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Material delivery system

The material delivery system (A) is particularly useful for cleanrooms and minienvironments, and includes a station (B) and a table (C) that contains several apertures (D), where trays (E) are stacked.

The material delivery system is located underneath the table. A transfer robot (F) moves parts to and from trays or to turntables (G) so that assemblers can work on them. For example, the station may be used to assemble certain disk drive devices.

Patent number: 6,599,077 B2
Date granted: July 29, 2003
Inventors: John D. McCrandall, Tom McMunigal, Richard E. Rupp, Jr., of Maxtor Corp. (Longmont, Colo.)

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Melt-spun polyester

This apparatus feeds two separate thermoplastic polymers into the hoppers (A and B), and then transports into extruders (C and D), which melt and pressurize the polymer through filters (E and F).

The polymers are then combined in the spin pack (G), which produces a desired bi-component filament cross-section. The melted polymers exit the spin pack through a plurality of capillary openings on the face of the spinneret (H).

The filaments (I) are extruded from the spin pack (G), are initially cooled with quenching air (J) and then drawn by a pneumatic draw jet (K) before being laid down. The quenching air is provided by one or more conventional quench boxes (not pictured) that direct air against the filaments at a rate of about 0.3 to 2.5 m/sec and at a temperature in the range of 5 to 25 degrees C. The draw jet guides the filaments to the laydown belt (L), where it then passes through rollers (M) for sheet uniformity.

Patent number: 6,548,431 B1
Date granted: April 15, 2003
Inventors: Vishal Bansal, Michael C. Davis and Edgar N. Rudisill of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (Wilmington, Del.)

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Gas stream filter

The insert filter (A) cleans gas streams, particularly the intake air of an internal combustion engine or an air-conditioning unit, and includes a filter frame (B), a filter element (C) and a shaft cover (D) within the shaft (E) of a duct system (F).

The duct system guides the stream from an unfiltered side (G) that is separated from a clean side (H) by the filter element and frame. The shaft cover closes a shaft opening (I) through which the insert filter is inserted in the shaft.

Patent number: 6,598,580 B2
Date granted: July 29, 2003
Inventors: Christop Baumann, Timo Dirnberger, Steffen Holtz, Daniel Hoppman, Ulrich Huengsberg, Volker Hueppmeier, Hans-Juergen Isensee, Stefan Maier, Kai Mierau, Hans-Peter Scholl and Stefan Weiss, of Filterwerk Mann & Hummel GmbH (Ludwigsburg, Germany)

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