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Filter quick-connect

The cleanroom filter support system allows cleanroom filters, either HEPA or ULPA, to be installed and replaced easily with a grid of connectors (A) and rods (B) that are adjustable with a turnbuckle (C).

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Each filter unit is housed in a four-sided, perimetrical frame (D). The filter media, either HEPA or ULPA (E), and connectors (A) extend vertically between the support surface (F) and the frame (D). Each connector and turnbuckle (C) is supported by a rod (B). A pin retaining assembly (G) allows quick installment or adjustment from within the cleanroom using an Allen wrench at the pinhead (H).

Patent number:6,511,522 B1
Date granted: Jan. 28, 2003
Inventors: Tony Gomez, Matthew Wharton and Richard Braman of HEPA Corp. (Anaheim, Calif.)

Shoe cover applicator

The invention is a device that allows cleanroom end users to apply shoe covers by simply slipping a foot into the unit without ever handling the booty itself.

The device has a body (A), a base (B) and a bin (C), which is configured to hold a package of shoe covers (D).

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The user inserts his or her foot into the opened booty that is cradled within the foot channel (E), and then pulls his or her foot away from the device. As the user's foot is pulled away, separating the cover from the device, an actuator (F) triggers a retainer (G) that automatically opens and dispenses another shoe cover through a system of arms (H) and guides (I) into the foot channel.

Patent number: 6,543,075 B2
Date granted: April 8, 2003
Inventors: Goktan Gultekin, Gurkan Gultekin and Barbaros Soylerkaya, of Instanbul, Turkey


The cleanbox, which resembles a front-opening unified pod (FOUP), prevents contamination from not only external, but internal sources as well.

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It is comprised of a casing container (A) that forms the main body (B), a lid (C) for hermetically sealing the top opening section of the container main; a dividing wall (D) for forming air circulation paths; a holding section (E) for holding substrates (F); HEPA and ULPA filters (G) and a gas removal filter (H); and a motor-driven fan (I) for producing air streams.

Patent number: 6,521,007 B1
Date granted: Feb. 18, 2003
Inventors: Akira Tanaka, Kazuo Ohkubo, Yoko Suzuki and Hideaki Sekiguchi, of Ebara Corp. (Tokyo).


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