New Products

Blue LED Wafer Scribing

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ChromaDice UV diode-pumped solid-state laser system delivers high-speed blue LED wafer scribing with typical yields greater than 99 percent. This system cuts a well-defined, square chip with consistently narrow cuts as small as 5 µm. With its high throughput — up to 8 wafers per hour — and minimal impact on LED performance, the process reportedly is tolerant of wafer warp and bow, and delivers fast scribing speed compared to mechanical scribing. With the system, there are no process consumables; higher yields are achieved at lower operating costs, with full automation possible. A single operator can run multiple systems with no impact on process yield. JPSA, New Hollis, N.H.,

X-ray Inspection

YTX-3000 is a high-resolution x-ray inspection system that enables electronics assemblers and semiconductor packagers to reduce costs, improve quality and increase throughput. Based on the company's proprietary machine vision software, which includes real-time sharpening, the systems offers fully automated inspection of BGA and flip chip devices, solder joint quality, die attach, bond wires and electronics assembly verification. The system's x-ray tube features a 5-µm spot size for high-resolution image quality. It is available with a 4- or 5-axis manipulator with 18 ¥ 20″ X-Y travel for samples weighing up to 5 lb. The system also offers 360° of sample rotation, and an optional 30° tilt for oblique views. Stepper motor drives provide a range of motion, from ultra-slow use at high magnifications to high-speed for travel over longer distances. All systems come with a control module and programmable motion for automated inspection. YESTech Inc., San Clemente, Calif.,

Array Package Rework

APR-5000-XLS Array Package Rework System is designed for large-to-small PCBs and, according to the company, sets the benchmark for the precise, cost-effective rework of the widest range of component types, including BGA, CSP, LGA, micro SMD, MLF and bumped chip component packages. The system is capable of handling boards 24.5 ¥ 24.5″ and up to 0.25″ thick. Using the same design technology as the APR-5000, this next-generation system uses a single reflow/placement head and a stationary PCB that is centered over enhanced, dual-stage preheaters capable of handling both large and small boards. With the use of five thermocouple inputs and closed-loop RTD temperature control, the system allows for meticulous temperature control across a rework area of up to 0.25″ thick. Able to remove and replace components down to 0.020 ¥ 0.010″, the system uses motorized control of X, Y, Z and Theta axis for adjustability. Metcal Inc., Menlo Park, Calif.,

Packaging and Feeding System

A tape-and-reel packaging and feeding system that is versatile enough to handle delicate mechanical components, TekPAX protects components by placing each one in a custom-designed tape carrier. Components are packaged separately, so they do not interact with each other — preventing scratching, nesting and damage. On the production floor, the reel or “ammo box” packaging reportedly allows operators to staple-splice the tape together and then deliver parts seamlessly through the component feeder system. The dimensional capability of the system ranges from less than 0.5 to 8″ long. With increased sensitivity to component integrity, the system offers wrapped automation-friendly packaging of delicate components that is ideal for manual assembly. GPAX Ltd., Columbus, Ohio,

High-speed Mounter

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A high-speed flexible mounter, KE-2060 provides one multi-nozzle laser head with four nozzles and one high-resolution head for fine-pitch component placement. Reportedly enabling ..quick programming and fast changeover, the system can deal with any board type and bill-of-materials, especially the fine-pitch or odd-shape components prevalent in today's boards. The machine also provides a unique dual component recognition system using both vision and laser technology. The mounter's vision centering system features bottom, side and back lighting for both ball and split recognition. A 1,024 ¥ 1,024-pixel, high-resolution camera option provides a wider range of component handling at higher accuracy than previous models. The machine is capable of placing up to 12,500 cph for the multi-nozzle laser head and up to 1,850 fine-pitch IC component placement for its high-resolution laser head. Component size placement capabilities range from 0201 to 50 ¥ 150 mm. Juki Automation Systems, Morrisville, N.C.,

