Product Preview

APEX Product Preview

Following are some of the many innovative new products that can be seen this month at the combined APEX/IPC Printed Circuits Expo conference and show in Anaheim, Calif., February 21-26.

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Screen Printer

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The micron-class Galaxy screen printer platform enables semiconductor packagers to implement high-accuracy mass imaging at commercial volumes. The screen printer is designed to deliver speed and accuracy through its advanced motion control and machine vision capabilities. It is equipped with DEK Instinctiv, which is a user interface that enables enhanced productivity, extensive communication capabilities and traceability features. DEK International GmbH, Flemington, N.J., For free data, enter 150 at

Lead-free Solder Paste

Multicore LF320 is a lead-free solder paste optimized for reflow in air on a range of applications. Reflow profiles may also be extended with nitrogen. The solder paste requires a minimum peak reflow temperature of 229°C vs. the common minimum of 240°C. The 10°C advantage provides a safety margin when reflowing temperature-sensitive components. With a print speed range of 25 to 100 mms-1 (1.0 to 4.0″s-1) and an abandon time up to 2 hours, the paste offers suitable wetting on various surface finishes. The paste is formulated to provide high resistance to slump and solder balling. Typical end-use applications include automotive, telecommunications, consumer products and computer assemblies. Henkel Loctite, Industry, Calif., For free data, enter 151 at

Multichip Die Bonder

The 2200 apm+ Multichip Die Bonder takes the 2200 platform concept to the next level, handling wafers up to 300 mm and die up to 50 mm, in addition to handling specialized advanced packaging needs. Recent testing performed on 2200 apm+ machines revealed performance better than published specifications. Overall machine accuracy on the machines increased to 7µm@3s, in addition to actual production throughput increasing by 25 percent. Throughput ranged from 1000 UPH for high-end singulated flip chip applications (including flux dipping) to 3000 UPH for low-end matrix flip chip applications (excluding flux dipping). Datacon, Trevose, Penn., For free data, enter 152 at

Tabletop AOI

An automated optical inspection system, the GEM Series Tabletop system features a 50 percent smaller footprint than comparable systems. With full solder joint inspection and measurement capabilities similar to the company's existing inline systems, the system offers an optimized price-to-performance ratio. The series comes standard with one large-format digital camera and one high-precision X/Y stage. Its camera system allows for a configurable field of view depending on the application. The standard pixel resolution is adjustable from 17 to 22 µm/pixel. Its high-resolution capability comes with processing power, as well as the company's flying camera technology. Machine Vision Products Inc., Carlsbad, Calif., For free data, enter 153 at

X-ray Inspection

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A high-end X-ray inspection system, WBI-FOX is designed for the specific needs of the wafer manufacturing industry. The system addresses void detection in wafer bumps. WBI-FOX meets regulatory automated handling standards for 200- and 300-mm wafer capability. Its features include a customized automated wafer handling system to prevent any human ..interface of the wafers, flexible inspection processes (inspection recipes) that adjust to specific wafer characteristics, and summarized inspection results in predefined reports. The fully programmable system offers ergonomic, user-friendly operation, with an adjustable console; fully automated wafer loading and unloading; fully automated inspection processes; and real-time image processing tailored to defect analysis. FEINFOCUS, Stamford, Conn., For free data, enter 154 at

Conformal Coating Applicator

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Conformal coating applicator SC-300 SwirlCoat enables application of conformal coatings to circuit boards by varying volume, dispensing pressure and shape of the air assist in three modes of operation: bead, monofilament and swirl. Ideal for production environments, the application offers a full range of solvent-based and 100 percent solids coatings withviscosities from 30 to 3,500 centiPoise.

