New Products

Epoxy Adhesive

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EPO-TEK T6117 is a single-component thermally conductive epoxy adhesive designed for high-volume dispensing techniques. The adhesives reportedly can be cured at 180°C in 15 minutes with very low stress. Various properties are said to include ionic purity, high-shear strengths, high radius of curvature, low voiding on cure and low moisture absorption. Additionally, the epoxy adhesive has a working life of greater than four days and contains no solvents. Epoxy Technology Inc., Billerica, Mass. For free data, circle 209 or visit

Microtest System

Model 5848 reportedly is designed for testing microelectronics devices, MEMS, photonic and other small components, as well as combining high precision with a good cyclic performance. The design is said to include a rigid frame, capable of being used in either horizontal or vertical orientations, which ensures accurate and repeatable deformation measurements. Additionally, a specially designed encoder, mounted directly on the loading actuator, provides position measurement resolution of more than 20 nm. Instron Corp., Canton, Mass. For free data, circle 202 or visit

Bump Stepper

Saturn Spectrum 300e(2) features a dual-lamp illumination option and edge processing capabilities designed specifically to deliver the high yield, imaging and throughput performance required for advanced flip chip and WLP applications. The stepper reportedly is built from the company's Saturn Spectrum 300, incorporating new features. The dual-lamp illumination option reportedly provides significantly higher wafer-plane irradiance and throughput while exposing thick resists. The system's edge-processing option also provides both edge-exposure and exclusion capability to ensure the outer edge of the wafer is processed as needed and to maintain optimum throughput. Ultratech Stepper Inc., San Jose, Calif. For free data, circle 204 or visit

Singulation System

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The Water Jet Singulation System reportedly uses proprietary beam technology with an abrasive-filled water jet. The system is said to cut through materials at more than 160 mm/sec, as well as reduce the chipping along the saw street more than 70 percent in comparison to saw singulation. The singulation system also is capable of handling small components down to 0.5 x 0.5 mm, and cuts to constant widths from 50 to 500 µm. Intercon Technology Inc., Morgan Hill, Calif. For free data, circle 203 or visit

Coating System

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PRISM Ultra-Coat system is a multi-application coating system platform that is based on proprietary Ultra-Spray technology from below the board fluxing to precision, selective topside coating. The system's head can be configured for ..each application and also is able to spray virtually any liquid, from thinner fluxes and solvents to thicker conformal coatings and adhesives. Additionally, the system has an 18 x 18″ spray application area and can be configured with a multi-zone conveyor for inline operation or a stand-alone system for batch operation. Ultrasonic Systems Inc., Haverhill, Mass. For free data, circle 206 or visit

Software Package

IFS Pro (Interactive Field Solver) is a software package developed for design engineers with high-speed analog simulation requirements involved in PCB, cable, connector, IC and related interconnect media design. The software reportedly is a full order Boundary Element Field Solver that combines the ease-of-use of a well-designed graphic interface with the accuracy of high-order boundary element electromagnetic field solver and SPICE simulator. Interactive Products Corp., Cary, N.C. For free data, circle 210 or visit

Copper/Tungsten Material

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This company is joining copper/tungsten to other metals such as Kovar. Parts reportedly can be machined to tight tolerances, electroplated and joined to other metals and ceramic by using various solder/braze hierarchies to form miniature heat sinks, subcarriers and other assemblies. Copper/tungsten provides coefficients of thermal expansion of 6.5 to 8.3 ppm/°K and thermal conductivity of 175 to 200 W/mK. The addition of a Kovar carrier and metallized ceramics to a copper/tungsten base plate adds laser weldability and flexibility of interconnect and test. L.E.W. Techniques Ltd., Somerset, United Kingdom. For free data, circle 207 or visit

Phase Change Material

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Powerstrate 51R is a reworkable phase change material for use between “lidded” microprocessors and heat sink assemblies. ..The thermal interface material is formulated for easy removal without thermal performance degradation, and also releases from either or both interface surfaces. The material reportedly delivers an ultra-low thermal impedance of 0.008°C in/W, and offers a phase change threshold of 51°C. Additionally, the material is said to offer good thermal properties without the problems associated with migration or thermal compound “pump-out,” and without the process hassles associated with grease. Henkel Loctite Corp., Rocky Hill, Conn. For free data, circle 211 or visit

Linear Actuators

Various motor-driven linear nanopositioning actuators reportedly provide resolutions of 25 to 100 nm, pushing forces to 30 lbs and speeds to 2″ per second. Some features include space-saving ultra-low friction designs, non-rotating tips for improved repeatability, and ball screws for high-speed actuation and extended lifetime. Polytec PI Inc., Auburn, Mass. For free data, circle 208 or visit

