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Clean air fan

The clean air fan is comprised of a bifurcated conical air inlet and blown air deflector (A), a fan (B), and a fan motor with mount and vibration isolation system (C).

The unit may be outfitted in a cleanroom sub-ceiling, with the clean air inlet (D) accessible to pre-filtered air above the plenum. Another use for the fan is as part of a modular or mobile softwall cleanroom. In this instance, the fan is connected to the pre-filter assembly and with a final filter assembly—namely, HEPA or ULPA, but other mediums may be used.

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Patent number: 6,620,041 B2
Date granted: Sept. 16, 2003
Inventor: Terence Webb, of Microzone Corp. (Ontario, Canada)

Deionized water-making method

The invention is a method that produces deionized water with electro-regeneration. The system uses anion and cation exchange membranes (A), an electrodialyzer (B) and anode and cathode compartments (C, D) where electricity is applied by an anode and cathode (E, F).

Water, fed through an inlet pipe (G) by the force of two pumps (H), is moved through concentrating and de-mineralizing compartments (I). A line (J) as well as a tank (K) supplies concentrated water, which maintains electro-conductivity that is monitored by a meter (L). The system can supply deionized water through an outlet pipe (M) for semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food-processing applications.

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Patent number: 6,565,725 B2
Date granted: May 20, 2003
Inventors: Yoshio Sugaya, Yukio Matsumura and Hiroshi Toda, of Ashai Glass Co. (Tokyo).

Contamination control method, device

The system and method determine and control such contaminants as refractory compounds, high-molecular weight and low-molecular compounds in cleanroom manufacturing environments.

The system includes a tubular collection device (A) that has inlet and outlet ports (B, C). Packed in the tube portion, between the ports, is an absorptive material that can be glass spheres or polymers, such as Tenax.

The invention addresses gaseous contamination as well as contaminants adsorbed on surfaces on optical surfaces—particularly in photolithography systems.

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Patent number: 6,620,630 B2
Date granted: Sept. 16, 2003
Inventors: Oleg P. Kishkovich, Anatoly Grayfer, William M. Goodwin, Devon Kinkead, of Extraction Systems Inc. (Franklin, Mass.)


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