New Products

Batch Reflow Oven

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RO06 batch reflow oven is for producing prototypes and small batches, for soldering SMT boards, or for adhesive curing. The substrates reportedly are driven in and out of the heating chamber automatically, and a microprocessor control regulates the temperature profile in tight limits. A program library with various soldering and curing profiles is said to be included in the delivery, simplifying oven use. ESSEMTEC AG, Aesch, Switzerland. For free data, circle 203 or visit

Test Sockets

A new line of semiconductor test sockets reportedly allows the testing of various sized LGA, BGA and MBGA devices by swapping an insert rather than replacing the entire socket. The unique lid design allows installation and removal without taking the socket off the DUT card. True Z-axis travel is said to eliminate any possibility of probe damage. EMC Technologies, Fall River, Mass. For free data, circle 202 or visit

Rotary Tables

RotoRing tables are designed for die-attach and flip chip assembly equipment manufacturers to perform large-angle wafer alignment and die rotation, reducing the die transfer time by rotating the wafer. The tables feature a 14″ diameter center opening to allow access to every die on the 12″ wafers. The tables also can be supplied with a tape expander unit and rotational cabling system. IntelLiDrives Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. For free data, circle 204 or visit

Wafer-level CSP Marking System

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CSP300 wafer-level CSP marking system marks WLCSPs and bare die on 300 mm wafers. The system is fully automated for in-line production marking of 200 to 300 mm wafers. It provides the marking accuracy required for sub-1 mm IC sizes regarded as critical to portable electronics, and marks only good die as determined by ..information downloaded from prober wafer maps. GSI Lumonics Inc., Wilmington, Mass. For free data, circle 209 or visit

No-clean Solder Paste

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A no-clean solder paste made with synthetic poly adducts, SynTECH reportedly yields reliable solder joints in PCB assemblies. The paste offers up to 18 hours of stencil life and is said to be ideal for fine-pitch solder joint ICT. It remains soft and pliable, enabling test probes pass through flux into the solder joint without clogging the probe. Additionally, the paste reportedly works with all lead-free formulations including tin/silver copper alloys, without compromising SIR values. AMTECH Inc., Branford, Conn. For free data, circle 216 or visit

Tape Reel Output Die Sorter

Capable of placing devices as small as 0.008″, DS-4000 SpeedStar vision aligns every pocket for increased accuracy. The sorter reportedly picks, flips and places the part into the embossed pocketed tape at 3,500 uph or picks-and-places into tack tape at 4,000 uph. Programmable pitches also are from 1 to 24 mm and tape widths from 8 to 24 mm. Laurier Inc., Londonderry, N.H. For free data, circle 205 or visit

X-ray Inspection System

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Linx compact benchtop inspection system is suited to applications including BGA, microBGA and flip chip inspection. System imaging capabilities reportedly make it ideal for spotting faults. The easily operated system ..features a 100 KV open tube X-ray source for ultra-high resolution down to at least 2 µm. Compact and maneuverable, the system is said to be capable of taking 16 x 16″ boards. X-Tek Inc., Tyngsboro, Mass. For free data, circle 207 or visit

Thermal Interface Material

TherMagic Thermal Interface Material attaches heatsink devices to microprocessors. The interface reportedly is non-electrically conductive, non-toxic and demonstrates long-term stability. The material also consists of highly conductive material suspended in a unique silicone oil formulation. Evergreen Technologies Inc., Corvallis, Ore. For free data, circle 208 or visit

Probe Card

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DuraPlus fine-pitch epoxy probe card is designed to reduce cost of ownership while ..potentially increasing bond yields. A dramatically reduced scrub signature reportedly is achieved through use of a new tip radiusing process and by minimizing scrub variation between layers using optimized probe geometries. Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc., Willow Grove, Pa. For free data, circle 211 or visit

Add-on Module

Advanced MCM Designer is a new add-on module that reportedly expands the designer's ability to automate the process of designing complex hybrid/MCM, RF and IC packages. The add-on module is said to provide the ability to stack many levels or side-by-side dice and have all share common substrate bond pads. A die matrix may be placed with all dice using pad sharing. Direct die-to-die wire bond connection may be mixed with die-to-substrate wire bonding and flip chip bonding in the same design. CAD Design Software, Los Gatos, Calif. For free data, circle 212 or visit

Benchtop Test System

OS-32 automated continuity test system is a self-contained, auto programming system that reportedly gives fast results of shorts and open circuits to verify the integrity of IC package bond wires, bare and assembled PCBs, and short cable assemblies. The system's low cost and high throughput are said to make it an ideal tool for production test, incoming inspection and design verification, as well as rework and repair stations. ProductionLine Testers, Pleasanton, Calif. For free data, circle 200 or visit

Solder Ball Mounter

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SBM 350 for BGA substrate applications and SBM 360 for wafers reportedly represent the latest systems within the SMB-Series. Solder balls with 200 to 1,000 µm diameters can be ..placed with an accuracy of 50 µm. System I/Os are equipped with auto loader/unloader for standard magazines and the ball attach process is controlled by dedicated optical subsystems. MACROTRON Process Technologies GmbH, Munich, Germany. For free data, circle 213 or visit

Optical Transceiver Socket

A newly designed Optical Transceiver ClamShell socket reportedly opens widely for easy device loading/unloading with the capability for a connector to attach the device during test monitoring activity. The socket is said to accommodate 0.5 to 0.27 mm pitch BGA and LGA packages that have 58 to 143 I/Os with spring probe-type contacts. Additionally, operating temperature ranges to 175ºC with a durability of 50,000 insertions. Loranger International Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. For free data, circle 206 or visit

Hot Plate/Convection Oven

Model GF-C2 conduction/convection oven features a unique dual function. It reportedly can be used as a hot plate or as a forced air conduction/convection oven, making it a versatile system for preheating, curing, reflowing, rework or thermal cycling. The system uses a high-mass conductive hot plate, as well as forced air convection heat for precise even heating, and a large viewing window allowing operators to view the entire product and process. Automated Production Systems Inc., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. For free data, circle 214 or visit

Ferrite Material

Ferrite-Therm F96 is said to be a flexible ferrite material for EMI shielding and suppression applications formulated with specially treated ferrite powder. Some characteristics of the material are said to include high permeability, thermal conductivity and electrical isolation. The ferrite material reportedly is ideal for many EMI shielding and suppression applications such as suppression of stray flux in ferrite inductors, shielding for cases and enclosures, suppression between PCBs, shielding on cables and wires, and more. MH&W International Corp., Mahwah, N.J. For free data, circle 210 or visit

DC Fan

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9232-12V is a dual-bearing DC fan offering auto restart, tach output or locked rotor output with an L10 life data projected to be 70,000 ..hours. The 92 x 92 x 32 mm fan reportedly has been applied effectively with a heatsink and baffling system to direct air through the heatsink and out of a dual or single processor workstation. The DC fan also can be thermally controlled to deliver a low-noise level of 20 dBA at a low speed. Consuming little power, the high-speed fan is said to cool a system with an 82 CFM, running at 4,000 RPM. JMC Products, Austin, Texas. For free data, circle 201 or visit

TCAS Furnaces

TCAS furnaces are custom configured systems capable of high-purity hydrogen atmosphere up to 95 percent with an oxygen level as low as 2 ppm above source. The furnaces are said to use heat barriers that allow a tightly controlled reflow zone. The cross belt temperature uniformity also is ±2°C for belt widths up to 36″. BTU International, North Billerica, Mass. For free data, circle 215 or visit


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