X-ray Sources

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High-definition X-ray sources are said to feature focal spot size as small as 0.5 µm to detect imperfections in printed circuits, components, semiconductors, ceramics and soldered parts. With a voltage range of 80 to 160 kV, the X-ray sources are said to cover a wide array of material densities. The small focal spot sizes are said to allow the X-ray sources to deliver images that are detailed and clear. Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, N.J. For free data, circle 201 or visit


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New Products

CleanRooms East 2003—to be held from March 17-19, at the World Trade Center in Boston, Mass.—will give contamination control professionals the chance to get a first-hand look at products and services designed to improve contamination control practices. The following is a representative sampling of products you will see on the show floor. For a complete listing of all CleanRooms East 2003 exhibitors, please turn to

Compiled by Ryan Cliche

Particle counter line

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Standard features of the line of remote airborne, portable and handheld particle counters include: a touch screen display, stainless-steel enclosure, removable/rechargeable Li-ion batteries and a two-year warranty. These may be integrated into facility monitoring or factory automation systems.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
Milpitas, Calif.

Boot and shoe covers

The Gripper anti-slip boot and shoe covers features a PVC material that will not slip on slick surfaces, according to company claims. The sole is reinforced with a coarsely textured interior to keep feet from slipping inside as well as outside. Three styles of boot covers and two styles of shoe covers are available.

White Knight Engineered Products Inc.
Charlotte, N.C.

ESD flooring

The electrostatic discharge (ESD) Control Vinyl Flooring System resists permanent indentation from heavy equipment and performs under rolling load conditions up to 2,000 psi, according to company claims. It meets ESD control standards when tested by American Society of Test and Measurement (ASTM) F150, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 99, ESD S7.1 and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 779. The flooring also has built-in anti-microbial to help control bacteria and fungi.

Tuscumbia, Ala.

Multiple bucket system

The stainless-steel multiple bucket system is fully autoclavable buckets and cart with casters. Multiple buckets allow for differentiation between solvent/disinfectant and rinse water. The wringer is available for the company's 7-, 12- and 14-inch mop heads.

Contec Inc.
Spartanburg, S.C.

Isopropyl alcohol solution

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Septihol Sterile is a ready-to-use 70 percent USP grade solution that has been filtered to 0.22 micron and gamma-irradiated for sterility. The gallon bottle package is double-bagged for introduction into the cleanroom and provides a sterile barrier. It is designed for the removal of cleanroom process residues and for routine glove decontamination.

Mentor, Ohio

Laminar flow workstation

Used when toxic odors and fumes are present, intake air passes through a HEPA filter in the PVE Series, providing an ISO Class 5 airflow into the work chamber, downward through the perforated work surface and exhausted for discharge at the top of the unit. Polypropylene and fire-retardant polypropylene offers immunity to corrosion, resistance to acids and solvents, non-conductive properties and minimum maintenance.

LM Air Technology Inc.
Rahway, N.J.

Woven fabric

The Integrity 1800 fabric offers a 3-micron pore size for improved particle filtration efficiencies. The fabric is 0.004 inches thick and weighs 2.67 oz/yd for comfort. An Aegis Microbe Shield Technology helps to protect against a spectrum of microorganisms. Static dissipation is achieved through a carbon stripe woven into it.

Precision Fabrics Group Inc.
Greensboro, N.C.

Bacterial control flooring

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Pharma-Zone high-tack washable flooring is placed in critically clean areas to remove viable and non-viable particles from feet and cart wheels. The totally sealed, low-profile flooring system is designed for gowning rooms, air locks, hallways, filling suites and wherever contamination is a concern.

Warwick, R.I.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

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Designed for continuous operation in fixed installations, the CFM 3156 features a multi-stage HEPA filtration system. Using a series of graduated filters, including an oversized polyester main filter, the system collects and retains dust, powders, debris and other particles. An optional HEPA upstream filter helps reduce contamination by creating a redundant filtration barrier.

Nilfisk-Advance America
Malvern, Pa.

Analog photometer

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Designed to replace the TDA-2E and 2EN photometers, the ATI-2GA is lightweight and self-contained. It has no microprocessor so that the customer is able to control every user setting at any time.

Air Techniques International
Owings Mills, Md.

Flexible ducting

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Chemduit is a non-flammable flexible ducting product designed for corrosive exposure in a cleanroom or other challenging environment. Two plies of an all-polytetralfluoroethylene-Teflon (PTFE) material with improved mechanical capability surround a steel coil. The media traveling through the duct comesin contact only with the PTFE. It is non-contaminating and can be used in positive and negative pressures.

Textiles Coated International
Amherst, N.H.

HEPA filter system

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The Series 1000 system is designed to enable 60 percent lower pressure drop than conventional 12-inch-deep HEPA filters, according to company claims. The filters are compact and are available for standard air handling units and in separate housings with or without fans. It has an ultra-low pressure drop of 0.5 inches wc at 2,400 scfm in a standard filter size of 24x24x11.5 inches.

