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Compiled by Ryan Cliche

Anti-static curtain

Electro-Safe, a durable, transparent vinyl curtain, is equipped with carbon scrim, which grounds out all electric charges and brings the curtain down to zero voltage. The curtain is also fire-resistant for use in oxygen-rich and dust-free atmospheres. It is resistant to abrasion, cleaning processes and corrosion. Applications include machine and instrument covers, soft-wall cleanrooms, electronic industry safety screens and other areas where dust-free and static-free environments are vital. It is also useful for areas in which danger from explosives is present.
Wilson Industries
Pomona, Calif.

Aerosol particle sensor

Available in a chemically resistant, stainless-steel box, IsoAir features 0.5 and 5.0 channels. It has Ethernet and/or 4-20 mA output. It is controlled by Facility Net software, which provides advanced reporting features, as well as alarm paging for instant responses to particle events. The sensor has an optional internal pump or can be used with an external vacuum source. System validation documentation is also available.
Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, Colo.

Gas/Air sampling system

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The M Air T compressed gas and air sampling system is designed to monitor the microbial quality of compressed gas and air lines in aseptic manufacturing environments. To facilitate high-volume sampling, the system can process up to 1,000 L of air in less than eight minutes, according to company claims. The system automatically converts the compressed air or gas sample up to five bar, or 73 psi, to atmospheric conditions, providing constant airflow and consistent air sampling. In addition, the control panel design lets you create and store airflow parameters, set run time and specify criteria for multi-cycle operation. Its cassettes are packaged double-wrapped, irradiated and tested for more accurate results.
Millipore Corp.
Bedford, Mass.

Diaphragm valves

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Meeting Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) standard F57-0301 for ultrahigh-purity polymer system components, the DRP series ultrahigh-purity fluoropolymer diaphragm valve is designed for use in several applications, including aggressive chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurry, acid, chemical, and ultrahigh-purity deionized (DI) water systems. The design of the valve helps minimize entrapment areas and improves diaphragm performance. Its hemispherical valve cavity and diaphragm shape are designed for rapid and thorough cleaning of all wetted surfaces. The shape of the modified Teflon diaphragm is designed to minimize stress during cycling and to promote durability, seal integrity and long cycle life. In addition, the web thickness of the diaphragm has been maximized to reduce the potential for acid permeation.
Swagelok Co.
Solon, Ohio

Leveling mounts

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Jacmount PRGI Stainless-steel Levelers feature an all stainless-steel construction and the Wedgmount VRC Series High Damping Leveling Mounts have a nickel-plated body. Both are available with a selection of nitrile or neoprene vibration isolation pads ranging from 40 to 90 durometers that have smooth, non-skid surfaces and will not trap particles or retain water, according to company claims. Developed for cleanrooms and applications requiring frequent wash downs, Jacmount mounts are offered with a capacity of 23 to 4,000 kg and provides a +/- four degree range of motion. Also developed for the same applications, the Wedgmount mounts are offered with a 10,000 to 125,000 kg capacity and adjusts from nine to 24 mm, accurate to 0.01 mm, according to company claims.
AirLoc, a division of Clark-Cutler McDermott Co.
Franklin, Mass.

Swab rinse kit

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The EnviroTrans Swab Rinse Kit is designed for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms from environmental surfaces and designed to collect and transport the environmental sample efficiently. It consists of ten 15×17-mm polypropylene tubes with ..five of the tubes filled with 5 mL of D/E neutralizing broth and the remaining five filled with 5 mL of 0.85 percent saline. The sterile saline tubes come with Dacron swabs attached to the screw caps for improved handling. Tubes are held in a disposable transport rack with the entire unit double-bagged and gamma-irradiated.
Hardy Diagnostics
Santa Maria, Calif.

Automatic door openers

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The Air Force system is designed for pharmaceutical and other clean area applications, including cleanroom or washdown, due to the strength coupled with a corrosion-resistant design. It has an opening force of 200 pounds and can drive doors up to 600 pounds and 60 inches wide. Designed to be able to cycle 1,000 times a day due to pneumatic strength and four moving parts, the system is rated for 10 million cycles. There are no helical gears, springs to ..wear or break and no lubricants to leak. The opening speed is adjustable from 1.5 to five seconds to allow for regulation of traffic flow and environmental conditions.
Erich Industries Inc.
Verona, Wis.

Data logger software

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ViewLinc software allows users to connect to data loggers over a network, view temperature and humidity readings and receive alarm warnings. Compatible with all ..of the company's data loggers, users can set their own alarm points and choose to be notified by e-mail, flashing computer screen or an audio indicator. Temperature and humidity data can be viewed directly on the PC that is “hosting” the data logger or it can be viewed remotely from another PC on the same network. Applications include monitoring of calibration labs, museums and pharmaceutical facilities.
Veriteq Instruments Inc.
Richmond, B.C., Canada

Rigid wall cleanrooms

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Available from ISO Class 8 to ISO Class 4, the Series 591 Rigid Wall cleanrooms are modular, prefabricated cleanroom systems that feature open free spans from six to 24 feet and interior room heights from eight to 14 feet. The rigid wall design allows for operation at higher internal pressures, and pressure is adjustable through variable wall dampers that regulate airflow. Clear, anodized aluminum panels cover the filter and light area above the drop ceiling to provide a built-in appearance. Large, clear walls provide optimum visibility.
Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, Minn.

Extractor arms

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The three-inch-diameter standard and stainless-steel range of extractor arms are designed to provide a means by which to extract hazardous materials such as pharmaceutical dusts and acidic and caustic chemicals. The fume arms have no encumbrances inside the arm, which allows for movement of contaminated air and eliminates residue build up. Adjustments for the settings of the arm are accessed from the outside. The units come with or without fans and filters and hoses may be customized to suit your specific application.
OsKar Antipollution Inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Linear track robot kit

The configurable kits expand robot work envelopes for a variety of applications. They consist of a linear track, mounting bracket and cable track that are integrated with the company's tabletop SCARA and six-axis robots with SmartController and SmartServo control architecture. The user selects the track technology and robot best suited for the application based on how many axis of motion are required.
Adept Technology Inc.
San Jose, Calif.


Designed to check HEPA and ULPA filters, the Climomaster Model A531 measures air velocity, temperature, relative humidity and pressure. Built-in calibration data in its compatible probe lets you share the main unit among other probes.
Kanomax USA, Inc.
New York, N.Y.

Softwall cleanrooms

Available from ISO Class 8 to ISO Class 4, the Series 577 Soft Wall cleanrooms feature durable and lightweight steel frames, clear polished vinyl curtains, motorized ceiling HEPA filters and lights. The rooms can be furnished with a prefab wiring kit for quick connection of the filters and lights to a single electrical connection, and can be outfitted with optional acrylic panels. A modular design allows for room size reduction or expansion without disassembling the entire system, letting you add sections or change the shape for other requirements. A variety of sizes and shapes are available.
Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, Minn.

Air knife system

The air knife system includes all stainless-steel and food-grade components, including an in-line HEPA filter, sanitary air knives with clamp fittings and sanitary butt weld fittings meeting the 3-A requirements for direct food contact. Each system is provided with a wash down duty acoustical blower enclosure featuring a dual-filtration system that includes two pre-filters on the enclosure inlets and a polyester two-micron filter/silencer mounted directly to the blower inlet to ensure that only clean filtered air is allowed to reach the product surface.
Paxton Products Corp.
Camarillo, Calif.


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