New Products

BCD Process Devices

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This company introduces two new devices, which are said to reduce die size and chip costs for its PBC4 0.5 µm BiCMOS-DMOS (BCD) process. The addition of a high-power driver with a low specific on resistance (RSP) of 25 Ω mm2 reportedly permits the production of smaller die sizes and lowers chip costs. The N-channel medium volt DMOS large-angle body device also features a 1.3 µm gate length, a threshold voltage of 2.0 V and a maximum operating voltage of 13.2 V. PolarFab, Bloomington, Minn.,

Diode Technology

PMEG Series Schottky diodes are designed to further enable miniaturization of equipment, such as mobile phones and digital cameras, while improving overall electrical efficiency. The low forward volt drop and high-speed switching capabilities are said to make these diodes ideal for applications such as high-efficiency DC/DC converters. The series reportedly provides designers with packages that reduce the PCB area required for Schottky rectifier diodes to as little as one quarter of that previously occupied by devices in SMA packages. It also reportedly extends current (IF) handling capacity of SMT Schottky diodes to unprecedented levels. Royal Philips Electronics, Eindhoven, The Netherlands,

Elastomer Socket

A new line of elastomer test sockets has been announced for AFN devices. Providing higher speed with an inductance of 0.1 nH, the sockets reportedly are for high-frequency (beyond 15 GHz), mixed-signal and low-voltage applications. Additionally, the socket is said to be suited for users looking for the low inductance of an elastomer socket but one that offers higher insertion rates than are typical for this type of socket. Other elastomer sockets generally break down after 100 to 2,000 insertions; however, this line gives an average of 50,000 to 200,000 insertions. Dimensions Consulting Inc. (DCI), Santa Clara, Calif.,

Illuminator Controls

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This company introduces new programmable illuminator controls for their liquid dispensing systems, reportedly providing enhanced fiducial/feature recognition. By changing the color and/or intensity of the illuminator on the vision alignment system prior to pattern recognition, the systems can compensate for various substrate colors, reflective properties or textures. This is said to allow for more accurate and repeatable dispensing on such substrates as ..FR4, gold and ceramic, critical for advanced applications in the high-density and semiconductor packaging markets. GPD Global, Grand Junction, Colo.,

ICT Solution

This company introduces the availability of SafeTest production technologies on its line of TestStation ICT systems. The protection technologies are said to protect today's newest low-voltage devices against exposure to the over-voltage and over-current conditions common to conventional ICT systems. The protection technologies combine the company's UltraPin digital pin electronics and software features for accurate, reliable and safe powered-up testing. Features include: automatic driver verification, background current sensing, closed-loop driver, multi-level digital-isolation software, per-pin programmable logic thresholds and timing, programmable backdrive current and duration thresholds, and specialized digital controller. Teradyne, Assembly Test Div., North Reading, Mass.,

Linear Height Gage

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A high-productivity linear height gage, QM-Height increases measuring efficiency by incorporating a red/green back-lit display that indicates immediately whether a measurement is in or out of tolerance. The gage is said to use the company's absolute-type linear encoder, eliminating the reset of origin on start up. Additionally, increased accuracy of ±(2.8+5 L/1,000) µm results from a more rigid column and a smoother floating slider motion. Both the 14 and 24″ models reportedly feature selectable resolutions of 0.00005, 0.00001 and 0.00002″, depending on the workpiece. Mitutoyo America Corp., Aurora, Ill.,

SSRAM Devices

Two high-density, SSRAM devices are available: the first offers a total density of 72 Mb, organized as 1 M ¥ 72 and the second also is a ¥ 72 device but features a total density of 36 Mb and is organized as 512 K ¥ 72. The ¥ 72 Mb no bus latency (NBL) reportedly provides high-density, speed and flexibility, allowing OEM design engineers to reduce overall active memory device count, reduce power and improve PCB space utilization. The SSRAM product family is said to address the density, power and data transfer requirements of high-performance, communications-orientated markets. White Electronic Designs, Phoenix, Ariz.,