Technovation Systems Inc.
Midlothian, Va.

Humidity/temperature meter

The HM70 handheld humidity and temperature meter is used for spot checking humidity measurements and supports field checking and calibration of the company's fixed humidity instruments. Depending on the choice of probe, the product measures relative humidity from 0 to 100 percent and temperature between -70 and +180 degrees Celsius.

Vaisala Inc.
Woburn, Mass.

Fluid handling system

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The modular 150-pound system uses stainless steel for strength and a proprietary fluoropolymer coating is permanently bonded to the interior surfaces for corrosion resistance. It features Gore-Tex Teflon (PTFE) gaskets, reducers, tees, branches, elbows and custom manifolds. The coating will not blister, peel or flake.

Fab-Tech Inc.
Colchester, Vt.

Particle counting system

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The LASAIR II-110 monitor uses a thermally-chilled, solid-state diode laser to count 0.1-micron particles and has a three-year laser warranty. The LASAIR II stores 3,000 samples for data collection and recipe features for cleanroom certification. The particle counter can be controlled from the desktop Web browser as it samples the cleanroom, then downloads the data into Excel or FacilityNet.

Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, Colo.

HEPA-filtered workstation

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The AireCell ISO Class 7 HEPA-filtered assembly work station designed for the medical device industry helps reduce the number of HEPA filters in the ceiling. Cost per worker is reduced because the unit is double-sided. Optional features include: unit-to-unit compressed air and electrical service, storage cabinet and task lighting.

Gerbig Engineering Company
New Brighton, Minn.

Airborne particle counter

The Portable Airborne Particle Counter is used in the detection of particle contamination in controlled environments or anywhere particle contamination is a concern. Features include 0.3-micron particle sensitivity and one-cubic-foot-per-minute flow rate. Particles can be measured in three concentration modes, including particles/m3, particles/L and particles/ft3.

Biotest Diagnostics Corp.
Denville, N.J.

Partition walls

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The Padana Cleanroom melamine high-pressure laminate (HPL) partition walls can withstand impact, scratches and chemical cleansers for sanitation. Its design enables removal and reassembly of wall sections, if required. The company's windows and doors are designed to be co-planar with the walls.

PharmaSystems Inc.
Hawthorne, N.J.
Padana Cleanroom
Levata di Grontardo, Italy

Sterile alcohol wipers

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CiDehol ST Wipes are sterile wipers that are pre-saturated with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol for use in cleanrooms and sterile areas. Each pack is a re-sealable dispensing pouch containing 30 durable wipers. The pack is double-bagged and gamma-irradiated.

Decon Labs Inc.
Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Explosion-proof recovery unit

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The 55 EX with reverse pulse filter cleaning is designed for use with an explosion-proof regenerative blower or vacuum producer up to 600 cfm. The reverse pulse system is made of stainless steel and is equipped with an anti-static filter cartridge with a surface area of 120 ft2. A pneumatic reverse pulse system with adjustable timer regularly cleans the filter cartridge for filtration efficiency.

Tiger-Vac Inc.
Plattsburgh, N.Y.

Lighting fixture

Designed for critical areas and/or inspection stations, the Enviroguard Taskliter II is constructed of an extruded high-impact acrylic tube with internal blondel flutes and a highly specular reflector for controlled light distribution. Its stainless-steel strap hanger mounting system allows 360-degree aiming. The fixture is complemented by non-rusting or corrosion-resistant internal components and stainless-steel external components, sealed with heavy silicone gaskets and gasketed washers that can withstand 1,200 psi hosedown at 3.8 gpm, according to company claims.

Guth Lighting
St. Louis, Mo.

Fab construction wiper

Designed for ISO Class 6 cleanrooms, the TechniSat Construction Wipe eliminates the need to maintain squirt bottles of isopropyl alcohol/deionized water (IPA/DIW) mixtures and handle large volumes of flammable IPA on site. The 9¥9-inch wiper is pre-wetted with 0.2-micron-filtered, blended six percent semiconductor-grade IPA and 94 percent DIW. It is designed for use during fab construction phases 1 and 2.

ITW Texwipe
Upper Saddle River, N.J.

Cleanroom garment

A flash spinning process creates a barrier in the recyclable Tyvek IsoClean to guard against dry particles, non-hazardous liquids and microorganisms. It is available in serged or bound seam with tunneled elastic options, bulk-packaged clean-processed, individually-packaged clean-processed or individually-packaged and sterilized.

DuPont Contamination Control
Wilmington, Del.

Handheld particle counter

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The Met One Model 227 Portable Airborne Particle Counter weighs two pounds, features a sensitivity of 0.3 micron or 0.5 micron, is fully self-contained and uses laser diode technology. It connects to a remote printer or computer, and can be part of a facility monitoring system.

Pacific Scientific Instruments
Grants Pass, Ore.


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