Glove boxes & Isolators

Compiled by Steve Smith

Whether isolating material such as pharmaceuticals from contamination or protecting workers when handling hazardous materials, glove boxes can be essential items for contamination control efforts both within the cleanroom and in mobile environments. Though many glove boxes look similar, the crucial differences are in the details—single or multiple user, humidity and temperature controls, vacuum options, HEPA filtration, gas heating and refrigeration, and static neutralization are only a few of the factors to consider when selecting a glove box. Here are some of the newest boxes plus related isolator equipment.

Small volume biodecontamination unit

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The VHP M100 vaporized hydrogen peroxide system is a small, modular unit designed for integration with isolators, small sealed enclosures, and small pass-through rooms. ..Features, according to the manufacturer, include short cycle times, easy validation, excellent material compatibility, no residuals, and environmental safety. The unit biodecontaminates 2 to 70-cubic foot enclosures.

Steris Corp.
Mentor, OH

Oxygen analyzers

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PBI-Dansensor oxygen analyzers are designed to monitor glove box systems for ideal oxygen-controlled environments. According to the manufacturer, the devices promise no lag between test and response, ensuring optimal conditions for the contained handling, manufacturing and testing of pharmaceuticals, biologics, food, electronics assemblies, and more. The analyzers provide oxygen reading accuracy of +/-1 percent, and carbon dioxide reading accuracy of +/-2 percent ABS within calibrated range. Its essential functions include gas analysis, spot test analysis, electronic flow of gas supply, and electronically-controlled gas mixing for two or three gases.

PBI-Dansensor America Inc.
Glen Rock, NJ

HEPA/ULPA-filtered isolation glove boxes

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Creating a particle-free environment that permits environmentally-safe exhaust, isolation glove boxes circulate process gas through either 99.99 percent-efficient HEPA or 99.999 percent-efficient ULPA filters. ..Open-loop configurations remove particles from the incoming flow and capture submicron particulates, including hazardous aerosols and pharmaceutical powders, in an exit filter. Chambers are available in 304/316 stainless steel, dissipative PVC, acrylic, polypropylene and polycarbonate. A wide range of glove ports and gloves are designed to meet a variety of access and chemical resistance requirements. Standard environmental modules provide additional process control of low/high temperature (-40 to 120° C), humidity (0 to 100 percent), fume removal, vacuum, and static charges.

Terra Universal
Anaheim, CA

A customized solution

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Laboratory glove box enclosures are custom-engineered and constructed for your company's specific isolation needs. The's rapid deployment field installations include food processing facilities, industrial plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and government and nuclear installations. Manufacturing and field crews, along with engineering and project management staff, offer project services for small or large installations.

Premier Technology Inc.
Pocatello, ID,

Negative-pressure glove box

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Engineered to maintain a slight negative working pressure, the Closed-Loop Containment Isolator is a biocontainment Level III, completely automated glove box. The company also manufactures nitrogen ..dry boxes, desiccators and anaerobic chambers.

Plas-Labs Inc.
Lansing, MI

Portable glove box system

Billed as an economical containment unit that lets you isolate potentially hazardous materials for inspection, the Scienceware Portable Glove Box System is completely self-contained for easy transfer from one location to another. The system is molded of polypropylene and has a totally transparent acrylic front panel. Materials placed inside the unit can be handled with protective gloves that are attached to the front ports. A large side port with locking cover and O-ring seal let you easily insert items of various sizes.

Bel-Art Products
Pequannock, NJ

Single, multiple-operator barrier isolator

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MicroSphere barrier isolators are designed to provide a Class 10 microenvironment. The anodized aluminum units are available in a variety of sizes, widths and depths to accommodate a single operator or multiple ..operators working simultaneously. Its unidirectional flow provides what the manufacturer says is the equivalent of a laminar flow hood inside the microenvironment. Gloves offer tactile feel, and can be easily changed and cleaned. The isolators can be designed with unidirectional positive-pressure for preparing sterile components, or with negative pressure for safe handling of chemotherapeutics, or toxic drugs and powder. Options include trash and sharp ports, shelving units, and electric and gas outlets.

IsoTech Design
St. Laurent, Quebec


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