Slide Lock Socket

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In high-power IC devices, thermal control is key during testing to ensure accurate test results. The Tornado Heat Transfer Socket reportedly is constructed of materials that have a highly conductive nature and can be used where convection cooling is needed for hot device applications. A built-in fan and custom-machined air channeling baffle plate is said to generate a “tornado” effect to remove heat buildup during testing. The socket's small footprint design and slide lock ..mechanism ensure quick load and release where board space is at a minimum. Tecknit Interconnection Products, Cranford, N.J.,

RF Probing Station

Offering a complete solution for multiport or differential linear devices and circuits to be characterized to 8.5 GHz, this turnkey probing solution includes high-performance characterization probes, a series of dedicated dual ISSs, ENA Wafer Call calibration software, an Agilent ENA Series RF network analyzer and probing system. The calibration software reportedly provides productivity enhancements to ensure RF engineers, in addition to achieving both accurate and repeatable calibrations, can perform the entire procedure up to 10 times faster than using a front panel. Additionally, the software wizard guides the user through the setup and calibration processes, thereby eliminating the need for the user to navigate the system's internal menus. Cascade Microtech Inc., Beaverton, Ore.,

Full-field Lithography

Extending the capabilities of cost-effective 1X full-field lithography (1XFFL) with a package of four new technologies, SupraYield is said to provide a high-performance solution for advanced thick-resist applications, such as WLP, MEMS and optoelectronics. Systems enhanced with the tool reportedly can double throughput, achieve 1 µm resolution and submicron overlay, and reduce lithography costs by up to 66 percent (compared to steppers). The technology ensures that 1XFFL systems can meet the demands of several future design generations, fulfilling requirements and enabling higher yields with the throughput and cost efficiency provided by full-field tools. SUSS MicroTech, Munich, Germany,

Wafer Bump Tester

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The 580-300 universal bond test system is available for shear testing bumps on 300 mm wafers. Reportedly capable of controlling tool shear height to better than 1 µm, the tester ..enables rapid, repeatable evaluation of wafer bump adhesion. Optional image capture is said to save a digital image of the failure site for future reference. BondTest Manager, a Windows-based user interface application, performs local SPC functions and networks the tester to external databases. The system also is capable of performing bond shear tests, wire bond pull tests and die shear tests to Mil specs. The tester is set up automatically when test modules are interchanged, and menu-driven programming enables quick product changeover. Royce Instruments Inc., Napa, Calif.,

Metrology Tool Addition

This company introduced an advancement to its nanotechnology initiative. The UltraMet 100 is said to be the industry's first metrology system developed to measure any (or every) die on a wafer, providing full-wafer validation of the company's Nanotech 160 DSA stepper. The tool measures the alignment of an image on the backside of a wafer to an image on the front-side. Additionally, the system uses the MVS imaging system, which reportedly eliminates the requirement for the special metrology targets required by other DSA-capable metrology tools, and provides improved measurement capability compared to other currently available back-to-front metrology tools. Ultratech Inc., San Jose, Calif.,

Hermetic Packaging

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A discrete semiconductor package product family consisting of G1111M and G1010M reportedly offers low-cost hermetic surface mount packages for high-reliability applications. The packages are available with lead profiles meeting JEDEC standards. Assembled using a glass-to-metal seal process, the packages are rugged and reliable. The hermetic seal is said to provide enhanced reliability for semiconductor devices ..and offers protection from environmental conditions. G1111M is a 3 ¥ 3 mm outline with an internal cavity of 0.9 mm, and is supplied with six leads. G1010M, however, is a 2.5 ¥ 2.5 mm outline with an internal cavity of 0.75 mm, and is available with two leads. StratEdge, San Diego, Calif.,

High-Speed Test Heads

High-speed test heads for the company's MTS 500 Condor flying prober test system have been introduced that reportedly are capable of reaching an acceleration of greater than 20 g. The four-headed design is driven by servo motors, and permits movements of 6 mm in less than 12 milliseconds. By reducing the time required to move the heads, test times can be reduced. Because completed assemblies often require thousands of probings during testing, the time saved can be significant. Using the technology in moving parts, the test heads reportedly are flying on an air cushion that enables high-speed requirement with almost no friction. Additionally, the incorporation of this technology is said to allow for maintenance-free operation and reliable long-term operation in the production environment. US Digitaltest Inc., Concord, Calif.,


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