Use of a multimode applicator eliminates the need for a second applicator in most applications, simplifying cleaning and maintenance requirements and increasing the effective work area of the system. Asymtek, Carlsbad, Calif., For free data, enter 156 at

Pump Technology

MPM's next-generation pump technology is designed to reduce materials costs, facilitate quick changeovers, and expands the range of usable materials. The system represents a unique approach to paste management, featuring a smaller paste chamber that reduces materials waste and compaction, and disposable inserts for simplified cleaning and reduced maintenance downtime. The pump uses standard paste cartridges and the company's patent-pending printing technology to deliver quality print results. It also includes a disposable, quick-change blade system, and is compatible with the company's MPM AP Excel platforms. Speedline Technologies Inc., Franklin, Mass., For free data, enter 157 at

Feeder System for Pick-and-place

Triligent “triple intelligence” feeders deliver speed, versatility, flexibility and efficiency to the pick-and-place process. Available in both tape and stick configurations, the feeder system maintains uninterrupted high-speed communication with the pick-and-place machine, whether the feeder is mounted on the machine or in a storage rack. The system features three LED status indicators that indicate feeder status to the operator, as well as a fully programmable servo-controlled tape advance mechanism for high-precision component pick up. MIMOT, Irvine, Calif., For free data, enter 158 at


MS-330 is a one-component, low modulus silicone encapsulant with good electrical insulation properties. It has a low dielectric constant of 2.8, making it suitable for coating electronic devices. Black in appearance, the encapsulant can be dispensed manually or by automatic equipment. The material was developed for high-frequency applications, as well as coating and protecting electronics devices on polymeric and ceramic substrates. The encapsulant exhibits a controlled flow during application, which makes it ideal for glob-top applications. Thermoset, Lord Chemical Products, Indianapolis, Ind., For free data, enter 159 at

Laser Trim Platform

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A new platform for addressing thick and thin film laser trim applications has been developed. From its larger work area and updated positioning system to its new software and user controls, the small footprint TrimSmart LT2100 series provides a new level of versatility and flexibility. The platform performs trim ..and test of thick film components and circuits, including PCBs, SMT components and hybrids. It also performs trim and test of thin film resistors, resistor networks and other thin film applications. The platform uses a stiffer frame for greater process stability, a new air-bearing stage for positioning in X, Y and theta; accommodation for parts up to 10 × 12″; a high-speed pattern recognition system for precision beam placement and part alignment; and fully integrated test functions. Its modular design provides versatility through an advanced diode-pumped laser for processing in IR and green wavelengths and a selection of cutting lenses. GSI Lumonics Inc., Northville, Mich., For free data, enter 160 at

Capillary Underfill

SE-CURE 9208 capillary underfill is targeted for the fast throughput assembling of flip chip devices on rigid and flexible substrates. A filled one-component, snap cure underfill epoxy material, the company reports that it exhibits good strength properties with a wide, robust process window, which increases the reliability of flip chip interconnections through stress management. Through elimination of resin bleedout, the material allows for a more uniform, void-free encapsulation under the die for gaps of 0.001 to 0.005″. Additionally, the underfill is readily compatible with flexible or rigid printed wiring board surfaces as well as ceramic substrates and a variety of die passiviations. Kester, Northrop Grumman Corp., Des Plaines, Ill., For free data, enter 161 at

Electroless Bumping Equipment

A fully automatic, wafer-level electroless nickel/gold (Ni/Au) bumping system, PacLine 200-A50, provides high throughput with an average processing time of 20 minutes, which translates into 150 200-mm or 75 300-mm wafers per hour. The system is fully integrated and modular, and consists of input and output stations, a robotic handling system, an online central computer control unit, SPC, process data storage and more. The system reportedly addresses the need for low-cost electroless Ni/Au bumping of 300-mm wafers. It is capable of handling dual batches of wafers of differing sizes for multiple batch processing. Pac Tech USA, Santa Clara, Calif., For free data, enter 162 at

BGA Laser

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Turbo II is an Nd:YAG laser used to manufacture stencils for printing solder paste on printed circuit boards. The requirement for accurate holes, cut rapidly, has reportedly been problematic for traditional laser cutting systems. When a laser performs cuts on BGA-type apertures, it makes a series of holes by initiating small-segmented cuts. These circular cuts are not entirely round and, in theory, a small imperfection or deposit is left each time the shutter interrupts the laser beam, impeding the paste flow through the stencil and resulting in open solder joints. This laser system makes circles by optically cutting past 360°. Instead of moving the laser or material, a rotating optic moves the beam, cutting round hole sizes between 80 and 800 µm. MicroScreen LLC, South Bend, Ind., For free data, enter 163 at

Dispensable Solder Paste

NC-SMQ 90 is a no-clean, halide-free solder paste designed for dispensing through a fine gauge needle. It is a moderately low residue, air reflow product with desirable wetting capabilities. The solder paste meets or surpasses all ANSI/J-STD-004 and J-STD-005 specifications. Indium Corp. of America, Utica, N.Y., For free data, enter 165 at