Training/Inspection Upgrade

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This company expanded the capabilities of its VisionPro PC-based machine vision systems with the addition of high-performance vision software tools. The new tools are designed to reduce setup time, improve process yield and provide new options for pattern training in a range of semiconductor and other manufacturing applications that require general-purpose machine vision for inspection, measurement, identification and guidance. In addition to a full array of machine vision software, the ..upgraded suite now includes Synthetic PatMax object location software. When an acquired image is unavailable or unsuitable for training, the software can generate reference models without relying on image data. Also, the suite includes PatInspect, which the company says is a fast and accurate defect detection tool that locates objects with high precision under a range of conditions and then detects differences in the object compared to the trained image. Cognex Corp., Natick, Mass.,

Multi-piston Dispense

Providing positive displacement and digital control, the Multi-Piston Pump provides repeatable dispense precision of ±1 percent at three standard deviations with no need for weight scale correction. The pump uses multiple pistons and, according to the company, does not require a recharge step — allowing for maximum throughput regardless of dispense volume. Additionally, carbide inserts allow for the use of abrasive encapsulants and underfill materials. The pump features a quick-disconnect fitting for easy attachment/detachment, allowing a production line to resume operation quickly, and parts can be cleaned off-line to avoid delay. The pump is flexible and can dispense volumes to less than 1 mg, making it suitable for CSP and flip chip underfill applications, in addition to encapsulation. Cookson Electronics Equipment, Franklin, Mass.,

Thermal Gap Filler

T-flx 200 V0 Series, a commercial-grade gap filler, meets the UL 94 V0 flammability rating. The material combines good thermal conductivity with high compressibility to produce even lower thermal resistance than its predecessor, T-flex 200. The filler is tacky and the company reports that it does not need an additional adhesive coating that can inhibit thermal performance. It is available in thicknesses of 20 to 200 mil, and is electrically insulating. Applications for the material include plasma display panels, RDRAM memory modules, high-speed mass storage drives and wireless communication hardware. Thermagon Inc., Cleveland, Ohio,

Probing Technology

NETprobing technology delivers a networked system of “smart” probers that improve overall test floor efficiency through remote monitoring and control, as well as automated data collection, analysis and reporting. This functionality, dispersed across a sort floor, can help chipmakers get faster answers to critical questions about device quality, manufacturing performance and corrective action needed. Additionally, the technology is said to allow sort floor managers to view the status of and take control over any wafer prober, worldwide, from their desktops. Yield and bin information can be tracked, machine status monitored, live video images viewed and probing recipes changed from a Web-based user interface. Electroglas Inc., San Jose, Calif.,

AP Die Bonder

Providing advanced assembly solutions for epoxy die attach, eutectic and flip chip bonding, MRSI-605 AP Advanced Packaging Die Bonder is targeted to end users in the semiconductor and electronics packaging markets, including manufacturers of MEMS, advanced semiconductor packages, MCMs and more. The granite platform supports the placement head from above so that no mechanisms are cantilevered, reportedly providing optimal stability. The thermally and mechanically stable machine delivers 10-µm placement accuracy. Additionally, the six head “feather-touch” tool turret delivers increased cycle rates in die bonding and component assembly processes. This enhancement makes six separate tools constantly available on the robot heat, allowing tool change to occur on the fly while moving from process point to process point. Newport Corp., Irvine, Calif.,

Test Probe

This company expanded its Infinity Probe series to 110 GHz. The Infinity Probe offers high-frequency performance and low, stable contact resistance on aluminum pads (typically less than 0.05 Ω). The contact area of the probe tips is approximately 12 ¥ 12 µm, allowing probing of pads that are less than 50 ¥ 50 µm. Additionally, after a single touchdown, the series enables the extraction of the equivalent circuit parameters of devices and structures that are the most sensitive to contact resistance variation. Cascade Microtech Inc., Beaverton, Ore.,


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New Products

Compiled by Laureen Bellville

Aerosol particle sensor

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Packaged in a chemically resistant, easy-to-disinfect stainless-steel box, the IsoAir Plus aerosol monitor features 0.5- and 5.0-µm channels for monitoring cGMP compliance. Data downloading is via Ethernet, with data security exceeding 21CFR-11 regulations. The sensor interfaces with Pharmaceutical Net software to provide advanced reporting features as well as alarm paging for particle events.

Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, CO

Walk-in enclosure

A compact, walk-in Class II-style clean air and containment enclosure, the BioPROtect Jr. accommodates high-throughput robotic systems, ultracentrifuges, flow cytometers, aerosol generators and other pieces of laboratory equipment. The unit features an 87 cu.ft. interior volume (nominal) with HEPA-filtered, particle-free airflow throughout the work area. Filters and blower motors are sized to accommodate filter-loading to minimize downtime and extend component life cycles.

The Baker Company
Sanford, ME

Desiccator cabinet

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Series 19 cabinets are constructed with a heavy-gauge stainless-steel outer shell, with a stainless-steel divider between each compartment. Each compartment is sealed to provide a pressurized dry or nitrogen environment for parts storage, and the stainless steel provides a conductive surface to help dissipate static charge. Compartments feature gasketed, clear acrylic doors with cam-action door latches. The acrylic back panel is screwed and sealed to the back of the unit. Shelves are available fixed-position or adjustable. Polypropylene models are available.

Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

Vacuum wand

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The battery-operated, self-contained FWCR2/3 Freedom Wand vacuum wand for 200- and 300-mm wafers runs continuously for three hours after a 90-minute charge. Direct connect to power supply enables use when batteries are discharged. Ergonomic finger contours enhance comfort, while a tabletop/wall-mount stand keeps the unit clean and secure when not in use. The product weighs less than 8 oz. and is Class 1 cleanroom compatible.

H-Square Corp.
Sunnyvale, CA

Spill-free coupling

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Intended for high-purity chemical fluid- handling processes and manufactured with injection-molded virgin polypropylene, the ChemQuik series CQG06 is a connection device for instant, safe, and spill-free disconnections and reconnections. The non-spill, pressure-balanced design enables the safe transfer of critical fluids, effectively eliminating chemical contact. The coupling is available with a physical keying system that offers limitless configurations to prevent accidental misconnections. Shut-off valves remove the need to drain lines or vent fumes before servicing equipment.

Colder Products Company
St. Paul, MN

Integrated gas components

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The IGC II modular and integrated gas components enable semiconductor professionals to develop streamlined gas delivery systems with a more compact size and footprint. The system is built around modular and surface-mount technology, featuring channel-type substrate and manifold sections. According to the manufacturer, the small footprint of gas sticks built with IGC II technology lets users locate them closer to the chamber, reducing pneumatic lag and process time. A typical system consists of substrate channel, manifold channel, and mounting components.

Swagelok Company
Solon, OH

Hand wipes

Developed to quickly eliminate harmful microorganisms from the skin, CareMates antiseptic hand wipes are pre-moistened with an antiseptic formula that kills 99.9 percent of disease-causing microbes, including pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureas, escherichia coli, streptococcus pyogenes, and salmonella cholerasius. The special formula also conditions skin and leaves a wintergreen fragrance.

Shepard Medical Products
Elk Grove Village, IL

Six-axis robot

The six-axis robot will offer the same Epson RC+ software and Epson RC520 PC-based controller provided on the Epson Scara robots and Epson EZ modules. According to the manufacturer, companies will be able to build entire factories using one easy-to-use control platform for a variety of applications and robot types. Additionally, companies can increase the power and flexibility of their six-axis robots by adding ActiveX controls, conveyor tracking, Ethernet I/O, force-sensing, security/audit log and vision guidance capabilities.

Epson Robots
Carson, CA


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