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Microbial and particle contamination leads to an expensive loss of products; for this reason, your wiper purchase is one buy you need to take seriously. No one wiper is appropriate for all cleanroom applications. The offerings run the gamut from basic wiper to application-specific. As with all products intended for use in a cleanroom, choose the one that is suitable for use in the proper ISO Class specification and the properties that are necessary for your application.

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Eco-friendly wiper
The EcoCloth non-woven wiper has been engineered to have greater thickness in a lighter-weight sheet. The combined effect of performance and weight is designed to give a potential reduction in wiper solid waste in excess of 40 percent, according to company claims, based on the dry weight of wipers disposed. This increase in thickness improves sorbent capacity (fewer wipers are required to pick up spills) and also lets operators pick up one wiper at a time.

Contec Inc.
Spartanburg, S.C.

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Aseptic wipers
Designed for aseptic environments, the Sterile SatPax 1000 wiper is presaturated with 70 percent U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)-grade isopropyl alcohol for one-step disinfecting or cleaning. A nonwoven polyester/cellulose substrate adds strength and is compatible with gamma sterilization. Sterile SatPax 1200, a 100-percent-knitted polyester wiper laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom, is designed for aseptic processing zones. The wipers are available in resealable flexible pouches designed to prevent solvents from evaporating and extending its use. A C-fold design helps you draw the wiper from the pack and limits use to one wiper at a time.

Berkshire Corp.
Great Barrington, Mass.

Clean-cut wiper
Free-Sat presaturated wipes have four clean-cut edges, according to company claims. The fabric, Nova-Tech 1000, is abrasion-resistant and reduces particle generation and extractable chemical. It is comprised of a synergistic blend of virgin polyester and cellulose that is hydro-entangled into a uniform durable fabric. These 7×7-inch wipes are packaged in containers that let you open, remove a wipe and close the container with one hand. Blocks of 100 wipes are pre-saturated in sealed nylon bags within the container for increased shelf life.

High-Tech Conversions Inc.
Enfield, Conn.

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ISO Class 6 wiper
High absorbency, improved wet/dry strength and economical value make the VersaWipe wiper a cost-effective choice for general purpose applications-including aqueous spill clean up-in ISO Class 6 and greater cleanrooms. The wiper is manufactured from a hydro-entangled, non-woven blend of 55 percent cellulose and 45 percent polyester. It is sold in 300-wiper-per-bag Bag-within-a-Bag packaging.

ITW Texwipe
Upper Saddle River, N.J.

Wiper/mop line
Anticon Gold Heavyweight cleanroom wipers are constructed of 100 percent continuous filament polyester that has been chemically modified for improved sorbency and cleanliness. Its edges have been sealed to reduce particles and extractables. For electrostatic discharge (ESD)-sensitive processes, the Anticon ESD wiper is uniformly static dissipative to 108 ohms per square. The line's CleanSorb Mop is made of a small, tubular knit that has no edges, minimizing particle generation, fibers and non-volatile residues. The mop's 100 percent chemically modified polyester maximizes sorbency.

Milliken & Co.
Spartanburg, S.C.

Pharmaceutical/biotechnology wipers
Steel-Bright Wipe and DAS-Wipe 100 Sterile are designed for aseptic operations that require the use of an individually packaged sterile saturated wipe for cleaning of stainless steel or metals in pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations. The wipes are saturated with either Steel-Bright or DAS cleaner that is filtered at 0.2 microns. The products are delivered with the Lot-Specific Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Irradiation and Certificate of Sterility.

Veltek Associates Inc.
Phoenixville, Pa.

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Presaturated wiper
Designed for critical environments such as pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and other applications where wet wiping is required, Lymsat eliminates in-plant mixing, open solvent containers and solvent transfer. Exposure to airborne chemicals is reduced. The wiper is self-contained in a re-sealable pouch, center-feed canister or individual foil packets. It is free of additives and has low levels of sodium and other ions.

Lymtech Scientific
Chicopee, MA

Wiper dispenser
The tub's “sure seal” technology involves a hinged lid that provides a positive “click” when it is closed. Tubs used to house the wipes are recyclable and come in a rectangular, space-saving shape. The company has also extended its stock of pre-blended solvents, eliminating minimum order requirements on custom solvents and wiper substrate combinations.

Phoenix, Ariz.


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