In-line Material Handling System

The MHS 812, an in-line wafer handling system for 200- and 300-mm wafers, can be integrated iwth any reflow oven or cleaner. The system is typically used downstream of a flux coating system and a reflow oven. For applications involving flux-free processing, a hydrogen atmosphere conveyor furnace can be paired with the MHS 812 for loading and unloading. The system is FOUP compatible and both wafer sizes can be run without any hardware changes. Passive centering of the wafer reduces wafer damage during handling. BTU International, North Billerica, Mass., For free data, enter 166 at

Thermal Compound Application

Thermal Compound Application Technology (T-CAT) is designed for quick, easy, cost-effective application of heat-dissipating thermal compounds to critical components — chips that cannot afford to fail from of excessive heat build-up. This technology replaces manual application of thermal compounds. Built around a self-registering tabletop printer, T-CAT ensures proper alignment of multiple components. Precise laser-cut stencils, with raised walls to isolate the leads, ensure that the body of the component receives the compound, not the critical leads. The result is fast, efficient compound application, less labor on the front-end and a reduction in rework. Integrated Ideas & Technologies Inc., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, For free data, enter 167 at

Placement Range Expansion

The 4797R is the result of a reduced footprint and increased maximum board size for this company's high-speed placement platform. Creating greater flexibility in a small shop-floor space, this system accepts up to 96 feeders and maintains placement speeds of 48,000 cph. The system is capable of handling boards up to 610 x 460 mm (24 x 18″) in a footprint measuring 3,100 mm (122″) long and 2,155 mm (84.8″ deep). The system is designed to emphasize placement accuracy. Universal Instruments Corp., Binghamton, N.Y., For free data, enter 168 at

Reworkable Underfill Encapsulant

CN-1432 is a reworkable underfill encapsulant designed for CSP and BGA encapsulation. CSP's and BGA's are not normally encapsulated, but mobile phones and other handheld devices require encapsulation of these components to survive drop tests and repeated keypad actuations. Removal of defective CSP's and BGA's is accomplished by heating the component and the underfill encapsulant to 220°C. Underfill encapsulant residues can be easily brushed or scraped off. CN-1432 offers a viscosity of 4,500 cps at room temperature, making it easy to dispense. It is also fast flowing, capable of flowing a distance of 18 mm, with a single dispense, in 15 seconds. After flow is complete, the encapsulant can be cured in an in-line oven, in 5 minutes at 165°C. Zymet Inc., East Hanover, N.J., For free data, enter 169 at

Water-based Cleaning Agent

VIGON A 300, a water-based cleaning agent uses patent-pending The cleaning agent operates at room temperature, and is able to clean “hard-to-remove” flux residues like 3-D. The technology is designed to provide users with a cost-effective cleaning process that can be used in high- and medium-pressure spray equipment, such as in-line and batch cleaners. ZESTRON America, Ashburn, Va., For free data, enter 170 at

Thermal Shield Solutions

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This company designs thermal shield solutions in various sizes and models to fit individual shielding needs. The standard thermal shield is 1/8″ thick and is shipped with all SlimKICs. The 1/4″ shield is available and reportedly offers better thermal protection than the standard shield. The next shield type, the Low-Rider, is a SlimKIC cover for processes with low height clearance where the standard shield is too tall to pass through. This shield reportedly can be used in combination with other shields to provide added thermal protection. The Lead-free shield is the largest thermal shield and is designed for long duration — 30 to 60 minutes. Like both the standard and 1/4″ shields, this is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300°C. KIC, San Diego, Calif., For free data, enter 164 at

Digital X-ray System

The XD7000 XiDAT is a large-format digital X-ray inspection system that provides improved digital data processing, enhanced resolution, extensive grayscale definition and the Image Wizard software operating system. The system's inspection area features a large format of 20 x 24″. It also offers magnification of up to 5,800X and feature recognition of less than 1 µm over the entire inspection area. The XD7000 XiDAT acquires images with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and over 65, 000 levels of grayscale, providing increased levels of detail for increased inspection throughput. Dage Precision Industries Inc., Fremont, Calif., For free data, enter 171 at


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