Product Spotlight: Ionizers

Compiled by Steve Smith

Static charge build-up can ignite combustibles, shock personnel and destroy sensitive components. It also attracts dirt, dust and other contaminants that can worsen processing problems and increase product scrap. Ionizing equipment, however, works toward neutralizing the environment by flooding an area with positive and negative ions. Here's a sampling of some of the latest ionizing products.

Ion emitter bar

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Designed to control electrostatic charges, the ScorpION ion emitter bar's aerodynamic shape minimizes disturbance of unidirectional airflow. Its small size and 24-V DC supply requirements make it especially suitable for use inside, flow benches and cleanroom mini-environments. Unlike comparable products, a mounted hardwire controller is not required (ScorpION uses an IR remote controller). The device incorporates the manufacturer's proprietary full-digital ionization control technology with RS-485 drop-link communication. Operating parameters are stored internally and are micropocessor-controlled to promote operational stability and consistent performance. For ultra-clean, critical applications, ScorpION is also available with the manufacturer's patented non-metallic germanium emitters.

Hatfield, PA

Monitor and adjust ionization

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The Pulsed-DC Ionizer Model 5225 AeroBar is designed to provide complete control over all ionization parameters through a host computer interface connecting over either TCP/IP Ethernet or RS-485. The manufacturer says its control architecture allows ionization to be continually monitored and adjusted in real time, or within process recipes. It is specifically designed for use in ISO Class ..2 or higher mini-environments, including semiconductor and flat-panel display process tools, biomedical workstations and flow hoods. According to the manufacturer, the Model 5225 provides users with greater control and more consistent ion output at 15 to 40 percent less cost than comparable products.

Ion Systems Inc.
Berkeley, CA

Hands-free ionizing air gun

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A high-pressure ionizing air gun, the HPS-III Hands Free is designed to simultaneously neutralize and clean medical components, molded components, molded parts, photographic films, glass and other electronically-charged products. Especially designed for operations where both hands are needed for the production process, the foot-operated HPS-III produces what the manufacturer claims are copious amounts of ion as the air or nitrogen and ionizer are turned on simultaneously, resulting in neutralization of the highest electrostatic charges. The device is capable of neutralizing a charge of 5,000 volts to virtual zero in approximately one second, while the nozzle can perform at up to a maximum of 60 PSI for pinpoint cleaning. Since no air passes through the ion producer, the manufacturer claims there is no particulate build-up within the nozzle that could cause contamination, breakdown or failure.

ElectroStatics Inc.
Harleysville, PA

Closed-loop ionizer controller

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The Series 3300 Ionizing Controller is designed to address customer requirements to control either a multi-fan single ionizer (2- or 3-fan) or multiple single-fan ionizers. It offers data output to report any alarm condition to the company's Series 6000 or Series 400 Workstation/ Process Equipment Monitoring Instruments, and can control up to three fans ..with the addition of the antenna assembly. The controller can be powered either by the ionizer to which it is interfaced, or with an optional external power supply. As an extension of the company's proprietary closed-loop ionizer control technology, the Series 3300 is designed to give users cost-effective flexibility in controlling multiple fans. As part of a system approach, the manufacturer says, the device helps reduce process variations, decrease scrap or rework, and improve process yields at the specific workstation.

Novx. Corp.
San Jose, CA

Always-on guns

For use in ISO Class 5 or less cleanrooms, the P-2021-2432 ionizing guns are designed to eliminate the potential for particle contamination. The always-on guns do not require a high-voltage power supply, and are designed to be used with compressed air or nitrogen service.

Grand Island, NY


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