Mops and Buckets

Compiled by Ryan Cliche

If you overlook mops and buckets, you might trip over them. However, it is much more disastrous to trip over soil load and bioburden in your cleanroom, a result of overlooking the use of mops and buckets. Multiple buckets should be employed to prevent redeposition of soil. The principle with the two or three bucket routine is that soil deposited in the use-dilution not only inactivates the solution, but also may be deposited via the mop onto other cleanroom surfaces. Therefore, if the mop, once used, is never deposited into the use-dilution without first being rinsed and wrung out in a separate chamber, one which holds either clean water or separate use-dilution, the primary use-dilution chamber will be maintained longer without risk of depositing soil onto cleanroom surfaces via the solution. The following mop and bucket products are designed to help avoid this redeposition and minimize bioburden.

For a complete listing of all manufacturers and distributors of mops and buckets, go to and search the updated CleanRooms Master Source Guide.

Cleaning system

The Klercide Cleaning System range includes triple bucket systems designed for use with a flat-head cleanroom mop. The mop is designed for sterile, single-use, disposable flat mop heads. Sterile mop heads are supplied individually double-bagged in cleanroom-manufactured packaging before irradiation at 25 kGy. The disposable mop heads are available with 100 percent polyester or a low-lint polyester/cellulose blend, with chemical and microbial resistance and liquid retention. A universal joint on the head allows for wall and ceiling cleaning.
Shield Medicare Ltd.
Farnham, United Kingdom

Spray/mop/fogger system

The Core2Clean Spray/Mop/Fogger System is used to apply cleaning and disinfecting agents to the surface of cleanrooms. The system is constructed of 304-316 stainless-steel, is compressed air-operated, is designed to assure an improved cleaned and wetted surface, eliminates the concerns of dirtied cleaning solutions and reduces cleaning time by 50 percent, according to company claims. It also offers a sufficient wetting of the surface.
Veltek Associates Inc.
Phoenixville, Pa.

Autoclavable mop

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The BetaMop II, a tubular polyester mop for use on cleanroom floors features a high-capacity, seamless, 100 percent knitted polyester head construction with high sorptive capacity. Designed for use with wring-bucket systems, it is constructed of corrosion-resistant materials with a quick opening clamp for changing the mop head. Because it is autoclavable, the mop can also be used to apply disinfectants in sterile environments. The mop can withstand five autoclave cycles for pharmaceutical cleanroom use. Packaged mop heads are available separately.
ITW Texwipe
Upper Saddle River, N.J.

Laundered polyester mop

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The BCR Mop 4 cleanroom laundered polyester mop is designed for both the removal of contamination from floors and for the distribution of disinfectants. It is made of 100 percent knitted laundered polyester, which features a looped-end fantail construction and is edgeless to minimize particle generation. Laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom, the mop is clean, durable and absorbent. The bucket, wringer and mop handle are all stainless-steel and can be sterilized by beta, gamma or steam per your standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Berkshire Corp.
Great Barrington, Mass.


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