameters ranging from 0.7 to 2 mils. Kulicke & Soffa, Willow Grove, Pa. For free data, circle 219 or visit

Enhanced PBGA Package
The Exposed Drop In Heat Spreader Plastic Ball Grid Array is an enhanced version of the Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA) package. The new package offers improved thermal performance at a lower cost compared with traditional die-down packages. The enhanced package has the same flexible range of 19 x 19 mm to 40 x 40 mm as the traditional PBGA package. The package fits a range of applications in telecommunications, computing and wireless networking. ST Assembly Test Services Ltd., Singapore and Milpitas, Calif. For free data, circle 221 or visit

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Industrial Excimer Laser
Novatex is an excimer laser that delivers stabilized output energy of 16 mJ at 248 nm. The average output power (up to 16 W at 1 kHz) and long-term stability make the laser ideal for high-duty cycle, high-throughput micromachining. The lasers feature good gas, optical components and tube lifetimes. The excimer lasers also can be used for various applications, including material processing, microstructuring and marking of cable, and surface inspection. Lambda Physik, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. For free data, circle 220 or visit

High-heat Resistant Plastic
Pyropel HDT is a polyamide-imide plastic for the semiconductor IC test market. It is a compression-molded thermoset plastic that displays good dimensional stability at temperatures ranging from -60° to 260°C. The plastic has good thermal, mechanical and electrical properties, and it will not soften or creep like a thermoplastic. The plastic also has a heat deflection temperature of 575°F. Albany International, Mansfield, Mass. For free data, circle 222 or visit

Die Attach System
The Easyline 8032 Die Attach System handles all metallic lead frame applications, such as QFN, MLP, SOIC and TSOP. The system offers a throughput of up to 9,000 UPH and a die placement accuracy of ±38 µm. On a footprint of one square meter, this platform offers an independently programmable, closed-loop pick and bond cycle. Alphasem AG, Berg, Switzerland. For free data, circle 223 or visit


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