Gas purity products

Current gas control requirements are met, in part, by engineering and attention to detail in today's gas delivery systems. The rest of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of your gas purity products. Here is a representative sampling of products and services that can help you do the job.

Gas purification material

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The AresKleen purification material combines reactive groups on an inorganic substrate with the company's Ultramet-L filter technology to capture and remove impurities, including O2, H2O, CO2, THC and particles. The material, which is compatible with a variety of inert gases, is available in the company's family of Gaskleen purifiers for point-of-use gas purification. These products offer sub-ppb level purification at flow rates from one slpm to 50 slpm at pressures of 750 psig up to 3,000 psig, while providing 0.003-micron filtration.
Pall Corporation
East Hills, NY

Process manometer

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The i-Baratron capacitance manometer features a fully integrated digital engine with DeviceNet communications. It features a One-Touch pushbutton zero control, which facilitates installation and processing and eliminates the need for special adjustment tools and instrumentation. An optional PinPoint calibration function improves performance at a user-specified pressure value, and a high-resolution digital output along with the analog-equivalent signal provide accurate, reliable and repeatable pressure measurements from 0.02 Torr to 1,000 Torr full-scale.
MKS Instruments Inc.
Andover, MA

Reactive gas generator

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The ASTRONi is designed for increased reactant flow capability and process flexibility during chamber cleans. According to the manufacturer, the product increases wafer throughput by reducing clean times in the larger process chamber required for 300 mm silicon and flat-panel display processes. The unit offers a choice of ignition gas-argon, nitrogen or helium-and flow rates to three std. liter/minute for pure NF3. It provides a broad operating pressure range, while maintaining a high-input dissociation rate. The power source, control module and plasma chamber are incorporated into a compact, lid-mountable unit.
MKS Instruments Inc.
Andover, MA

Purification system

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The Infinity GPS-100-Z is used for purifying clean dry air (CDA), commonly used as purge gas in the photolithography process. The purification media removes organic and inorganic contaminants, including hydrocarbon, siloxane, sulfur compounds and NH3, to sub-ppb levels, with some contaminants removed to low ppt levels. The product is an onsite self-regenerable purification system that provides continuous flow of ultra-high-purity CDA without downtime to replace canisters. It operates at ambient temperature and low inlet pressure.
Aeronex Inc.
San Diego, CA

Mass flow meter

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The 780S ultra-high purity (UHP) thermal mass flow meter provides self-diagnostic and field-adjustable features as well as the ability to confirm or “field validate” the meter's calibration and measurement accuracy. The product is constructed of 316L electropolished tubing with a 7-10 Ra or 20-25 Ra interior finish and is designed for gas distribution service in semiconductor fabs, pharmaceutical production and other ultraclean processes.
Sierra Instruments Inc.
Monterey, CA

Process mass spectrometer

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The Dycor ProLine Series are compact, benchtop mass spectrometers that provide real-time process monitoring and control. Features include mass resolution, least-cost-per-sample point, flexible design, user-defined data presentation and high sample rate and data throughput. The products are available with up to 16 inlet ports for sampling process streams and calibration gases. Applications include semiconductor process exhaust gas monitoring, fermentation/bioreactor off-gas analysis, catalytic reactions, temperature-programmed desorption, bulk gas analysis, pharmaceutical solvent drying and lyophilization monitoring and more.
Ametek Process Instruments
Pittsburgh, PA


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