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Transfer Heads

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A series of low-volume ProFlow transfer heads reduce costs and enhance the precision of high-accuracy mass imaging, using small quantities of high-value materials. These include fine particle, low-alpha solder pastes and high gold content compounds used to create grid arrays and other features in advanced packages such as CSP and flip chip. These new additions are said to achieve high accuracy and repeatability in processes requiring individual deposits less than 200 mg.

DEK International GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland. For free data, visit

Rework Process

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High-power, low-temperature hot air rework process is said to save plastic, fiber optic and other thermally-sensitive parts from damage. Such component types include glob-top BGAs, plastic sockets, CPU sockets, through-hole edge connectors, SMT surface connectors, SMT edge connectors, fiber optic parts, Mylar/flex circuits, RF connectors and RF shields, among others. High-wattage, high-power heat transfer reportedly pumps more thermal energy into the board, but at low, safe temperatures closer to the solder's actual melting temperature.

A.P.E. South, Key Largo, Fla. For free data visit,

AOI System

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SV-8000 is said to be a technological advancement in AOI that offers multiple customer benefits such as advanced defect detection, flexibility and ease of use in one seamless package. The system reportedly uses all available inspection ..technologies, including template and geometric pattern matching, rules-based algorithms, and proprietary intelligent learning algorithms, to ensure maximum defect detection. These algorithms can be applied individually or in combination to eliminate escapes. The system's flexibility also allows it to adapt to changing manufacturing requirements.

Photon Dynamics, Aliso Viejo, Calif. For free data, visit

Phase Change Material

Powerstrate 51R is a reworkable thermal interface material for use between “lidded” microprocessors and heat sink assemblies. The material also is formulated for easy removal without degradation of thermal performance, and will release from either or both interface surfaces. The material reportedly delivers thermal impedance of 0.008°C-in/W, and offers a phase change threshold of 51°C.

Henkel Loctite Corp., Rocky Hill, Conn. For free data, visit

Assembly Work Cell

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MRSI-5005 advanced packaging assembly work cell features address the unique requirements and challenges of MEMS and MOEMS assembly. The thermally and mechanically stable machine platform reportedly delivers 5 µm placement accuracy in a clean environment, which is required for a high-yield assembly process for these devices. Advanced vision is said to provide the ability and flexibility to perform local top-surface alignments as well as ..alignment to bottom features.

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Inspection Software

Version 4.7 of SVS software is said to provide customers with easier tools for transporting inspection programs across internal and external networks for storage, and download from central network servers, allowing customers to more easily create program libraries and manage multiple systems. The software also features load and run capabilities, which reportedly allows programs to be created on one SVS system to be loaded and run on other SVS systems without programming adjustment or compilation.

GSI Lumonics Inc., Wilmington, Mass. For free data, visit

WLP Technology

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Spheron wafer-level package (WLP) technology reportedly expands the capability and performance of its WLP product family, which ..currently represents more than 70 percent of merchant production. Compared to conventional Ultra CSPs, this technology delivers improved coupling capacitance because the UBM and solder structure reside on top of a 5 µm low-k dielectric film. This technology also improves thermal cycle reliability by more than 30 percent due to the stress buffer reduction provided by the polymer film.

Kulicke & Soffa, Willow Grove, Pa. For free data, visit

Fast Cure Adhesive

MT-125 is a thermal interface material that can be cured in 8 minutes at 150°C or 30 minutes at 100°C. The fast cure, high-bond strength adhesive reportedly has a bulk thermal conductivity of 2.35 W/mK, a CTE of 31 ppm and a Tg of 123°C. The adhesive also has a pot life of two weeks at 25°C and exhibits adhesion to various substrates.

Thermoset, Lord Chemical Products, Indianapolis, Ind. For free data, visit

Inspection System

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VJ-1000 LP is a high-resolution X-ray inspection system aimed at providing a cost-effective solution for the surface mount assembly and semiconductor packaging markets. The system reportedly provides high-resolution images of BGAs, microBGAs, and other CSPs with a 4″ image intensifier, digital X-ray control and 25 to 200X magnification for precise inspection. The system also can accommodate PCBs up to 18 x 27″ for maximum flexibility. The system's Nexus 200 software provides Windows NT-based image analysis and CAD-based programming.

VJ Electronix, a Div. of V.J. Technologies Inc., Bohemia, N.Y. For free data, visit

Automatic Test Equipment

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Designed for high-volume, high-mix IC test, Integra FLEX reportedly combines several test technology advancements to meet the demands of increasing device complexity and testing an increasing range of devices. The universal slot architecture and Windows-based ..IG-XL5 software is said to redefine the test system configuration flexibility on the production floor. Its new auto-precise Time Tracks timing system and Background DSP is throughput-efficient, reducing device development-to-market time for DFT and many devices from standard analog to SOC.

Teradyne, North Reading, Mass. For free data, visit

X-ray Inspection System

The XD series Digital X-ray Inspection Systems (XiDAT) reportedly offers highly improved digital data processing, enhanced resolution, extensive grayscale definition and Version 5, Image Wizard software operating system. The system is said to acquire images with a resolution of 1,300 x 1,000 pixels and more than 65,000 levels of grayscale. Its imaging chain also can resolve four times the number of grayscale levels compared to analog systems.

Dage Precision Industries Inc., Fremont, Calif. For free data, visit

Thermal Profiling Software

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KIC Auto-Focus software reportedly develops reflow recipes for new products without running a profile by evaluating a database of previously setup products, and extrapolating a new oven recipe based on product and over ..characteristics. The software automatically calculates the proper oven recipe, which means the user only needs to enter the product's length, width and weight. The software also is said to be valuable to high-mix facilities, high-value assemblers and facilities without the engineering resources to efficiently develop quality reflow recipes.

KIC, San Diego, Calif. For free data, visit


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