New Products

X-ray Inspection Technology

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TIGER (FXS-160.40) X-ray system offers proprietary true X-ray intensity (TXI) control to assist operators in identifying production anomalies with 100 percent consistent X-ray images. The technology provides immediate and steady X-ray intensity after auto-start, long-term stability of X-ray intensity, constant image contrast and brightness for recurring inspection tasks, repeatability during automated BGA analysis routines, and more. FEINFOCUS, Stamford, Conn.,

Packaging Solution

The power quad flat pack no-lead (PQFN) package boosts silicon performance by eliminating limitations of existing packages. The surface mount package is designed to meet the high-power dissipation requirements of automotive, industrial, commercial and marine applications. The package reportedly also provides advantages over existing QFP no-lead packages and other existing power IC packages, including: leadless package replaces existing larger, axial leaded packages; proven solder joint reliability when surface mounted to PCBs; cost-effective solution for multichip power products; environmentally preferred packaging materials; MAP process allows electrical and physical flag isolation of multiple die; design and process flexibility in a common surface mount form factor; good thermal performance with 20-mm-thick copper lead frame; and low contribution to electrical on-resistance. Motorola Inc., Tempe, Ariz.,

Non-porous Dielectric Materials

This company entered the low-k dielectrics market with a range of non-porous low-k and ultra-low-k dielectric materials. These materials reportedly process like CVD TEOS, while providing the extendibility of spin-on low-k materials — offering a range of k-values from 2.2 to 3.0 in a non-porous film. Integration has been proven through unit processes such as etch, ash and CMP, and in subtractive aluminum via chain structures. The materials allow IC device manufacturers to produce faster chips that consume less power, while reducing their capital expenditures and cost of ownership. Additionally, the materials reportedly solve the numerous problems associated with porous dielectric films. To attain k values below 2.6, most other low-k materials must incorporate 20 to 50 percent porosity. Silecs Inc., San Jose, Calif.,

Wire Bonder

A high-speed thermosonic ball-and-stitch wire bonder, Model 8000 is designed to place eight wires per second with a table repeatability of better than ±5 µm. With a 12 ¥ 16″ X-Y bond area, the bonder can handle large hybrids, MCMs or several smaller devices simultaneously. A combination of the advanced Cognex 8000 vision system and dual-source programmable LED lighting reportedly facilitates accurate targeting and placement. This level of accuracy, along with highly repeatable ball formation, enables tight spacing between wires. Typical uses for the bonder are wire bonding for microelectronic packaging, including most semiconductor-based interconnect applications. Palomar Technologies, Vista, Calif.,

Optical Tables

This company offers a full line of Large Optical Tables. These tables reportedly are constructed to exacting standards and consistently provide users a flat, stiff, highly damped surface with high natural frequency. The tables exceed the performance levels of competitive models in comparable categories for both maximum dynamic deflection and maximum relative motion. Ranging in size to 6 ¥ 16´, with larger sizes available on request, the tabletops are designed with a honeycomb core and feature the company's proprietary SPILLPRUF design. The tables are available in four performance levels to ensure customer satisfaction: OPTILANE is for critical research applications; LABPLANE is for precision laboratory procedures; VALUPLANE is for applications in which vibration is nominal to low; and ECONOPLANE is for minimal to low vibration environments, but has a thinner top skin. Kinetic Systems Inc., Boston, Mass.,

Pick-and-place System

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An automatic die pick-and-place system, A45, is available for 300-mm wafers. Reportedly low-cost, the system is wafer map capable. Options include visual inspection, die flipping and electrical test. The high-speed vision processor can perform die visual inspection of several die simultaneously. Die then are picked ..and transferred to test stage, gel pak, waffle pak or film frame. DieSort Manager is a Windows-based user interface application that controls machine setup from process recipes and networks the system to device map databases. Menu-driven programming enables quick product changeover. Royce Instruments Inc., Napa, Calif.,


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New Products

Compiled by Laureen Bellville

Low-noise blower

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The precision-balanced TCD Blower air-moving package features high performance and smoothness by combining the efficiency of the TEK backward-curved airfoil wheel with high-efficiency NEMA frame motors. According to the manufacturer, the blower meets AMCA 'B' spark-resistant requirements and is suited to applications that require low noise and high efficiency. The BCA impeller is manufactured of glass-reinforced polyamide. The steel scroll housing has an epoxy coating.

Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.
Buffalo, NY

Dry chemical filters

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The Purafilter-CG and the Purafilter-FFU use a patented dry-chemical media to target specific groups of gases in specific areas of cleanrooms. The Purafilter-CG works in recirculation air applications, and the Purafilter-FFU can be incorporated into most FFUs upstream of HEPA/ULPA filters. Three media types are available for each filter: CPS for hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, organics and ozone; PSAM for acids, amines, ammonia and NMP; and PSPB for arsine, boron trifluoride, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide and phosphine. Both filters are available with an integral 95 percent particle filter.

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Doraville, GA

Ionizer controller

The Series 3300 ionizer controller controls either a multi-fan ionizer (two- or three-fan) or multiple single-fan ionizers. The product offers data output as a standard feature to report any alarm condition to the Series 6000 or Series 400 workstation/process equipment monitoring instruments. The product can be powered either by the ionizer to which it is interfaced, or with an optional external power supply.

Novx Corporation
San Jose, CA

Disposable filter

Designed with an improved membrane-pleating method, QuickChange ATM reportedly provides 40 percent improvement in membrane surface area compared to QuickChange ATX filters, leading to a higher flow rate that aids in the recirculation and recovery of a bath. The non-dewetting membrane technology delivers retention at 0.03 mm and withstands high-temperature applications (up to 180° C). Shipped water-wet, the products also reduce filter change-out time, minimizing system downtime.

Mykrolis Corp.
Billerica, MA

Cartridge, PES filters

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The Multilayer Durapore 0.45-µm/0.22-µm cartridge filters are intended for pharmaceutical and biological liquid applications requiring high protein recovery and extended throughput. The multi-membrane construction provides a filter device with an integrated 0.45-µm prefilter membrane ahead of a final 0.22-µm sterilizing grade membrane for increased filtration capacity. The product is suitable for sterile filtration processes requiring high throughput, high product purity and high yield.

The high-flux sterilizing-grade polyethersulfone (PES) filter is used for the filtration of buffers, pH adjusters and other clean aqueous intermediate process solutions.

According to the manufacturer, the Express SHF (Sterilizing-grade High Flux) hydrophilic 0.2-µm filters provide superior flux, high sterility assurance and broad chemical compatibility with a range of buffer chemistries (pH 1-14), including acids and sodium hydroxide.

Billerica, MA

Modular conveyor

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Based on a building-block concept of high-impact, interchangeable plastic modules, accessories, and components, the ISO Class 3-approved DynaCon Modular Conveyor system provides cleanroom and associated controlled environments with flexibility and ease of reconfiguration to improve production flow and rapidly modify production schemes. The system requires no lubrication and includes a maintenance-free, brushless DC motor that produces no motor emissions. Dust-free polypropylene rods are used as the hinge-pins for the conveyor belt.

Dynamic Conveyor Corp.
Muskegon, MI

Piping and fusion package

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The PFA FuseBond System features repeatable high-strength PFA welds, low-weld bead profile and documentation of all ..welding parameters. Ideally suited for high-purity chemical and abrasive slurry applications in the semiconductor market, the system is offered with pipe, fittings and a line of manual and pneumatically actuated valves in sizes from 1/4-inch through 2 inches. The system combines George Fischer's IR Plus Joining Technology with Saint-Gobain's Furon brand of PFA piping.

George Fischer Inc.
Tustin, CA


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